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Ready Your Home For Winter With These Cheap Home Decor Ideas

So, winter is just around the corner. Or to put it another way: winter is coming. Many of you are ready to spice up your homes to get them winter-ready. Apart from gearing up the heating equipment, like radiators and heaters, other parts of your home may need a makeover too. Some of the rusty equipment might need to be replaced or renewed. This can cost a fortune sometimes, so you have to save on the decorating end. This gives rise to the question: how to decorate on a budget? Cheap home decor ideas to the rescue!

Benefits of Budgeting

Decorating on a budget could be the most fun project that you carry out in a long, long time. It has a lot of pros, apart from the most obvious one –saving money. Some other benefits of budget decorating include:

  • You save money – Of course!
  • Creativity at its peak
  • You discover new places that sell cheap items
  • You spend more time with kids, DIYing
  • You learn where to splurge and where to save
  • You explore new ideas and items
  • You do more (decorating) with less (money)

Not to mention the satisfaction you get when personalising your home with cheap decorating ideas cannot be measured.

Has your interior designer spirit been awakened yet?

If yes, then indulge in our home decor inspirational ideas and start warming up your home for winter.

If you’re still not convinced, you can still dive in the ocean of cheap home decor ideas. By the time this article ends, you’ll be ready to welcome the winter in with a new vigour.

Mind Blowing Cheap Home Decor Ideas

You have heard that it’s the little things that make the big difference. This stands true in case of home decor as well. This is good news for the penny pinchers who can still step into the world of lavish-living without paying through the nose.

We have brought you the answer of how to decorate on a budget with these cheap décor ideas. All you need is to visit a car boot sale, a tin of paint, and lots of love to carry out these projects. So, let's cover all our bases; from the bedroom to hallways at the minimum expense.

1. Clean and Organise

home decor ideas

No matter what type of decorating or remodelling you’re doing in your house, the first thing is to clean it. You never know, it might be all you need for freshening up your home. And after you’re done with these two things, you might not even need to execute any cheap decorating ideas. Wipe the floors, shelves, and walls in all the rooms. Take special care while cleaning wooden furniture. If you have oak furniture in your house, learn How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Bright and New. This will ensure your furniture stays looking new for a longer period of time.

Once you’re done wiping and cleaning, it’s time to organise. Curb the chaos in your home by organising the stuff properly. Clean and tidy up all the wardrobes and cabinets. If you haven’t used an item for more than a year, chances are you’re never going to use it again. So, consider giving it away or binning it.

Once you have a clean slate, if you like it that way, leave it at that. However, if you’d like to decorate some more, then it’s time to move towards the next steps.

2. Remove Whatever Doesn’t Fit

home decor ideas

Sometimes, the monotony of old and worn-out furniture bores us. This results in us thinking about pulling off some cheap home decor ideas. In this scenario, you can always save money by trying to upcycle or recycling the furniture that has lived past its expiry date.

For instance, you might be holding onto some old souvenir from you brought home from a vacation. It might not be completely agreeing with the style of your décor. If so, then it’s time to throw it out or store it away.

Replace old furniture with new, double-duty furniture for a completely different look and practicality. An old weathered wooden coffee table can be replaced by the Angola Clear Occasional Set or Angola Clear Square Coffee Table with Shelf. The clear glass creates an illusion of a room is more spacious. While the nest of tables and the shelf can be pretty practical in terms of space saving.

3. Switch Some Spaces

Another pretty neat trick to avoid going on a furniture shopping rampage is to simply move what’s already there. A specific layout can gradually grow on you and it’s quite common to get bored with it soon.

So before you bring new items to the house, see what you can do with the existing ones. Try placing the furniture items at different angles and try new layouts. No clue how to do that? Read about How to Arrange Furniture in Living Room.

Play with new points, edges, and corners in the rooms. Chances are you won’t even need to explore options about how to decorate on a budget.

4. Mix and Match

cheap home decor

If switching and swapping didn’t work for you, then try mixing and matching. One of the most recreated cheap home decor ideas is to place contrasting or entirely different items in one place.

For instance, a dining table can have all different chairs. Or the head chairs can be alike while all the side chairs can be matched. Bringing together bright and vibrant coloured chairs create an interesting visual effect. Similarly, a corner sofa can be matched with different looking accent chairs. The difference can be in terms of colour, style, upholstery material, or design.

5. Nature Is Always Right

home decor ideas

The most inexpensive one among the cheap decorating ideas is to bring in nature. Having plants inside the house is not just a great decoration but also eco-friendly as they purify the air.

If your tight schedule doesn’t leave you any time for watering the plants daily, better get some succulents. Plant them in colourful little pots and keep them wherever you want in the house. They make an excellent companion with the floating shelves, work desks, and windowsills. Also, they need very little water so tending and pruning won’t be a big deal.

6. Framing the Green

home decor ideas

A budget-friendly and trendy way to bring the greenery inside your house is by framing it. If you can’t afford big plants, or can’t care for the tiny ones, then this idea is for you.

Visit a garden nearby and pluck a few leaves that you like. Ensure that you get them in varying sizes, shapes, and designs. Preserves them or paint them if you like. Get the cheapest frames you can get from a local thrift shop. Frame the leaves inside and hang them on a wall.

Could it get any more economical?

7. Replace Knobs and Handles

The simplest way to transform your furniture and make it look new is by replacing the knobs. Any furniture item that features knobs, handles, or pulls, can be instantly renewed by changing these details. You can replace them with new ones or you can simply paint the old ones in a new colour. The kitchen cabinets could always use a cheeky update. Your nightstands, wardrobes, and vanity drawers are the prime candidates for an economical upgrade.

