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Removing Heat Stains from Your Oak Furniture

When you bring Oak Furniture into a room, you instantly create a warm and inviting style. Oak Furniture is perfect for creating a pure aesthetic that can upgrade the room’s style in a split-second. While Oak is a sturdy material, it can frequently experience the adverse effects of ordinary wear and tear the same as any other furniture, for example, heat stains.

Heat stains are something that many believe is impossible to remove; this simply isn't true. Here are a couple of tips for you to enable you to remove those heavy heat stains from your Oak Furniture.

Utilising Heat On Heat

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This may sound like an odd suggestion, however, a standout amongst the best approaches to removing heat stains from Oak Furniture is applying extra warmth to the recoloured territory, best tried with an iron. Before you use any warmth to the influenced area, clean and dry the surface fully, otherwise you’ll burn any etch these markings into the wood too.

At that point put a perfect cotton towel over the area that has the heat stains. Next, run the pre-heated iron over the cloth. Be extreme carefully to not let the irons metal directly touch the wood as this will leave a nasty mark. Likewise, ensure the iron is filled with water and has steam seeping through into the cloth and onto the wood, as this is primarily what removes the stain from the Oak wood.

Antiquated Techniques 

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There are a wide range of clearing solutions around today that have been passed down from age to age. One of the exceptionally effective, old-fashioned ideas is to use toothpaste. First create a paste from 50% toothpaste and 50% Baking Soda to them gentle spread over the affected area is a brilliantly effective way to remove heat stains. There are multiple variations of this technique: mixtures of sea and olive oil, vinegar and olive oil and even Vaseline. Try using these to rub over and then wash away from the stained area and see which one has the best effect on your Oak Furniture.


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It is the classic hindsight suggestion: what’s the best way to treat Heat Stains from oak furniture? Don’t get them in the first place. It can be annoying when it’s already happened but like with all things: learn from it and improve in the future.

There are multiple ways to prevent this type of stain from your oak Furniture: with placemats and coaters to using tablecloths. When something hot, like a plate or mug, is placed directly onto Oak wood it affects the wood and creates a mark or stain. So, another solution is to apply a protective coating onto the Oak wood to prevent stains from happening straight away.

Let’s hope that these points can help you upgrade your furniture while still keeping to your budget. Get your Oak Furniture online protected with these fantastic tips, at FurnitureVilla. We offer discount Oak Furniture at prices to meet your home décor needs.