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Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is your ultimate place of solace after a tiring day so make sure you have the bedroom furnishings that are extremely comfortable. However, in pursuit of comfort style should never be compromised. We at Furniture Villa make sure that you invest in decent quality, super comfortable mattresses and solid oak bedroom furniture sets. Create an elegant abode with our extensive range of solid oak bedroom furniture sets.

We have everything you need to bring your dream bedroom to life. From beds to bedside tables, wardrobes to dressing tables, we have a great collection of bedroom furniture. Make your bedroom your sweet retreat with our matching bedroom furniture sets from horizon range. Our trio sets can save you from the trouble of finding matching furniture from different stores. Our solid oak wood bedroom furniture speaks for itself when it comes to durability, comfort, and style. 


Managing your enormous shoe collection was never as easy as it is now – with our practical yet elegant shoe cabinets, storage issues are a thing of the past. At Furniture Villa, we offer the most contemporary designs of shoe cabinets, like our white shoe cabinet. There is an ample storage space within our cabinets that come with as much as six shelves. The shelf doors for shoes retreat back inside the unit smoothly to leave a perfectly glossy outlook. Utilise the vertical space in your room with our full-length mirrored shoe cabinet. This double-duty furniture article serves as a storage unit as well as a décor item. The full-size mirror is perfect for flaunting your gorgeous dresses in front of.The rectangular shape is ideal for small spaces as it can fit it in any corner of the house that doesn’t really serve any other purpose. Their high gloss finish gives them the potential of the be-all and end-all of shoe cabinets. The three of five shelved white shoe cabinet will be a perfect addition to a small dorm room. It can help arrange all those extra pairs of shoes lying around the room or under your bed.


Indulge in extreme solace and keep your bed up-to-date with our double mattress. Most people aren’t comfortable in buying mattresses online because of the no hands-on examination. However, we literally have got your back with our double mattress, featuring a hand-tufted design along with 12.5-gauge open coil spring inside. The mattress edges have been secured with a steel wire with quality stitching which makes our mattress unique from other cheap mattresses online. Upholstered in cotton fabric and hand-stitched borders, this mattress is light in weight providing the necessary back-support. Our efficient mattress design makes it suitable for orthopaedic patients, as well. Other than double mattresses, Furniture Villa also offers fantastic futon mattresses that are equally comfortable and soft. The ability to roll them up whenever you’re on the move will never make you regret the decision to buy a mattress online. Their bright colours like Pink, Lilac, Purple, and Red can make them the focal point of any room. Other than that, a folding mattress is the perfect space for the unannounced guests to crash. When not in use, it can be put away in your storage without much of a stretch, which makes it useful and storage-friendly.


One of the modern and minimalistic ways of tying the décor of your bedroom together is with trio sets. Our trio wardrobe sets include a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and a bedside table. Some wardrobe sets have up to five items including an additional matching mirror and two instead of one bedside tables. Furniture Villa offers a wide range of designs and styles for the trio sets to choose from. We have complete packages to complement your individual tastes. From solid oak wood trio sets to the white high gloss ones you name it and we have it. Our solid pine wood trio sets waxed with a distressed finish are perfect for maintaining the rustic ambiance of your bedroom. Following a theme throughout the room was never as easy as it is with our elegantly crafted trio sets. Especially our Horizon range saves the most of your time as it is a complete bedroom collection. It comes with five pieces; i.e., a bed, a 2-drawered nightstand, a chest of 5 drawers, a 6-drawered dresser, and a mirror. As quality with style is our promise, we provide you with the best quality oak wood furniture.


Our bedroom storage solutions have got you covered no matter what your needs are. Need a permanent space to hide all your kids' toys when the guests come? Or a place to put away your extra duvets and pillows to have more sleeping space? Furniture Villa has all the bedroom storage furniture you need to clear the clutter from your bedroom. Our bedroom storage units are designed using different wood types like oak, acacia, and pine. Simply peruse our bedroom storage collection and be hypnotized. From rural and rustic trunk sets to modern and trendy under-bed drawer sets we have them all. The trunks are available as single articles or in sets of three. Each trunk in the set has a different size with ample storage space to cover all your bases, from toys to bedding. Rustic detailing and antique visual style of trunks are created by using black hinges and handles with a distressed finish. The handles on each side are a useful detail that is quite helpful in moving the storage units. We have the most refined and stylish looking storage collection that will be ideal for any kind of bedroom décor.


A simple bedroom stool is a handy piece of furniture that can serve several functions in the bedroom. It has no specific function assigned to it like a dressing table stool, which can only be paired with a dressing table. A simple solid oak square bedroom stool can be a valuable addition to your bedroom. Keep it in front of a full-size mirror as a seat when you’re getting ready in the morning. Or place it beside your favourite accent chair by the window to put your coffee mug or the book you’re reading. To keep the stool fresh as new for a relatively long period of time a protective coating of wax is applied to it. The bedroom stools with a faux-leather-padded top are extremely comfortable and soft. They are ideal for when you have a group of friends inside the bedroom and extra seating is needed. Moreover, a dressing table stool in white matching your white vanity table can create an extremely sophisticated display. An elegant stool with pure white frame and cream cushioning makes it fit perfectly within any modern or traditional home. The white colour has a very calming effect on the eyes making it less intrusive and overwhelming.


