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OMG! The 7 Best Front Garden Ideas To Step Up Your Garden Game

The first thing any visitor notices about your house is your front garden and its curb appeal. A well-organised and well-designed front garden will highlight the architectural features of your home therefore, setting a good impression of your house. So, are you giving your front yard the attention it truly deserves? If not then our creative front garden ideas are surely going to help you in updating the look of your outdoor front space.

We will explore all the best possible ways that will enable you to reinvent your front garden and turn it into a beautiful landscape.

Some Key Points To Consider

If you want to make your garden a delightful treat for eyes, then you need to consider some important points and follow strict rules.

1.      Blend With The Surroundings

Always take a look at your surroundings before making any changes to your garden. It is good to add a wow factor, but make sure it is in keeping with your neighbourhoods aesthetic. A neat, formal and sophisticated front garden is a sensible choice.

2.      Get An Idea Of Symmetry

Always consider the structure and symmetry of your garden before employing some small front garden ideas for renovation. A well-structured garden looks neat and beautiful.

3.      Room For Flower Beds And Planting 

front garden ideas

A garden is incomplete without flower beds and plants. Therefore, look for enough space for flower beds and solid planting in your garden. Make sure you have well-defined flower beds with visible structural bones.

4.      The Paved Layout

A paved layout signals the way to the front door for the visitors. Mostly it is neglected by many homeowners but is an essential point to consider. There are multiple ways to mark the front door either by big pots or stepping stones. A paved layout enhances the beauty of the front garden and serves a purpose.

5.      Garden Furniture

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Another critical element in designing a front garden is suitable garden furniture. There are plenty of options to choose when it comes to garden furniture, but most commonly rattan garden furniture is used. Garden furniture adds more accessibility and usability to the front garden and increases its aesthetic appeal.


Low Maintenance Front Garden Ideas  

Once you have analysed and considered all the above-mentioned factors, it’s time to dazzle your guests with our fabulous garden design ideas.

Breezy Floral Borders Along The Entryway

small front garden ideas

A cheerful border of small flowering plants along the entryway of your front yard will make it look welcoming and lively. You can choose a combination of annual and perennial flowers for display which adds a significant pop of colour. Moreover, a few bushes and shrubs will keep your garden evergreen. You can mark the boundary with bricks or small stones as per your preference. It is one of the most accessible front garden ideas on a budget that can change your front yard completely.

Let The Devil’s Ivy Climb Your Walls

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You can decorate your front garden with showy climbing plants that can make your garden walls look attractive. Apart from decoration, you can also use them to hide the old worn out fences or walls. It is one of the most budget-friendly front garden ideas. Devil’s eye commonly known as the money plant is one of the most popular climbing plant used in gardens. Other than that, you can use clematis, wisteria and passion flowers for this purpose. Clematis comes in varieties of colours and shapes. Therefore, it can be the best choice.

How About An Elegant Fountain Bed?

Another fantastic way to enhance the curb appeal of your front garden is by making a small fountain bed. An elegant fountain with a flower bed at its base highlights the beauty of your front yard and looks exceptionally charming. Here, you need to choose the plants for flower beds wisely, e.g., petunias can bear all the weather conditions. So, it is an ideal choice to execute this idea successfully.

Take A Chill Pill On A Sun Lounger

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As you all know that seating area in a garden is significant to establish a complete look. Apart from garden sofa sets, you can use many other seating options too. For example, if you have a raised patio in your front yard then try adding a sun lounger to relax and enjoy the sun. It increases the functionality and value of your front garden. To further decorate it, you can use plant pots different varieties of flowers.

Unique Planters That Show Off Your Gardening Skills

Modern home gardens possess breath-taking varieties of planters that can display the flowers or plants grown in the garden. You can reinvent your front garden by displaying different types of planters. It can include stone planters, wooden planters, cottage style wheelbarrow or any upcycled object turned into a planter. They not only make your garden look organised but add a new level of decency and neatness as well.

Grass Bed Or Permeable Paving

One of the latest trends among front garden ideas includes permeable paving in your outdoor space. Traditionally we have seen smooth grass beds spreading all over the garden, but now trends are shifting. People are also opting permeable paving now. Some of the best advantages of permeable paving are:

  • No drainage issues.
  • Effective absorption of rainwater
  • Increases the beauty of the garden floor

A Green Driveway Bed With Lanterns

A    unique way to differentiate your front yard from the parking area is to create a driveway bed in between with lanterns at the corners. You can increase the functionality in your garden through this front garden parking design idea. The lanterns look extremely whimsical and light up the way at night leading to the front door. It is one of the most practical and low maintenance ideas to renovate your front garden.

The most fundamental rule to decorate your front garden is to know the logistics and then utilise all the possible resources. Use all the creative ideas you can think of and try to implement them. Try to get all the necessary supplies at affordable rates and don’t waste money on highly expensive things. For affordable oak furniture online, visit Furniture Villa today. They have the best deals for you on all sorts of garden furniture with pure quality and economical prices.


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