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Oak Furniture Care | The Best Tips and Practices For You To Follow

Oak furniture is not only solid but it also adds a sense of charm and luxury to your home. More and more people now prefer buying durable oak furniture over-engineered or MDF wooden furniture. The durability of oak furniture allows you to pass it down to your future generations. However, you must care for it and keep it safe from the deteriorating elements to prolong its life. You must also keep in mind that some oak furniture care practices cannot be applied to all types of oak furniture as the quality tends to vary.

The little dings and spots tend to blend in with oak furniture. However, it can catch stains easily because of its absorbent nature.

Lack of moisture can also make it dry. Therefore, in order to take good care of it, you will have to keep it safe from heat, sun and temperature swings.

Don’t worry; solid oak furniture does not require a lot of maintenance. In this blog, I will share some valuable tips that will help you prolong its life and enjoy its rustic and natural beauty.

So why don’t you just sit back and relax while you read the above-mentioned tips?

How Should You Place Your Oak Furniture?

oak furniture care ideas

This point is often overlooked but it's important how you position your oak furniture. This process can be difficult however the following tips will help you with your layout:

  • Make sure that you leave a gap of about 25mm between your furniture and the wall. The air flow will help stabilise the oak’s temperature.
  • You should never drag your oak furniture. At least two people should try to lift heavy pieces.
  • A protective felt will help protect your oak furniture’s feet.

Oak Furniture Care: What Not to Do

You should avoid poor and unproven oak furniture care practices at all costs.

  • The use of abrasive chemicals can cause the wood to dry out and inflict serious damage on your furniture. Furthermore, make sure that you keep your furniture away from solvents like nail polish remover.
  • Your oak furniture may absorb the colour of placemats and plastic cups. Therefore, it is important for you to keep such items away from your oak furniture because synthetic materials can damage the shape, look and feel.
  • Do not place your oak furniture close to air vents or radiators.
  • Use UV filters in your rooms because the artificial light can also damage your furniture.
  • Try to mop up spilt liquids ASAP and try to keep your furniture safe from moisture.

What You Should Do

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Our list of oak furniture care suggestions are literally the best.:

Wax It

You can enhance the beauty of your furniture by waxing it. However, you should apply it first on the underside to check out it's finished.

Make sure that you dry and clean your furniture before applying it.

Use a soft piece of cloth and make sure that you let it dry before you apply another coat.


Oiling is a more natural way of treating your oak furniture. It will protect it from cracks, stains and infestations.

The application of oil and wax will repel water and make your oak furniture shine. However, make sure that you do not overuse the oil as it may make your furniture flammable.

Seal Your Furniture

Unsealed solid oak furniture is more likely to absorb dirt. Polyurethane would give your oak furniture a great finish.

Do not apply thick coats and let the mixture soak in before you start to wipe it off.

Repair Marks or Dents

Dents and marks are probably the most frustrating elements. They can totally ruin the look of a fine piece of oak furniture.

Repairing a small mark or dent from your oak furniture is not that difficult. You may repair small chips by using putties and markers.

Repairing dent or a mark is even more fun. You should place a damp piece of cloth over the dent and press it with a warm iron; it will make the ding swell right back out. Afterwards, you can use a sandpaper to sand it down.

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How to Care for Oak Furniture | Different Type, Different Care

oak furniture care tips

Untreated Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is most likely to lose all of its beauty if you choose to neglect it for a long period of time. There is no reason for you to worry if you end up buying untreated oak furniture. Just dump a piece of cloth in teak oil and give your piece of oak furniture a good wipe with it.

Oiled Oak

Oak Furniture care should be done in a meticulous way. Well, this type of oak furniture requires you to be as meticulous as you can be.

Oiled oak can resist the sun but it is not immune to its rays. Therefore, you should avoid placing it under direct sunlight. You should use cloth placemats to prevent heat marks and stains.

Apply oil on its surface at least once a year. However, you should make this habit more frequent if you expose it regularly to hot or cold temperatures.

You will have to sand the surface before you start applying oil. Make sure that you apply the oil evenly. Take a break of at least 20 minutes between coats.

Trust me, you won’t find a better-oiled oak furniture care tip than this one.

Lacquered Oak

Wipe the dirt of the surface with the help of a damp cloth. Using common spray polish will give your Lacquered oak table a great finish and keep the grains safe.

However, the use of strong chemicals may have a negative effect on the finishing. Mild soap and warm water can serve as great alternatives to such chemicals.

Save it from water and avoid using treated or oiled cloths on it.

Kiln Dried Oak

This type of oak contains a high composition of water. So it is better if you oil it with Danish or teak oils every couple of months.

Use an oil damped cloth to mop it if someone accidentally spills any liquid on it. Woodworkers mostly use this oak to make garden furniture. It is also known as live wood.

Waxed Oak

Waxed oak furniture is not entirely impervious to stains and spillages. Use cloth coasters to protect it from dark heat rings.

Using a damp cloth would stop the dust particles from settling and billowing in the grains. You should also avoid the use of spray polishes as it may cause cracking by seeping under the layer of wax.

Wax your furniture at least twice a year. It will enhance its durability. Regular waxing also makes your furniture more resistant to cracks.

Best Wax for Oak Furniture?

Any good waxing product should be able to add a protective layer and restore the natural beauty of your old oak furniture. However, Annie Sloan wax can truly revive and rejuvenate your old oak furniture to good effect.

You won’t even have to apply it more than twice or thrice a year. That is if you apply it correctly the first time around. However, you may apply it multiple times to revive the colour of your old oak dining table.

I am sure that you enjoyed reading these invaluable oak furniture care tips for your treasured pieces. Please come back to read more interesting blogs.

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