Blogs 23 Jul,2018

How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Bright and New

The most exciting part about getting a new house or apartment is buying new living room furniture and decorating the house. It may sound exciting, but only if your very knowledgeable on the subject. If not, it can prove to be a monumental task that can drain all your energy as well as your resources. These days, people will just search online for whatever furniture is trending and what is cheap.

However, anyone with knowledge about furniture will likely give you the advice to buy Oak furniture. This is particularly a good idea for your Living Room furniture. This is because it is sturdy, strong and often gives a very neat and elegant look to your home. Also, the Living Room is the place most likely to host guests. This makes it also the best place to show off your best items of furniture.

Towards Furniture Cleaning

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Now, let’s suppose you have made the decision and bought oak furniture online for your living room. Great news, right? Well no, that is not the hard part. The difficult comes with the upkeep and cleaning of the furniture. If you buy Oak furniture online, the website likely has a manual on the right way to maintain the furniture’s condition. With the right care and maintenance, Oak furniture can last for many years. However, even without an in-depth manual, all is not lost. There are some basic, all-rounder tips for caring for Oak furniture that you can follow. These tips can keep your living Room looking stunning and your furniture looking new for a long time to come.

Immaculate Quality

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First of all, the prep; the beforehand work to do. When you are looking to buy Oak furniture, if possible, its important to have an up-close and personal look at it. The wood should not be rotten or moist inside. If the wood isn’t completely dried-out, then this is where moisture and then fungus and rot will set in.

As they say, the best cure is prevention. Ensure the material is in good condition before you buy it and you can be assured of a quality piece.

Accommodation of Furniture

After you buy your Living Room furniture, don’t just leave it set up and forget about it. Your Living Room may be the most likely place to host guests but is one of the least-used rooms in your home. Especially when compared to your bedroom or kitchen. This means it is easier to forget about and neglect it.

Oak Wood is sometimes known as the ‘Living Wood’ and to gain a long life, it needs to be ‘fed’ regularly. This ‘feeding’ should be through coatings of wax and Oil. Every three or four months is optimal, as too often can actually wear down the wood. These fresh coats will give it a new lease of life and freshen up the textures.

These new coatings can easily be applied yourself: just find some video tutorials online. If you want a more professional approach however, there are many businesses out there that offer just this service.

Everyday Precautions

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Certain elements are affecting your website constantly, and over time they can build up to strong factors. Is your oak living room furniture being left in direct sunlight all day, every day? If so, this can start to bleach the wood and leave it with a paler look over time.

Any heat-generating appliance should ever be left directly on the oak furniture as heat is a very destructive force. It can cause cracks in the wood that are irreparable. Hot cutlery or mugs shouldn’t be left on the furniture for the same reason: it can cause unsightly marks that do not go away easily.