Placing a bedroom mirror at a carefully chosen angle can entirely modify a bedroom’s outlook. It has the ability to trick anyone into thinking that the room is spacious by simply intensifying the natural light. The illuminated bedroom mirrors are perfect to add a touch of glamour in the décor. Furniture Villa is the home for a wide range of bedroom mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have full-length standing mirrors as well as table mirrors. All kinds of shapes from oval to round to rectangular we have them all. Whether you want to have the richness of the Victorian era or a contemporary reflection in your bedroom you will find it in our collection. Our triple mirror vanity is perfect for those who want to experience a more thorough reflection. Its distressed finish is ideal to maintain the rustic ambiance of your bedroom. Our beautifully crafted solid oak bedroom mirror frames can easily make the mirror the center of attention. Our high gloss finished dressing tables in white and cherry are enough for any bedroom to gain an extra touch of elegance. Browse through our bedroom mirror collection to select your favourite and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Furniture Villa provides you with an extremely elegant bedroom dressing table and stool collection. We have an extensive range of dressing table chair options to choose from. Apart from dressing tables, we have dressers available, too. The decision to pair them up with a mirror or use as a work-desk is entirely up to you. Our wide range of dressing tables contains different wood types, like oak and acacia. Various types of finishing are also available with the distressed finish being the most popular. A not-so-common type of bedroom dressing table is the leather upholstered one. The leather dressing table can create a splendid display for any modern bedroom. The stitching details on the dressing table provide the bedroom with additional depth. Our vanity tables have a large number of drawers that provide sufficient space for storing your valuables. We have the most versatile dressing table chair collection with designs ranging from minimalistic to rustic. This gives our dressing tables an ability to integrate with different types of bedroom décors. All our dressing tables can be paired with matching stools to tie the décor together. Made with the best quality wood these dressers will stay with you for a long time.


A bedroom chest of drawers is a crucial piece of storage furniture to hide all the clutter of your bedroom. It is a perfect place to keep your garments, bed linens or even extra books flawlessly concealed and properly organised. We offer plenty of options for you to select the one that best complements your bedroom décor. If you are inclined towards an antique and rustic décor, our beautifully crafted oakwood bedroom chest of drawers is the ideal choice. It is waxed with a rustic shade and has a distressed finish. The round brass knobs complement the overall antique appearance. We have the best space-saving solution for your small-scale apartment, as well. Utilising the vertical space, we have tall and sleek designs available that will serve the storage purpose without hoarding all your bedroom space. For the minimalist in you wanting to keep it simple, we have our modest white high-gloss collection available. Its integrated handles maintain the minimal décor of your bedroom efficiently. It is a highly practical and modern piece of furniture with a smooth classiness to it. The availability of two to five drawers is also a bonus so you can choose the one you need.


Basically, our whole storage collection is characterised by its adaptability and flexibility without having to compromise over style. However, on item that remains an all-time favourite of our customers is our wooden blanket box. This perfect bed-end storage box makes a great addition to your bedroom furniture. We have the boxes available in different wood types like Oak, Pine, and Ashwood. Especially, our oak blanket box combines usefulness with style in an effortless manner. Its natural oak colour gives a rustic rural charm to the bedroom. Made from solid oak wood, our blanket boxes ensure sturdiness and strength. Clean and polish them regularly to increase their lifespan. They are perfect for storing your blankets and duvets in the morning to keep your bed clutter-free. Our pine blanket box looks extremely elegant at the end of a pinewood bed. Adding a leather-padded seat on the top can make it even more comfortable as a temporary seating space. Browse through our blanket box collection to choose your favourite and get it delivered to your doorstep. Get one to complement your bedroom décor while providing storage space for your extra beddings.


People require beds that can withstand the trial of time while coinciding with the present bedroom décor. Furniture Villa is the house of extensive solid oak bedroom furniture sets collections that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. We have queen-sized and king-sized beds as well as single beds. In terms of beds, our primary focus is on comfort which can be easily achieved by combining your desired bed with our standard quality mattresses. We have a variety of designs ranging from sleigh beds to slatted and curved ones. We also have low-end beds that are well-suited for people who don’t like being too confined. Several different material options are also provided, including solid Oakwood, PU leather, and antique brass. If you have two kids sharing a room, then our bunk beds or two single beds will be the ideal choice. The perfect storage solution along with a good night's sleep is our high-gloss storage bed. Keeping the minimalistic ambiance of the room alive this bed has a lot of storage space underneath. The piston-lifting system reveals a sufficient space, including chambers, below the mattress. This is the perfect de-cluttering option for people living in small spaces, as well.