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Amazing Courtyard Garden Ideas To Blow Your Mind

Who says that you cannot create a comfy and modern garden space in your courtyard? A visually appealing courtyard garden will provide you with a pleasant space to relax and let go of your worries. The courtyard garden ideas I am about to disclose will help give your home the much needed sense of tranquillity. Furthermore, the meticulous selection of garden flowers will help you create a peaceful outdoor sanctuary.

What You Shouldn’t Do In Your Courtyard Garden

Probably the worst mistake that you can make while designing your courtyard garden, is not having a well thought-out plan.

Maintaining a haphazard approach and not having a clear goal in sight will only leave you confused at the end.

You shouldn’t rush into buying hard landscaping elements either. Your garden walls and paving should be top-notch. You should also avoid picking up inapt plants.

Now Enjoy Reading These Mesmerising Courtyard Garden Ideas

courtyard garden ideas

This is probably the best place for you to be if you were looking for inspirational courtyard garden ideas.

Be Bold

Installing one big feature instead of a bunch of little ones has often proved to be better. Be bold and do not miss the chance of creating some unique, artistic and stunning focal points.

Free Space + Good Use = Perfection

It is vital to ensure that you make good use of your free space. For e.g. you may choose to hang some lights on your pathways, this will allow you to enjoy your garden even in the afterglow.

Sun Trap

Want to avoid the scorching heat?

Well, the best way for you to avoid the blistering sun would be to build a canopy.

A canopy will not only protect you from the rain and sun but will also give you some privacy.

Avoid Clutter

Statues and fountains are usually the picturesque focal points of a garden. However, space may appear to be cluttered if you have small courtyard gardens.

In the end, it will all come down to your “editing” skills. You will be able to create the perfect illusion of possessing more space if you somehow manage to avoid clutter.

Try to keep things simple, especially if you have a small garden space. Experimentation will require you to have more room.

Try making a wish list. Only add a thing that you really want to install in your garden.  The type of items that should be on your wish list should include:

  • An outdoor shower
  • A pizza or BBQ Oven
  • Portable gas heater
  • Outdoor Fireplace

Add Lights and Plants

outdoor lighting ideas

Why don’t you soften up your courtyard walls with some plants? The ornamental grass and hedges are probably the best options in this regard. Another good option would be climbing plants.

You may also choose to place some containers in the corner of your garden.

You can quite easily overwhelm your courtyard garden with excessive décor if it is small. If this is the case then you natural inclination should be towards simplicity.

Even a few plants and a simple bench would do the trick.

One of your utmost priorities should be to hang lights above all of your pathways. Afterwards, you may continue to light your fountain.

Wouldn’t a lit water fountain prove to be the most stunning focal point of your courtyard garden?

Garden Furniture

outdoor furniture

Getting the right type of furniture for your garden can make all the difference in the end. It can add a sense of style and elegance to a small space. However, if you have ample space then you should buy a wooden garden furniture set and a weather-proof outdoor rug to turn your courtyard into an ideal entertainment space.

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An Elaborate Colour Scheme

It doesn’t really matter what your favourite colour scheme is. It can be light and peaceful or even tropical.

What matters, in the end, is the choice of colours.

Let me give you a tip. If you want to give your garden a more tropical look then you should include orange, purple, yellow and blue in your colour scheme.

Water Feature

outdoor fountain

This is probably one of the best courtyard garden ideas that you may ever wish to hear or read about.

A water feature and a courtyard garden is indeed a heavenly match. Hence, you cannot even think about breaking this bond.

The relaxing sound of gushing water will suppress the unsolicited noises of neighbours and traffic.

An urn fountain will probably do wonders for an informal courtyard garden whereas; a classic fountain would be more suitable for formal ones.

The size of your garden should be proportional to the size of your fountain.

A Vertical Garden

courtyard garden ideas

Want to add greenery but don’t want to compromise your valuable courtyard space? Well, a bespoke solution to this question would have to be using hanging baskets and vertical gardens.

You may use fences and high walls for art and plants. You may also choose to dress the boundaries of your courtyard in clematis or jasmine.

Why don’t you go for a green wall system if you have a contemporary courtyard?

Making Your Courtyard Private

For many people, secluding their courtyard is a vital element for creating the perfect courtyard garden. You may enclose your courtyard with plants, fencing or even walls.

Your choice to make the walls short or tall, transparent or solid is directly proportional with your desired level of privacy.

You can also add a patio or roof cover to your courtyard garden. This will also enhance the feeling of privacy.

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