Now, you must be getting how to decorate on a budget?

8. New Shelves, New Space

home decor ideas

Install a few floating shelves and spice up your home in a modern way. Shelves are the latest in the cheap home decor ideas. They utilise the otherwise ignored vertical space in any room. They provide alternate space for displaying your knick-knacks.

If you have more empty horizontal space then bring in a shelving cabinet. It can serve as a sideboard and a bookshelf combined. If you’re using it in your living room or TV lounge, it can be used to store the DVD or video game collection.

9. Photo Gallery

home decor ideas

Executing cheap decorating ideas is always fun and it also gives a sense of satisfaction when you know you’re getting more by spending less. Infusing personal and intimate details within the décor can make it more likeable.

For instance, use photos of you and your family to hang above the living room sofa. Make a photo collage of all your favourite photos. Add a peppy clock between them for a break in all that sentimentality.

Want to know more about living room décor? Read more on 5 Budget-Friendly Ways Of Living Room Makeover

10. The Wall of Frames

cheap home decor

Worry not if family photos are not your thing to be hung above your head while you sleep. As there are many other cost-efficient ways to decorate your home. Create a wall of frames over the head of your bed. Buy cheap frames from any craft store and frame some paintings inside.

Paintings, wall arts, or artworks that you frame could be from any source. Make sure not to spend a fortune on them. Unleash your inner DIYer and create some yourself. You can also get printouts from a local printing shop. Or pay a visit to any yard sale – who knows what you might find there.

11. Flowers – because why not?

cheap home decor

If you still aren’t satisfied with low-cost decorating ideas and want to know more about how to decorate on a budget, keep reading.

Bring an instant uplift in any room by displaying fresh flowers in a vase. Be it the dining room, living room, or bedroom, flowers go with every room and every theme. They can bring life and colour to a dead décor without making you spend millions of bucks. If you have some growing in your garden, then it will cost you as much as zero pounds. However, even if you have to buy some, it won’t cost more than a cup of coffee. If you have some allergies, then just switch the real ones with fake ones.

12. Make A Candle Stash

cheap home decor ideas

A candle stash looks extremely elegant on an oak coffee table with drawers. A wooden table with drawers not only looks decent but the drawers can be used to store any extra stuff that needs tidying away. A Monaco Coffee Table is an excellent option when it comes to wooden coffee tables. Mildly fragrant candles can be a great accessory to look at as well as they provide a soothing ambience.

13. Paint the Town Red

Okay, we might have exaggerated. Don’t really paint the town if you want to keep inside your budget.  However, you can always paint one wall as the accent wall in any room. Several cheap home decor ideas provide you with inspiration about what to do with an accent wall. There are wallpapers, wall murals, plain paint, wall decals and whatnot.

You can choose whatever fits your budget and then just go with it. Shimmery decals are an interesting way of brightening up a room. Define a palette to work with and paint the accent wall with the brightest colour in that palette.

14. Spice Up Old Furniture

home decor ideas

Throw nothing out unless you really have worn it out. Think of ways to upcycle and recycle any furniture item. A coat of paint, a brush of varnish, or a touch of new upholstery could be all you need to enliven an old furniture item

Nothing is as loved in cheap decorating ideas as paint. A fresh coat of paint can transform what you thought wasn’t revivable. Paint any item that’s past its expiry date and give it a few more years to live.

15. The Right Light

home decor ideas

The right lighting can have an enormous effect on any home’s overall aura. Warm yellow lights can set up the mood for an intimate dinner on your dining table. While candles work well in elevating the mood, they don’t really provide enough light. So, install overhead lamps instead for added lighting.

Installing lamps with dimmer switches can also be a plus as you can then adjust the light according to the occasion.

16. Update the Pillow Pile

home decor ideas

One of the more fun but cheap home decor ideas is to update your pillow pile. The pillow pile can be on your bed or on your sofa. Decide a palette or a theme to work with. Storage beds are a practical option when it comes to bedroom space, particularly when dealing with so many pillows.

Whilst having a huge pile of pillows looks chic and gorgeous, we still need our space to sleep. So at night when you need all that space, you can toss the pillows in one of the drawers of your bed’s storage and sleep peacefully.

17. Paint Something Gold

home decor

All that glitters may not be gold, but all that’s gold sure glitters. How to decorate on a budget? Make gold spray paint your best friend. A tint of gold makes everything better. It can make any furniture item seem so much more expensive than it actually is. Moreover, it works well with anything and everything. You can paint a chair, a headboard, a lamp, a frame, or the knobs and handles of cabinets.

18. Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

home decor ideas

Brighten up your home by hanging and placing a mirror at strategic positions. If a room is dull and dingy, hang a few mirrors on the wall and see the magic. Mirrors are a budget-friendly way of decorating your home. They can instantly fill a room with natural light and make it appear more spacious. Get mirror frames from yard sales, charity shops or any other place that sells second-hand stuff. Paint or varnish the frames for a cheap and instant upgrade. Hang them on the wall and voila!

19. China Plates on the Walls

home decor ideas

Another one of the popular cheap home decor ideas is to hang china plates on the wall. They seem to agree with dining rooms and kitchen walls. Choose vintage and vibrant patterns, bright or dark colour to compliment your decor.

20. Get DIYing

One of the most economical advice anyone can give you in terms of budget decorating is to DIY anything and everything that you can. From creating new items for recycling and upcycling old ones, there are so many DIY opportunities. Craft some macramé wall hangings, or DIY an artwork. Personalise a lampshade, or paint some pillow covers. Work with whatever you have available inside the house and try to come up with a masterpiece to cherish for a lifetime.

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