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Best Creative Bar Stool Ideas For Your Kitchen

For most of us, most of our time is spent in the kitchen. After the bedroom, the kitchen is the second most popular room in our home. Kitchens are the most exciting and appealing room in a house. Recently more people are becoming interested in buying breakfast bar stools for their kitchen sitting.

If your kitchen has a counter top then adding extra casual seating in your kitchen won’t be a bad idea. Invest in wooden bar stools, as they are perfect for a quick gossip over coffee with friends, for kids to munch on their after-school snacks and to enjoy a sassy glass of wine after a stressful day at work.

Kitchen Bar Stools – A Different Accessory For Your Dining

Not only do the bar stools have a relaxed style and encourage informal dining, but they are also a great space saver, as they can be tucked under the table or island when not in use. If you got a small space with an open counter kitchen, then bar stools beside a kitchen workspace or breakfast bar stools can offer alternative seating to full dining table and chairs. The last thing you want to fill a small kitchen with is heavy wood dining room furniture.

Selecting a stylish design will elevate your kitchen theme to a different level. However, its not quite that easy. There will be some things to consider. Do you want a simple, sleek design or a piece in a vivid, beautiful colour? Covered seating adds comfort, but for practicality, maybe opt for a wipe-clean material or fabric.

Always be comfortable in your knowledge of your space and requirements before you invest. You don’t want to end up paying for a seat that is too tall, making you unable to slide your legs under the counter.

Here are some of the best creative bar stool ideas for your kitchen on the market now. Read up on our best tips for bar stool success.

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Get The Height Right

 bar stool

The right height for your stools depends on the height of your island bench. Before you go shopping, measure from the floor to the bottom of your island bench and take this dimension with you as you shop. Ideally allow approximately 25 cm from your seat and the top of your desk – make sure that there’s plenty of clearance for your legs if you have a thick bench top. 


bar stool

In case you are constructing a kitchen from scratch, start by thinking about what number of stools are best to your family and make sure your island bench has enough room to seat all of them.

Preferably allow 50-75 cm for each stool, plus another 12-15 cm in line with a seat for arm room. Comfortable eats become much less comfortable is people are squashed together like sardines.

In case you’ve inherited an island bar and are buying seats to place below it, start backwards from the present bench width and find stools that match, but with the additional 12-15 cm area in step with the stool.


Make sure you measure the width at the bottom of your bar stools to see if the feet are wider than the seat, as that is regularly the case. The seats might also have room beneath the bench however, if the legs and toes are getting tangled.


The sky’s the limit – or rather your budget is. This is definitely one case in which you get what you pay for. The build first-rate in a bar stool is meditated in its fee, and your investment might be rewarded with a protracted and sturdy lifestyle while you spend more.

Take A Look At Run

A bar stool is one object you need to try before you buy virtually. Buying online bar stools is easy to do, however doing so without sitting on it to test for comfort and build satisfactory is taking a risk.

Best Bar Stools For Kitchen

best bar stools

Best For Contemporary Country Vogue – Garden Commercialism Bembridge Bar Stool

If you've got a rustic home and want unchanged seating, why not pick this solid wood bar stool with a natural rattan back and seat? Use aboard a breakfast bar, bar table or as an occasional associate seat once getting ready food.

Best For House Saving On A Budget – Ikea Franklin Bar Stool

Ikea provides the fundamentals at such reasonable costs, creating them well for renters, first-time consumers and those not wanting to pay an excessive amount for. Whilst this straightforward bar stool with backrest isn't exactly cheap as chips, it does have its benefits. For example; it's foldaway. That makes it ideal for tiny kitchens. Easily folded out and when not in use, they can be folded up and stored away or even hung on the walls to create an interesting visual element.

Best For Contemporary Kitchens – John Lewis Artek Rocket Bar Stool

Add character to your room with this rocket-shaped bar stool, designed by Eero Aarnio for Artek in 1995. This bar stool could be a contemporary style classic which will make for an attention-grabbing addition to your room. Combine and match in monochrome shades for a fun, eclectic look. Built in solid oak.

Best For Obtaining The Peak Right – Argos Home Ottowa Gas Carry Bar Stool

Looking for a bar stool to go with the right counter height? This sleek styled stool has an adjustable seat height, back support and a footrest to make sure it’s fitting and comfortable for all. With high-gloss white woodwork still a well-liked alternative for contemporary kitchens, this white bar stool could be a very sought-after purchase.

Best For Keeping It Easy – Environs Oregan Oak Bar Stool

The Oregan bar stool could be a recent modern variant of the standard thatched chair. Crafted with a hand-woven natural wire seat, this stool can offer your home a refined and sophisticated feel. The country ended not solely appearance trendy; the sturdy, soft wire material provides a snug seat.

Best For Designer Kitchens – Kartell Masters Stool

Add associate painting style to your room with the Masters Stool by Kartell. Designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitlet, this stool has real vogue credentials – the tangled style pays deference to three painting chair styles. Look closely, and you’ll see parts of the ‘Series 7’ by Arne Jacobsen, the ‘Tulip Armchair’ by designer and also the ‘Eiffel Chair’ by the masterful interior decorator.

Best For Adding A Pop Of Colour – Duhaime Block Of Metal Stool

This bar stool is both reasonable and classy – and excellent for an adding a splash of feel-good colour to kitchens. It’s conjointly an excellent option to getting the industrial look on a budget. The efficient style stool is stackable, and so space-saving and economical. It’s on the market in Blue, Red, White, Black and Silver – produce an eclectic look with a combination of colours. The shorter height style is perfect for lower breakfast bars.

Best For Retro Vogue – Welford Bar Stool PU Seat

best bar stool

Go for a retro feel in your room with this upholstered bar stool with tapered plastic legs. The unique doughnut-style seat in contrasting black colour could be a real feature, to not mention implausibly comfy. The seat is plywood board with a foam and element animal skin padding, with plastic legs and chrome stool.

Best For Elegant Eating – Laura Ashley John Milton Oak Bar Stool

This sturdy-yet-stylishly designed breakfast bar stool is created from solid oak and oak veneer. It’s the right adaption of a complicated eating chair. The natural cotton seat enhances the nice and cosy wood tone superbly whilst providing supreme comfort.

Best For Industrial Vogue – French Affiliation Roger Giant Bar Stool

Introduce modern fashion into your home with this modern iron and tree wood style. The superbly comfortable bar stool style includes a mango wood seat and a contrasting grey zinc-coated metal frame. The seat could be created out of hardwood. However, it’s given to make sure that you’re cozy, when you’re sitting at the breakfast bar. Handcrafted in wood and metal.

DIY Bar Stool Makeover

DIY bar stools

This DIY project is created by using Katie from helpful homemade will open your thoughts as much as an international of possibilities close to reviving your outgrown bar stool.

While your kitchen bar stool would possibly have the attractive design and is sturdy and robust, a time comes while it screams and begs for a makeover.

Shopping for a brand-new bar stool may not be a viable option, seeing that a makeover can be more magnificent and much cheaper. The guide takes you through the steps of painting the bar stool white and protecting it with a material of your preference.

The undertaking is straightforward and is plausible, depending on the hours it requires. For this mission, you'll need a staple gun loaded with staples, a screwdriver, and a rubber mallet and cloth and fabric protector.

This is merely a novice assignment you'll love taking up.

These were some ideas of different creative bar stool ideas, do share with us in the comments below if you made a personal DIY creative bar stool and how well it worked.

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