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Revamp Old Furniture To Give It A New Life

We all have a few old pieces of furniture rotting in the garage or attic waiting for their lucky star to shine. They have been there for quite some time, but we still cannot find a way to reuse them. Neither can we throw them out because of the emotional attachment. But when the space inside the storeroom fills up to the brim it signifies that it’s now time to revamp old furniture.

Do you have an old living room storage bench lying in the shed because it lost its lustre? Do your old living room storage cabinets with doors not mesh well with your current décor style? Are you on the verge of throwing every old and broken furniture item out of your shed?

If the answer is yes, we’d like to take 3 minutes from your busy life. If after 3 minutes we’re unable to convince you to revamp old furniture, we don’t expect you to keep reading. We are the firm believers of ‘love, trust, and pixie dust…’ You must love your old furniture enough to revive it and trust us for our ideas. And pixie dust, because...  why not?

Revamp Old Furniture

Let’s be honest, buying new furniture every now and then is not everybody’s piece of cake. Furniture is quite costly and must stay with us for long periods of time. However, if you get bored with it and need a little upgrade in your living room, then what? Well, for one, revamp old furniture.

If that doesn’t work out, then you can pay a visit to your local Charity Shop. Who knows you might find your favourite vintage living room storage cabinets with doors?

So, let’s get revamping!

Tips to Revamp Old Furniture

Follow these easy tricks to breathe new life in your old furniture.

Leg Replacements

 revamp old furniture

Via Bonnie Christine

One of the best and cheapest tricks to make any furniture item look like new is simply changing its legs. Think of your old sofa’s legs. Aren’t they shabby and worn out due to the years of wear and tear? It happens.

Most of the time, the seat and back of the sofa aren’t as old as the legs make them appear. If the legs are wooden then revive the lost lustre by giving them a fresh coat of varnish. You can also paint them. Or replace them with the new ones. This is the best approach, as it’ll transform the entire look of the sofa.

If your old living room storage bench doesn’t have legs, give it a makeover by adding some modern-looking legs. It will entirely elevate the appearance of a shabby looking storage bench.

Paper Makeover

revamp old furniture

Via Akamatra

Paper can be quite an interesting approach when you revamp old furniture. Contact paper or wallpaper is quite inexpensive and instantly uplift a room. Think happy colours and calming patterns and you’ll have a fun item ready in no time.

Working with contact paper is quite easy. You won’t need any outside help, you can literally DIY.

Paper works well with almost everything. You can use it to line the insides of living room storage cabinets with doors. It would look cute on its doors, too. It can instantly uplift a shabby looking high gloss coffee table.

Paint Job

revamp old furniture

Via wikiHow

Tell us a better furniture up-cycler than paint. We’ll wait.

Revamp old furniture in an inexpensive yet a stand out manner with the help of paint. You can paint the entire furniture article or just its focal point.

For instance, a living room storage bench can be painted from head to toe or you can just paint the top. If it has a drawer, try painting that. Similarly, painting the inside of a hutch or display cabinet can be fun.

Apart from painting in parts, be bold and paint it all. A furniture item, like a sideboard or a console, painted in a bold colour can be a stunning focal point.

Knobs And Handles Upgrade

revamp old furniture

Via Handyman

However trivial they might seem, a simple knob upgrade on the furniture can have a huge impact. Apart from being the least time-consuming trick, this is also light on the pocket. Of all our suggestions this could be the least expensive one.

Try replacing the handles of your old living room storage cabinets with doors. You will witness what we’re trying to say. Hardware has a way of making any furniture item look gaudy or gorgeous. So, choose wisely.

New Upholstery

Revamp old furniture

Via Mod Home EC

Does the sofa look drab and worn out? It might be time to get it an upgrade while you revamp old furniture.

Upholstering old sofa or loveseat can elevate the living room instantly. Go by the theme of your living room. Or make a statement piece by choosing a bright and bold pattern colour. Strategically place the sofa or armchair so that every guest sees your masterpiece and applauds it.

Need Some Inspiration?

Now that we talked about a few ways of revamping old furniture, how about we head to our inspiration station? So, let’s see in what ways others have been reusing their old furniture.

A Shabby Sofa Turned Chic

revamp old furniture

Via Again & Again

A shabby-looking or literally sun burnt sofa can become the most cherished item in the living room in no time. All you need to do is to choose the one that has a sturdy frame underneath that horrendous façade. Then rip the upholstery apart and wrap it up in a clean and bold colour. Choose a fabric that’s trendy and a colour that stands out and you’ll have a sofa to show off.

A Dull Armchair Got Fancy

revamp old furniture

Breathe new life in a bland and plain-looking armchair by upholstering it in a bright and floral-patterned fabric. Floral patterns can instantly elevate a room and make it appear fresher and brighter.

An Antique Bookcase Got Modernised

Via Interior Frugalista

A little paint job can instantly upgrade an antique bookcase and give it a new identity as a modern piece of furniture. This trick can also work with old living room storage cabinets with doors. Line the insides with floral wallpapers to give a fresher feel.

Basic Stools Got Beautified

revamp old furniture

Using paint to revamp old furniture is just amazing. It can turn anything from basic to brilliant in no time. Even your cheap wooden stools can get an entirely new look by just a little bit of paint and creativity.

A Tattered Hutch Turned Trendy

revamp old furniture

Revamp your old hutches and living room storage cabinets with doors using just some paint. Paint a shabby-looking hutch in white high gloss paint and attach golden knobs and handles. It’ll look as if it came from the house of an Internet blogger.

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