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5 Budget-Friendly Ways of Living Room Makeover

With the Autumn season almost upon us, it’s time to redo your décor. The summer spectrum has had its glory days, but now it’s time for the Autumn façade to take over. However, with so many tempting possibilities around for décor renovation, a budget may be an issue. If that is the case, then don’t worry. You don’t have to transform your entire house. Refresh your Living Room this Fall with Autumnal shades and hues. You can add colour to your home without adding to the bills.

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas that will work well with most Living Room furniture, but especially modern oak Living Room furniture:

Switch Some Spaces

living room makeover

One of the most underrated methods to give a makeover to any room is to simply rearrange the furniture. You have likely had the current layout for a long time. Changing it up can give a refreshing new look. This trick can instantly revive your Living Room making it look all-new. Base your arrangement on the seasons. Since Autumn is approaching, it’s time to let all the natural light in along, with the warmth it brings.

Reposition your modern Living Room chairs accordingly. You can position them beside a window to get the most of warm autumn evenings. Bringing furniture articles from other rooms can be helpful as well. Moving a furniture item out of the room can also modify the appearance to some extent. It also creates extra space in the room that can be used for some other purpose.

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De-clutter And Dispose

There can be no doubt of the negative impact a cluttered room will have on anyone who enters it. Modify the Golden Rule of ‘look before you leap’ into ‘clean before you crash’ and you will never have a messy home. Decluttering is helpful in giving a fresh look to your Living Room almost instantly.

storage units

Storage units for Living Room are an ideal solution for hiding all the unnecessary articles. They can also serve as a great décor piece if you keep decluttering them every now and then. We tend to keep hoarding stuff that we will never be used in future. Make it a habit to purge your home of such items yearly or even monthly.

Add Alternative Accents

Bring the brightness and vibrancy of Autumn inside your Living Room by showing eye-catching extras. Elevate your corner sofa bed with vibrant coloured throw pillows and pillows. An Autumn accent can also be added to the Living Room with a brightly coloured rug.

Another way of accentuating your oak Living Room furniture is with the help of a feature wall. Painting the whole room in a vibrant colour, just for Autumn, would be a lot of hard work. It might cost you a fortune for one thing. Moreover, it can be a daunting thing to paint an entire room bright orange or chocolate brown. Therefore, go with adding a feature wall as the focal point of your Living Room. You can do that with the help of paint or cheap wallpaper and be done far quicker than an entire room project.

Boast Big Books


Bookshelves should be seen as whimsical craftsmanship exhibits that need to be attentively organised. Displaying big ‘coffee table books’ in bookcases can be an inexpensive way to bring character to your Living Room. If you’re a book aficionado, then bookcases are an excellent place to boast off your superior taste in books. However, quality writing it isn’t the only condition to display books.  You can buy cheap books with eye-catching colours or prints to use solely for shelf-styling.

Sideboard Seduction


Even though oak Living Room furniture has a timeless grace, new styles of furniture keep pouring in every day. If you feel archaic with your wooden sideboards but cannot afford a new one yet, we have an easy solution. Upgrade an old wooden sideboard or hutch with a crisp layer of paint. Paint the sideboard a deep brown colour with dull gold handles or knobs. This will transform it into a luxury item and become a treasure trove in no time.

Oak Living Room Furniture

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