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Eco Friendly Furniture | How to be Contemporary, Conscientious and Chic?

Buying new furniture can prove to be a tough thing to do. We have misguided perceptions that make us think we can only choose from a limited range of furniture that is presented to us.  However, in reality, there is an abundance of furniture styles and materials to choose from. When evaluating what furniture we are going to add to our homes we should assess the material it is made out of and how sustainable it is.

Yes, you guessed it right. I am encouraging you to buy eco friendly furniture.

You will be glad to know that you won’t have to compromise on boring designs any more in order to live a green life. The reason I’m saying this is because the modern eco friendly furniture now comes in a wide range of elegant and chic designs. 

What is Eco Friendly Furniture?

eco friendly furniture

This type of furniture is made from sustainable products like teak wood and abaca. Many companies use recycled materials, re-claimed materials (e.g., old barn wood) or sustainably harvested wood in order to create their furniture.

They also use recycled materials and natural fibres for padding & upholstery. Furthermore, the waxes and oils used in this type of furniture are also eco friendly.

You may also think that the practice of creating furniture from recycled items is eco friendly.

This practice helps us in keeping our landfills from overflowing. Plus, we don’t have to create something from scratch.

The Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Eco friendly or Green Furniture

cheap eco friendly furniture

Go for Sustainable Wood

We all know that our earth needs trees in order to maintain its balance. However, practices like deforestation are unfortunately destroying this valuable natural resource.

I suggest, that you buy furniture from companies that use wood from tree farms or uses FSC certified wood to make their furniture. 

(FSC) Forest Stewardship Council promotes good working conditions and clear-cutting. So, I suggest that you buy furniture from companies that comply with its standard procedures.

Buy Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is one of the most viable materials. It is durable and grows quickly. Its versatility makes it easy to work with.

Companies now use it to make furniture.

Recycled Plastic & Metal

Many companies nowadays are using recycled metals and plastics to make furniture. These types of materials support the recycling market and require less processing.
So the idea is to look for furniture that is easy to disassemble after they have served their purpose.

Buy Furniture that is both Fixable and Durable

The most vital aspect that most people tend to overlook about eco friendly furniture is its durability. Your preference of buying easily repairable furniture will considerably reduce its chances of ending up in a landfill.

Buy Low-toxicity furniture

Materials used by most furniture companies to make furniture contain harmful chemicals. Hence, they are a big source of harmful gas emissions. We all know what these gasses are doing to our ozone layer.

Luckily for you there is a way to ensure good air quality inside your house. You can buy furniture from Greenguard certified companies. Greenguard ensures that the furniture you buy is low in toxicity.

Buying second hand or vintage furniture is also a good option.  


You should always go for natural fabrics such as linen or organic cotton. If you like synthetics then you should make sure that they are made from fibre or recycled bottles.

What is the Best Way to Find an Eco friendly Store?

Finding sustainable furniture will require you to do some research. You will find many companies that claim their furniture to be eco-friendly or green.

However, in a lot of cases, this is not true. Now, how can one find a real eco-friendly store?

Actually, it is not that hard to find one. Many organisations exist today that hand out certifications to the companies that comply with the eco friendly practices.

It is important for you to learn about such things. Only then you will be able to make greener choices.

 contemporary eco friendly furniture

The best way to find certified shops is to browse a database that enlists these types of vendors. If you are lucky you may not even have to travel a long way from home. You may end up finding an eco-friendly store in your very own neighbourhood.

Allow me to make this process easier for you, check out my list of environment-friendly shops. Let me assure you, their contemporary eco friendly furniture is amongst the very best in the world.


Pentatonic is a London and Berlin-based company. The company specialises in making furniture from recycled materials. For example, they use the screens of old phones to make glassware and use plastic bottles to make unique chairs.

They offer modular designs. Meaning that they do not use glue and you also have the luxury of changing certain parts as per your needs.

Do you know what the best thing about this company is? Their buyback program allows you to sell their products back to them.

Par Avion Co.

Par Avion Co. is a UK based company. However, they run their operations both in USA and UK.

Their hand made frames are made from 100% genuine British FSC timber in Norfolk. They also hire services of local wood turners and craftsmen. For example, they employ services of traditional weavers from Eastern England to weave their seats with Danish paper cord.

Grune Erde

The company specialises in the trade and production of ecological products. They also use FSC approved wood.

The company only makes use of recyclable and natural materials for the production of their home appliances.

Furthermore, they have a plan to restore more than 30 hectares of rainforest in Mata Atlantica. This is probably one of the best places to buy cheap eco friendly furniture.

Adventures in Furniture

This is a UK based company, they have showrooms in Chiswick and Islington. Like any other responsible eco friendly Furniture Company, they also use recycled or FSC certified wood.

They run most of their operations in Europe.


Furniture Villa is a UK based company mostly deals in oak furniture. As we all know that the beauty of oak furniture intensifies with the passage of time. Furthermore, a small knock or bruise can hardly have an impact on its beauty.

These traits make it an ideal choice for an environmentalist.

Furniture Villa is not just an ordinary furniture store. Help is offered here at every step. We’ll help you choose the best cheap oak furniture for your home. You can also buy our oak furniture online at a reasonable price. Don’t worry, we’ll deliver your order to you in a quick time.


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