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Get Ready For The Next Season With Summer Room Makeover

When Lana Del Ray says ‘Summer's in the air, and baby, Heaven's in your eyes’ she might as well be right. Summer can be felt in the air of the UK as soon as the cold and freezing weather subsides a little. Spring and summer are like the cousins that cannot be separated. This means that as soon as you’re done decorating for spring, it’s officially summertime. So, what should be done? Well, for starters, we can go about doing a summer room makeover that also incorporates some elements of spring. This way we can actually enjoy both seasons instead of being too occupied with décor that we miss the actual fun.

To do just that, we have come up with some striking ideas for summer house décor that will pass for spring décor, too. Let’s see what we have here.

1.   Go Minimal

summer room makeover

While winters mean you can keep things as warm and cosy as possible, summers mean the exact opposite. It means we need it to be as open, airy and bright as possible. So, the first step of spring cleaning and summer room décor is to declutter.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you must throw the furniture out or something. Instead, it means to cut down the heaps of magazines, throws, ornaments, or any other accessories that may have piled up.

2.   Let There Be Light

summer house decor

During winters, the windows tend to get the most outdoor exposure. The weather is harsh in the UK with regular rains, hailstorms and snowfall. This causes the windows to get all blurry and hazy. So, before embarking upon the journey of your summer room makeover, grab a cloth and homemade soap solution to clean those dirty windows. Always remember that the cleaner the windows the brighter the room.

However, for the rooms that lack natural light, focus more on installing artificial lights. Moreover, as warm yellow lights feel fitting during cold winter months, bright white seems more attractive in hot summer months.

3.   Pile Up On Pillows

summer house decor

Too many cushions? Oh, please! There’s no such thing.

Whether you’re spring cleaning, getting ready for summer house décor or cosying up for winters, make sure you have enough supply of pillows on your sofa. This is not a fool’s assumption that pillows look cute and can brighten up any space with literally zero effort.

Moreover, they can help to create a unified theme of any room. All you have to do is to come up with a palette or use light and dark shades of the same colour. You can play with colours, patterns and textures to see what fits.

4.   Get Some Greenies

No summer room makeover is complete without a hint of green in it. Be that in the form of colour or actual vegetation. Plants have a way of making the drabbest of spaces seem fresh. They can fill up a room with positive energies and make it seem full of life.

It’s recommended to keep at least two big plants in the room. If it’s the living room, you can place a tiny one on the coffee table, too. Nowadays, bookcases and work desks also feature succulents planted in cute and chic pots. So, if you like succulents and cacti, you can always keep them. They have an added benefit, too, that they need lesser tending and survive longer.

5.   Perk Up The Layout

summer room décor

Sometimes when we think about summer room décor, we think it’s all about bringing in new items. What we forget is that we may already have all that we need. More often than not, we can slay our summertime décor just by swapping the layout.

If you have a combined dining and living room, it’s perfect for this approach. You can switch the furniture for both spaces with each other. This will make it appear as if it’s a new room with new stuff when all you did was swap some chairs.

6.   Brighten Up Your Bookshelf/DVD Rack

A different kind of summer room décor idea is to use your books or DVDs. Some people have a mini home library, which means they a collection of colourful books. Similarly, people who are self-confessed movie addicts may have an impressive number of DVDs. So, instead of keeping your treasured assets packed away in some cardboard boxes, boast them as you mean it.

This means you can showcase all your DVDs in a Corona DVD unit and that too by colour coding them.

Are your Monica ovaries exploding yet? I KNOWWW!

7.   Pop It Up With Paint Strokes

summer room makeover

No change is as noticeable as new paint. So, if you think it’s been a while since you did something bold, it may be time to paint the town red. Okay, maybe not the entire town. And maybe not even red, but you get the picture, right?

So, grab your paint clothes and a paintbrush and get painting the walls. Sometimes being selective about the walls you transform can give you beautifully striking results, additionally creating a feature wall would be an interesting approach too.

8.   Lighten Up On Throws

summer room makeover

Winters are all about comfy evenings that are spent snuggled up in throws and blankets, on sofas watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. However, summers are somewhat different. The temperature is going to rise eventually so there won’t be any need for blankets or throws. However, throws aren’t just for warmth; they can be used as a decorative accessory, too. Decorative throws need to be lightweight and made with soft fabric. These throws look chic and make the shabbiest of sofas seem taken care of.

9.   Floral Or Botanical Prints

summer room makeover

What summer room makeover are you talking about if it doesn’t have any flowers or botanical prints? Incorporate these details in the room décor process and see the difference for yourself. You can go for floral wallpaper and use it on a feature wall or you can use these prints on your pillow covers, curtains, or any other trinkets.

10. Get Some Curtains

summer room makeover

Another important part of the summer room makeover is the curtains. They are like the cherry on top of your entire décor recipe. You may have the best accessories in the room but if you don’t have curtains in the room it’ll look a little empty. Curtains are perfect for layering it all up and tying the décor together. So, even if you hang simple, plain white curtains, they will look elegant.

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