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Rural Garden Furniture: 6 Design Ideas for Courtyard Gardens

So, a patio is your primary outdoor space? Brilliant! With just a bit of arranging, it can be a good dessert garden and a brilliant expansion of your indoor living conditions. The most vital thing is to utilise the space carefully and capitalise on each inch or space you have.

It's much the same as revamping a room inside: you have to think about the dividers, the floor, the garden furniture and every one of the fittings and how they cooperate with the overall room flow. If done well, it will become a fantastic room that you use constantly. If not, it will end up being the junk room used for storage.

Here are five of the essential things I think you should consider when considering your own patio improvement:

Green The Walls

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Dividers and walls are often utilised to help add character to patios and outdoor areas. They can come in many different styles and sometimes can look fantastic. More often than now, however they are a dark grey colour and end up looking like jail cells. The dark colour and drab grey colour makes them seem like places of imprisonment, rather than the expansive and open areas they are intended to be.

One way to resolve this issue is to cover the walls with greenery. Using a trellis or bamboo poles to allow the plants to grow and wrap themselves around will add so much to the area. Plus, it adds height to the visuals of the area, rather than keeping planters below waist-height, it helps to utilise the higher space and looks fantastic. In the evening you can light these plants up with pixie lights or up lights to get a wonderful, mysterious and magical design.

Large Garden Mirrors

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Adding a mirror to your garden space may seem like a strange idea, but it does offer a lot of benefits: aside from reflecting light back into the area and helping to add the appearance of space, mirrors have the benefit of being rather uncommon in gardens, and se they have a novelty element to them.

Outline the mirror with climbing plants to help embed the mirror into the overall garden design. Splitting one large mirror into several smaller sections can help give and interesting and fractured look; be sure to check what the mirror will reflect and what placement will have the best impact on your garden or patio.

Utilise Lighter Hues

If your patio exists in a rather shady spot of your garden, be sure to avoid darker coloured plants, like Bat Orchids or Chocolate Lily’s, as these will absorb the natural light. Instead, flowers with lighter hues, like brilliant greens or bright whites. This will help to lighten up the area and reflect the natural light, giving the patio far more light and makes it seem much more inviting.

Many evergreen bushes, like the ever prevalent Paperplant (Fatsia Japonica), have gleaming leaves that reflect light. Simple additions like this will help to light up those dark corners. In a modern garden, using light-hued dividers or well-placed plants can help give the illusion of a more open, bright area.

Be Intense In Your Planting Of Pots And Holders

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Choosing the right plant and the right plant pot will have a far bigger impact than the first plants you see in a gardening shop and plonked into any old plastic holder than happened to be nearby. Make sure you pick your posts based on quality to ensure they last and look as stunning as the plants they hold.

Circumstances are rarely so bad that a plant will not receive any light and its worth bearing this in mind when choosing placement. A simple evergreen plant, for example could do wonders under an outside stairwell or around a shady corner as it will do much better there than ordinary plants and will continue to look good all year long.

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Pick Your Rural Garden Furniture For Its Visual Appearance

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An entirely collapsing metal table and two or three seats might be the best bet for your patio, keeping another two seats collapsed away for possible later use. This influences the space to look more magnificent, instead of filling it with a four-seater garden set the entire time.

As a rule, you’ll spend more time looking at the garden furniture than at the garden itself, since you’ll be sitting on it and using the tabletop to hold food and drinks. So, make sure it’s the loveliest view of the table as it can be. As a rule, you will invest more energy by taking a look at the rural garden furniture, as opposed to sitting on it. Make it lovely with a bowl of sweets or a vase of flowers. Make the garden furniture a part of the garden itself, rather than just using the space.

Water Highlights

There are so many possibilities for water features out there, but a lot of these are ugly or just badly designed, so people are generally moving away from them. Used correctly, in a garden setting, flowing water can be a calming and wonderful feature.

Be sure to pick something unobtrusive; you want it to blend in with the décor and not be a centrepiece. Be sure the noise isn’t too loud, but something you can focus in on when you want to. The spray should be precise and minimal, to prevent issues does the line. Most importantly, know what you want and don’t just go for the biggest thing they have. It should just be a simple feature to accentuate the calm nature of your garden.