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Super Cool Music Room Ideas For Passionate Musicians

If you have embarked on the journey of building your music career, then having a personal music room should be your top priority. A passionate musician would love to have a beautiful and fascinating place to play his music in. Do you think you are one of them? Then why not turn a living room into your private music room? Here, you will find all the super cool music room ideas to create a jaw-dropping home studio space in your house.

It’s time to raise your creativity to the next level!

Artsy Music Room Ideas

Your living room can easily be converted into a home studio that inspires you to sit in and make your music wholeheartedly. By following these crafty home studio ideas, you will certainly come up with a lively and energetic home studio.

  • Splash of strong colours
  • Musical Instruments
  • Vinyl Wall Hangings
  • Flooring Options
  • Themed Elements
  • Guitar Hangings
  • DVD Storage Ideas
  • Music Posters/ Collages
  • Soundproofing Techniques
  • Lighting Choices

Splash Of Strong Colours


music room ideas

First and foremost, the thing to do when designing a music room decor is to decide the colour schemes for the room. If your living room was originally painted in neutral colours, then replace them with bold colour palettes. Warm and bright colours enhance the atmosphere of the room and motivate you to spend more time there. You can give your home studio a strong identity with colours like yellow, orange, red and blue etc.

Musical Instruments

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Grab all the essential instruments that you usually play in jamming sessions. A home studio full of musical instruments makes it look more alive. It is not necessary to keep only those instruments which you play. You can keep a variety of musical instruments and hang them on the wall. Instruments to be kept include flute, drums, piano, guitars, saxophones and violins etc.

Vinyl Wall Hangings

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Another best music room decor idea is to have vinyl wall hangings. Vinyl arts not only look amazing but are very retro as well. They do not cost much, and you can easily afford them. Classic rock vinyl arts that are music inspired can make your room look beautiful. There are many stores from which you can buy vinyl hangings at a reasonable price.

Flooring Options

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You can choose any kind of flooring treatment to set a home studio. A wooden floor is something that fits in with every style and design. If your living room had a wooden floor already, then you do not have to change it. However, a carpeted floor will also do the job. Some other options that you can keep in mind are vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring or cork flooring.

Themed Elements

Themed living room storage units can also help you in transforming a room into a music studio. A guitar-shaped table in the middle of the room will reflect the purpose of the room. Similarly, guitar-shaped shelving units will also look impressive. A themed glass or a bottle holder can also be kept in your home music studio.

Guitar Hangings

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According to your music studio ideas, your home studio is incomplete if you do not have guitars displayed on the wall. Buy some wall hangers and display your guitars on the wall. You can also have guitar stands to place your guitars on the floor. Normally, stands are different for electric and acoustic guitars, so be careful while buying one. But if you have both guitars, then you can keep both stands.

DVD Storage Ideas

One of the most important living room storage units that you can use while setting up a music room is the DVD storage unit. A beautiful DVD storage unit can serve to be the most practical furniture in the music studio. For example, a Corona DVD unit has multiple spacious shelves in which you can store music records of your choice. It will help you in displaying your music taste and keeps your stuff organised. You can keep other themed decoration pieces in such storage units as well.

Music Posters/Collages

Another easy and cool home studio idea is to have a variety of music posters and collages. If you are truly passionate about music, then you would definitely have a collection of music posters. You can display differently customised collages related to music or your favourite singers or bands. They will enhance the beauty of your music studio. You can buy readymade collages and posters, or you can make one by yourself if you are creative enough.

Soundproofing Techniques

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Since you are turning your living room into a music studio, you must focus on keeping the room soundproof. It will help you in staying at peace with your neighbours and family members. There are many ways of making your home studio soundproof. One of them is using insulated curtains that can absorb the sounds. Also, you can use acoustic panels or foam on the walls of your music studio to make it sound proof.

Other soundproof products that can be used are vinyl barriers under the carpet or hardwood floors. It is better as the sounds get absorbed inside the room. Moreover, you will not get disturbed by the noises outside the room.

Lighting Choices

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Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the ambience of the music studio. Apart from increasing the visibility in the room, it has a psychological impact on the musicians as well. Generally, recording studios rely more on the lighting whether natural or artificial. A chandelier can be a perfect choice for this purpose. LED music lights or floor lamps can be good alternatives too.

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