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Giving life to your Wooden Garden Furniture with New Finishing

Having a Garden is a blessing for some people. Those who love to bask in the sun and spend some time alone with their thoughts or enjoying nature. For these people, solid wooden garden furniture is a fantastic option available for seating. A wooden bench to sit and enjoy your book and feel closer to nature. Brings back memories of being young and going off exploring in the local woods.

However, the issue with wooden furniture is that is can require a lot of maintenance and care. Without this, harsh weather will start to take its toll and deform the wood. The finish will come off and this will just accelerate the deterioration. Leaving you confused about how to stop it from getting worse.

I have had this exact issue with my favorite wooden companion set in my Garden, last winter. The cold and rain was doing a lot of damage. I knew that if I didn’t do anything it was only going to be a matter of time before the set was ruined entirely. So, I had to redo the finishing to prevent the wood from being damaged further. This is obviously not the case with indoor furniture. This is due to the damaging elements are less prevalent and so require less maintenance to last a long time.

Garden wooden furniture may take more care to last, but it isn’t too much effort. Plus, what you receive is a beautiful furniture set that will last many years. Here are some tricks that can help you ensure your wood furniture has a long life.

Challenges to Solid Wooden Garden Furniture

The obvious challenges to wood furniture that need addressing are;


If you think wood is going to exist for forever, think again. Wood is naturally biodegradable, meaning it will eventually wear down. Even if the wood is resistant to decay, it is still going to rot eventually; it will just take longer.

Glue used in finishing

Not something that is often considered. The glue used to in the furniture or finishing is often not able to bear fluctuating weather and moisture levels. As such, the glue will eventually start to weaken and loosen the strength of the joints. To overcome this, wooden garden furniture should be made with waterproof glue made specifically to withstand the harsh elements outdoors.

Outdoor furniture’s construction

wooden garden furniture

The construction of garden furniture usually consists of thick pieces of wood to create a sturdy framework. In contrast, indoor wooden furniture has fine joints of wood which makes the furniture a bit more delicate. With outdoor furniture, the thick joints are more exposed to the outside elements, which are responsible for the decay. Moisture, warping and degeneration eventually rot the outdoor furniture.

How to Fix your Wooden Garden Furniture

Is there any piece of indoor furniture which you may want to use in garden? Well, following these tricks you can do just that and increase its life when outdoors.

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Right Finish

Multiple coats of paint will save the wood from sunrays and moisture when outdoors. We all know that a layer of paint does not let the sunrays enter the wood. It is also better to give a coat of primer which you can then cover with another layer of oil-based paint. This will create a thick covering over the wooden garden furniture. For untreated wood, obviously stay away from porous or absorbent finishes as they will not provide adequate protection.

Use Sandpaper before Primer

Before adding the coating of paint, use sandpaper on the wooden companion set or another garden furniture. This will remove any imperfections or lumps on the wood surface. Meaning that the primer and paint coat will stick evenly to the wood and create a better seal for protection.

Coat Properly

wooden garden furniture

Whilst coating your wooden garden furniture, be sure to not leave any space or area free of finishing. From the undersides of tables, right into the spaces in the joints. Every space must be entirely coated. Otherwise moisture and rot will seep in through the gaps and your work will have been for nothing.

Recoat every other year

It is highly advised to give your wooden garden furniture a touch of paint every other year to keep it fully protected from decay. Outdoor furniture is exposed to wear and tear constantly, so plan to refresh the finish at regular intervals.