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How To Design The Layout of A Small Living Room

If your front room is confined and jumbled, you will likely want to stop hanging out there. That’s the exact opposite of what that room is designed for. However, unless you use some clever design skilsl and make the room seem larger and more open than it actually it. No, this isn’t magic. Its just clever styling.

Utilise Mirrors And Wallpaper


A little front room, especially if it's short on windows, can feel very enclosed. What you then need is a point of convergence, to capitalise on what little natural light you have. Wallpaper or paint a wall with a bright, pale colour. This will help reflect the light and open up the room. Shadows make a room appeal more enclosed whilst lots of natural light will open it up.

Also, be sure to utilise mirrors. Again, this will help to reflect the natural light around the room but will also help the room to appear larger than it is. This is most effective when hung just opposite from the entryway. Then the first thing a person sees is the entire room reflected back.

Include A Hammock Chair

Living room ideas

Hammock-style seats are very stylish at the moment and, even better, they are a lifeline in a family room. You need the seating to allow everyone to be comfortable. If you can implement a hammock style seat and raise it up, then you open up the floor and help the room appear much bigger. This will save so much space that would otherwise be taken up by large chairs.


Go All White

As mentioned before, bright white walls can help to reflect light and make a space feel more open. Don’t stop there though. White floor and white furniture can continue this trend and make the room feel enormous. If too much white is an issue, add some touches of vibrant colour to contrast the bright white. Even a feature wall, painted an entirely different colour will add so much character to a room, whilst keeping the other walls white to keep the space open.

Include Hidden Storage


Pick the furniture that has storage space to keep your rooms tidy and clear of clutter. A trunk or storage unit can store all your general items and still double up as end tables or lamp tables. Multi-functionality is a fantastically useful idea with smaller rooms.

Pick Small-Scale Furniture

Furniture is getting bigger. Over the years, furniture makers have designed bigger furniture for our homes. This is partially due to humans generally getting taller as generations pass, and to homes being much larger now than they were a few decades ago.

For this reason, perhaps shopping in charity shops and finding older furniture may be a good option for you. You can find smaller furniture items and at very reasonable prices.

Turn Upward

If your little family room has been gifted with high ceilings, take full advantage of that additional space! While this vertical space doesn't help with squeezing in an additional seat, drawing the eye upward helps to give the feeling that your room is far bigger and more fantastic. You can fill this vertical space is paintings, posters and artwork to ensure eyes are drawn upwards. You could also invest in taller bookshelves, so they can take up less space lengthways.

Fill A Corner

living room ideas

It may have seen rather backwards, but if you have a smaller-sized living room, then filling up that space with a corner seat can help open the room up. If you have a large seat, capable of comfortable seating four or five people, people assume that the room must be large to accommodate such a piece. Also having only, the one seat will fool the brain into seeing it as taking up less space than multiple, smaller seats. Also, having straight lines can also help to keep the room looking structured and not cluttered.

Include Ottomans

Utilise footstools instead of a conventional end table to keep making the most of the space you have available. You can still utilise a footrest as a coffee table, or place books and magazines there, then clear it and use it as an extra seat when required. Again, its combining pieces to fulfil multiple functions.

Attempt A Backless Sofa

If you’re going for a more open-space living area, then having a sofa against a wall maybe isn’t the best options. In the centre of the room is often a bad place for most sofa styles. However, with an open-backed sofa they can be used from both sides and allows the rest of the room to feel more open. This is all about making the most of the furniture. Nothing overly-large will work, as it will simply take up more space than it offers. Furthermore, if you move it to a larger room in the future then you can still use it as a conversational piece, as opposed to simply a space-saving one.

Follow these living room ideas and add a new touch to your small living room. Try investing in simple oak wood living room furniture to help give the room a small but comfortable look.