About Us

FurnitureVilla is a family business with sufficient experience in the furniture industry, along with the motivation to provide modern, premium quality furniture and services to customers at a very economical price. The owner had one clear idea – there is a huge need for well-designed, good quality, dependable and reasonably priced furniture. We sell top quality oak and other wooden furniture via our online store, we are becoming the UK’s most prominent online vendor for top quality solid oak chairs and tables, and other wooden furniture e.g. high-gloss, pine, satin finish furniture sets.

The founders spent enough time in understanding the furniture industry and home décor space. After some rigorous planning, negotiations, and trials with the best manufacturers across the UK and internationally, FurnitureVilla identified the solutions that could get unique, inexpensive and well-designed products, manufactured at reasonable price that consumers would find real.

Our mission is to set international standards for unique products, honest best prices and excellent consumer experience.

Our Values

Customer Obsession – Customers are our prime focus of whatever we do at Furniture Villa. We make certain that we get the correct customer solution for all our products. We maintain a long-term relationship with every customer and wish to delight them in every communication. We focus to set a global standard for customer satisfaction scores.

Transparency & Honesty – We are ethical, honest and reliable in the way we live and work. We have high standards of company governance in all our activities. We connect transparently will all our investors. When we are at fault, we are honest and sincere about owning them.

Action Orientation –We authorise our teams to take well-informed and fast results. We constantly learn from our previous mistakes. Robustness and scale are built in as we move along.

Stepping Up – We take up challenges, go an extra mile and keep a different approach, always looking out for new ideas. When in doubt, we push ourselves harder to solve new challenges and get better solutions.

Efficiency – We are here to make long-term business relationships. We aim to provide more quality with less and focus on zero wastage. We believe in a self-sustainable business that will be more responsible and solve customer issues in the right manner.