Blogs 02 Sep,2019

Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden

Have you ever glanced through your window to see the horror of green weeds that are devouring your garden? Maybe you have a garden that has so many plants you simply can’t walk through or maybe you have a garden that hasn’t been supplied with a seat down the area in order for you to take pride in your developments. 

Whatever the reason for wishing for a low maintenance garden, when you choose Furniture Villa - we guarantee you the support your garden deserves. 

We will be discussing just how to manage your garden and create a minimal and mindful garden area for you and the whole family to enjoy!

Plant ratio to a minimum: 

Planting plants in your garden not only looks fantastic with the blossoming bursts of colour but also smells amazing and is great for the environment. Take time to research seasonal flower and analysing the ‘in season’ time periods. Making sure that you have vibrant colours in your garden all year round! 

Lawn alternatives: 

Your lawn doesn’t have to be green! Consider cream gravel or a combined trail of pebbles, making an engaging and eye-catching piece of groundwork for any garden. 

Furniture considerations: 

Once you have your garden in proportion, it is time to add some luxury with some furniture sets. Whether it is a dining set or sofas, you will be able to create an inviting and appealing experience for all. 

Looking for something a little different and eye-catching? Why not take a look at our hanging chairs and pods - made to create a spark of intrigue and provide comfort. 


Here at Furniture Villa, we believe that everyone deserves to have a peaceful and relaxing garden to unwind and enjoy the pleasant surroundings and smells. With minimal fuss, you can gain maximum satisfaction with your garden! 

We can provide a range of garden necessities, from dining sets to sofas, storage to planters - we can provide you all the commodities you to make the perfect minimal garden setting. 

Looking for chic and trendy furniture pieces for your nominal garden setting?

 Need that burst of colour and convenience? 

Then contact our team of specialists today who would be more than happy to help you with any queries you have.