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Dining Room furniture

Whether you’re setting the scene for a grand dinner, or just a causal family mealtime, we have the most extraordinary oak dining room furniture available. Our versatile collection ranges from ultra-modern dining room furniture the more rustic, solid oak dining sets. Whether you want to get the most of your space with extending tables or you need extra storage space with sideboards, Furniture Villa has got you covered.

Our Dining Room Furniture is durable and adaptable with options available for differently sized dining room spaces. With our Oak Dining Chairs, available in sets of two, four and six, you can have the perfect solution for your home. Our sideboard and hutch range present the opportunity for storage with style. Display your fancy chinaware in our display cabinets to showcase your finesse. The extensive variety of our dining tables and chairs will provide you with a sufficient amount of options to choose from.


Update your dining experience with our comprehensive collection of bar stools for kitchen. Bar stools are excellent for those who like to be one step above than the others. Kitchen bar stools are equally liked by kids and adults, as they’re both practical and fun. While buying bar stools, you have to consider several factors, like their durability, functionality, and style. All these elements are essential if you require your bar stools to stand the test of time and be up for rough usage. If you need a bar stool that will be used only occasionally, then go all-out with a stunning visual design. Our PU white chrome or leather upholstered bar stools will make a great addition to your kitchen.

However, if you need breakfast bar stools that will be regularly used, then look for the sturdier pieces. We at Furniture Villa promise style with strength, so our wooden bar stools are a perfect choice. Especially if you have kids around, these bar stools can be used in a rough manner, too. Browse our wide range of bar stools, and you will find several options that are sure to complement your taste and décor. Our extensive collection of bar stools, available with the option of free delivery, will surely have something that catches your eye.


Whether you need some extra space while you dine with your family, or you have a large party of guests over, extending tables will never fail you. Extending tables are the most valuable item for those living in small-scale houses. If you have a large mansion, with a separate dining room, then you had better look at our Dining Table collection. However, if you live in a tiny apartment, an extendable dining table might just be the right choice for you. Our solid oak extending tables are the true definition of small in size but big in style. They can be extended to add some extra space when needed and revert back to their compact size when not needed. They are the most practical option for those looking for space saving solutions.

A dining table needs to be sturdy and robust, to withstand the weight of heavy objects and frequent use. Furniture Villa never compromises on quality; therefore, it brings you its extendable dining table collection, with items that are matchless in terms of strength and style. With the option of free delivery, getting your desired oak dining room furniture has become even easier. Buy our solid oak extendable dining tables to bring the rustic touch into your home décor.


Our dining room storage units make sure that can store away extra items in your dining room without compromising on style. Browse our dining room storage collection and be mesmerised. We don’t have those big and bulky ogres of furniture universe that come to your mind upon hearing the word storage. Rather we have compact and stylish storage units that can also be used in a small house. We have the most refined and stylish looking dining room storage collection that will be functional in any kind of living room décor. Furniture Villa also offers a wide range of dining room storage cabinets where you can flaunt your fine china stylishly. Made with solid oak, these storage units are robust and sturdy enough to hold a number of heavy objects.

The storage cabinets also provide a magnificent place to add your favourite accessories. The solid oak finish of the storage cabinets makes them fit into a rustic and traditional style décor. Our dining room storage collection has a number of options available that are delivered to your doorstep completely assembled. Apart from dining room storage, our storage units can also be used as pantry storage, as a great way to store your non-perishables in them.


Gorgeous to gaze at, and functional to store in, our sideboard and hutch collection is a treasure trove of great items. Our collection has a variety of styles and materials, ranging from wooden sideboards and hutches to glass topped ones and high gloss ones. A solid wood sideboard is an excellent solution to add some extra storage space in your dining room. An oak hutch could be the ideal place to flaunt your fancy china in a classic manner. Normally found in its natural habitat i.e., the dining room, sideboards have made their way to other parts of the house, like the living room and even bedroom Solid wood sideboards also look elegant in foyers and lobbies.

