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An Ideal Kitchen for an Ideal Home

A kitchen is where we socialise, entertain, eat and cook. A kitchen design, which ticks all of these boxes, is of utmost importance. It should be amongst the most convenient and brightest spaces of your home. Your kitchen should not lack visually appealing aesthetics because it should not only function well but look good too. Therefore, an ideal kitchen is the only bespoke solution for a home with a busy family. Your solution should streamline the space and offer fantastic functionality.

Long story short, an alluring kitchen can make your life much simpler, exciting and easier.

You can inject your own personality and style into your kitchen. In most of our contemporary households including yours and mine, a kitchen is not only a place for cleaning and cooking.

ideal kitchen

It serves as a hub for our homes. Where our family members come together in order to socialise, relax and eat.

You can even increase the value of your home by renovating your kitchen. Your money will not go to waste. Think of it as a future investment. In case your heart is set on one particular look. This blog will offer the most invigorating idea for creating the perfect kitchen.

A Breakfast Bar for your Ideal Kitchen

breakfast bar

By evolving your kitchen beyond just a space for cleaning dishes and preparing meals, you will allow your kitchen to get you to recall all the nostalgic charms from your past. The aesthetics will, of course, be mostly different from contemporary sparkle, polished finishes and modern appliances. However, it will be an enticing social space.

A breakfast bar will just prove to be a crown jewel of your personal social space.

Are you worrying about having a small kitchen? Well, there’s no need to worry because I have just the right plan for how to install a beautiful bar in your kitchen space.

Possible Challenges

You might experience some challenges if your kitchen is small. But you can do it if you are determined to set it up. You’ll have to make tough choices. A small breakfast bar is quite attractive actually. A small space cannot stop it from serving its purpose.

Its addition can provide you with an option of extra storage and counter space thus; increasing your kitchen’s functionality.

How to make a Breakfast Bar in a Small Kitchen

Installing a kitchen bar in your home can prove to be beneficial for many reasons. Above all, it has the capacity of making your kitchen much cozier. This will allow your family and you to eat peacefully and comfortably in the kitchen. If you will strategically install the bar in your kitchen, you will be able to rise up to any challenge.

Furthermore, as mentioned before you have the chances of increasing the value of your house.

Go for Stools

Most bars take up a lot of space around the island or a kitchen counter. Buy a couple of bar stools. This will help you create a comfortable perching spot to enjoy your morning coffee or cereal.

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Bright Day

Position your bar right beside your kitchen window and enjoy the morning sunrise. In case that is not possible, an addition of a little lamp can do the trick. You can use the lamp on those cloudy and muggy mornings.

Ideal Kitchen

Tall Tables

Using counter space for your bar might not be your thing. If it isn’t your thing then I suggest you to buy those tall bar tables. They can seamlessly fit into your kitchen.

ideal kitchen

Float Away

It’s always a good idea to create a space illusion. You can do this by deciding to keep your furniture off the kitchen floor. The elimination of base cabinets will give you a floating feeling.

small kitchen

Kitchen Trolley

Your morning must-haves can now be closer to you, a kitchen trolley beside your bar can help you out. You won’t have to rummage through your cabinets or cupboards. Your favourite breakfast treats and tableware will be at your fingertips.

Does a Wall-fixed Table Sound Good?

Why don’t you go for a wall-fixed table bar instead of an island-breakfast bar? This will nicely fit in the back of your kitchen. What else? It will be a terrific spot to have a drink beside your kitchen window.


small kitchen

You can turn your windowsill into a delightful bar or even use it as storage. Make it comfier by going for the thicker and wider windowsill. If you’ll attach it a bit higher than usual your sitting experience can prove to be even more comfortable.

A windowsill with the addition of a couple of tools will give you a lively and comfy eating space.

Advantages of Small Breakfast Bar

Extra Storage Space

Most households don’t have many storage options or spaces, particularly in their kitchens. A small bar can cater to this effectively. It will provide an option of much-needed storage space.

Extra Seating Space

You can benefit greatly from it if you have occasional guests or like throwing parties. Your friends and family can easily chat with you while sitting down in your kitchen.

Space Division

If you decide to place your bar a little higher compared to most kitchen islands. You will be able to save yourself from embarrassment by being able to conceal your occasional messy kitchen. 

You can enjoy this benefit and tend to your guests simultaneously while you prepare scrumptious meals.

Décor Benefits

Out of all the benefits, your kitchen’s overall appearance and ambience should be your utmost priority. Most homeowners, in fact, install bars in their kitchens to improve their décor. Ensuring that the existing décor and dining room furniture is in compliance with the bar is very important.

You’re thinking about Expense, Aren’t You?

Well, to be honest. The budget is something that you will have to determine for yourself. Most of you will definitely wonder about exactly how much money you should spend on the installation of a bar. However, the answers will greatly vary. You will have to perform some research and look for available bar options.

Don’t worry; I have researched some bar types for you.

Once you decide upon an option, you will have to carefully examine your budget. The budget can vary greatly depending on the type of bar you are choosing to install.

Types of Ideal Kitchen Bars

Once you move forward with the decision of installing a bar in your small kitchen. You will have to decide upon a certain type. Following are some bar ideas, which I have researched for you:


If you are looking to enjoy multiple benefits from your potential bar, this is probably the smartest choice for you.


Overall look and ambience of your entire kitchen can change if you choose to install this type of bar.


The bar type is designed specifically for accommodating other home appliances.


You can go for this option if you only want some extra space or seating in your lovely kitchen.

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