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Spruce Up Your Garden With These Budget Friendly Raised Patio Ideas

Nothing adds more value to your garden than a welcoming raised patio. It can be the best recreational spot around your home where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. A raised patio in the garden is the perfect combination of comfort and style. However, there is a misconception that it takes a lot of money to build a raised patio in the garden. In reality, you can create a unique space without breaking the bank. Here are some amazing and cost-effective raised patio ideas that will take your breath away.

But first, let’s discuss why do you need a patio attached to your house?

Advantages of A Raised Patio

raised patio ideas

Patios offer great advantages to the homeowners which equally contribute to your happiness and home.

  • It is the perfect spot for relaxing.
  • It is an all-weather outdoor space
  • A raised patio is the best recreational area
  • It increases the value of the house in monetary terms.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a patio, let’s proceed to the ideas.

Spectacular Raised Patio Ideas For Your Garden

You must have dreamed of a beautiful front or backyard that captivates your neighbours and guests. Moreover, one that enables you to comfortably spend some time there without being affected by unpredictable weather conditions.

Therefore, we have compiled some raised patio ideas on a budget that fulfils your dreams.

1.    Wooden Pallets

The quickest and easiest ways of building a raised patio in your garden is by using wooden pallets. You can easily find wooden pallets at a low price from various shops. You can colour them according to your choice to create a unique raised patio area.

For seating, you can place a set of rattan outdoor dining chairs and table. It's recommended that you set up a patio and use wooden pallets to add to your new garden exterior.

2.    Wall Blocks

raised patio ideas

If you want to incorporate the feeling of natural stones then build your patio with wall blocks. The biggest advantage of wall blocks is that they don’t need regular maintenance which saves you money. Furthermore, you can have as many levels as you want.

Similarly, you can utilise the stairs or any other curves in the garden into your patio design.

It is one of the most useful raised patio ideas on a budget that gives lasting value to your outdoor space. You can add stylish garden furniture to accessorise and contrast the natural rock.

3.    Sun Kissed Patio

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Another amazing idea is to create a raised patio using large stepping stones for the base. Apart from wood or blocks, you can use stepping stones for a contemporary look too. An open-air raised patio under the sun can be the best place for sun lounging. Two sun loungers with a side table in the middle can complete the look. You can make stepping stones yourself otherwise they are available on the market at affordable prices.


4.    Cabana Style Patio

rattan garden furniture

If you love a shaded patio more than a sun-soaked patio then a cabana is the best-suited option for you. All you need is some bricks for base, wood and curtains for shade. You can keep a rattan garden furniture sofa set for seating and decorate your patio further with plants and flowers.

This cabana style patio will look beautiful in the middle of greenery and it will not cost you much. For more creative additions, you can make use of sails, cushions and planters.

5.    Alongside Pool Under Pergola  

rattan garden

Do you have a pool in your backyard?

If yes, then this one is for you.

The perfect spot for a patio is alongside a pool. It not only offers space to relax but it can also be used as a dining area. For shade, you can use a pergola and for the base, you can use wooden planks. You can place garden furniture sofa sets for the living area space and for the dining area you can place dining table and chairs. For this purpose, you can consider rattan garden furniture as well.

In this way, you can enjoy all sorts of weather sitting near water without any fear of rain or direct sunlight.

6.    Two Is Better Than One

How about creating two patios instead of one?

Yes, you heard right.

You can have a combination of upper raised patio and lower ground patio. It is one of the latest raised patio ideas and has gained a lot of popularity.

You can use bricks or blocks to make levels or stairs between the upper and lower patio. Moreover, you can keep the main outdoor dining set on the raised patio and the small dining set on the grounded patio.

You can also allocate the lower patio for grilling. Enjoy BBQs with family on your relaxing patios.

Bricks and blocks are not that expensive and are easily available too.

7.    Stone Patio With Fire Pit

Get yourself a classic stoned raised patio with a central fire pit to chill in winter evenings. Select a separate place for it in your garden. You can build a wall around the patio area as well. With the help of bricks and stone pavers, you can create a raised base and walls respectively. Around the fore centrepiece, you can place wooden garden chairs.

In short, all these raised patio ideas will help you in revamping your garden without causing a lot of expense. To make your patio look exceptionally elegant, you need stylish garden furniture as well which you can get from Furniture Villa. They have an extensive range of garden furniture in their online collection offering beauty, class, durability and affordability altogether.

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