Our wooden sideboards and hutches are made with solid oak, and some are available with Oak veneer too. Our extensive range has a variety of items for you to browse, so you don't feel constrained to a specific style. Furniture Villa provides you with an extensive collection of hutches and sideboards with coordinating items from a similar range. So, it's anything but difficult to integrate your dining room and create a harmonised display by blending and coordinating designs. Transform your Dining Room with our elegant and simple items from the Sideboards and Hutch collection.


Placing a mirror at a carefully chosen angle can entirely change a room’s look. It has the ability to trick anyone into thinking that the room is spacious by simply intensifying the natural light. Large wall mirrors are perfect to add a touch of glamour to your dining room décor. Furniture Villa is the home for a wide range of dining room mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have full-length standing mirrors as well as wall mirrors. A large modern mirror can easily transform your dining room’s look by bringing the room design together. It can fill the room with light and create an open and airy feel.

Whether you want to have the richness of the Victorian era or a contemporary reflection in your dining room you will find it in our beautiful mirrors collection. Available in natural oak and champagne colours, our mirrors can easily blend in different décor styles. Our beautifully crafted solid oak dining mirror frames can easily make the mirror the centre of attention. Also available in pinewood to ensure that they endure the weather and still look new. Browse through our dining mirror collection to select your favourite and get it delivered to your doorstep.


No matter what décor style you opt for, there is no way you don’t need some place to store any extra items. However, storage doesn’t have to be without any style. Our dining room display cabinets are an ideal way to do just that. A display cabinet can provide you with a space to flaunt your fancy china in the dining room. This way you can keep them safe while utilising them as decorative items. Displaying fancy china or any other decorative accessories in wooden display cabinets can be a great way to show off your superior taste.

If you have a small space in your dining room and you think having a display cabinet will confine it even more, then fear not. At Furniture Villa, we have a small display cabinet collection which is the perfect space-saving solution. Moreover, if you have don’t have a perfectly square or rectangular room then our corner display cabinet may be the right option for you. Not only does it save space, but it also utilises an odd corner of your dining room which would otherwise remain empty. Exclusively designed from oak wood and pine wood to ensure the strength and sturdiness of our display cabinets.


With food or without, dining tables tend to be the focal point of a dining room. However, it is not just a decorative item to be gazed at, it gets heavy meals served on it. Therefore, it has to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time while not compromising on style. Furniture Villa has an extensive range of dining tables including large and small dining tables for space-saving ideas. Our extendable dining table collection is the perfect solution if you have guests over as it provides additional space when needed. It can always be folded back to its original shape to not crowd your dining room.

We have several options for the material of the tables, from oak wood to glass, but an oak extending dining table is our favourite. Our small, extendable dining table is stylish and sturdy while being a blessing for small-spaces, due to its extending feature. A wooden extendable dining table is ideal if you have kids around, or if you keep having small gatherings from time to time. We also have round extendable dining table options available with two, four, and six chairs, so a different visual shape. Enhance your dining room environment with our carefully crafted dining tables and cherish the happy hours with your friends and family with our oak dining room furniture.


No dining room is complete without having dining room chairs. You need to be comfortably seated while having a meal, be it alone or with family. Comfortable dining chairs are the most crucial need of a dining room. Our modern dining chairs and kitchen chairs are crafted efficiently while keeping your comfort as the prime focus. While designing modern oak furniture dining table and chairs, Furniture Villa makes sure to combine comfort with style. Design your ideal dining room with our wide range of modern and sophisticated dining room and kitchen dining chairs.

If you want a traditionally-styled dining room, then opt for our natural and oak finish wooden chairs. On the other side, if you would like to stay on the lighter side, then go for our upholstered or plastic chairs that are not too overwhelming. The white PU leather upholstered chairs, paired with a high gloss finish dining table, are perfect for a contemporary dining room We also have a wide range of cheap dining chairs that are rich in style. Explore our Dining Chairs collection and transform your Dining Room with our elegant and simple chairs that can complement several décor styles.