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Study Room Colour Combination For The Nerd In Your Home

We all get frustrated at some point in life when we cannot get our kid to complete their homework. It could be a onetime tantrum or the story of our lives. But whatever it is we must get to the bottom of the problem. Is it the workload? Or is it just the study room colour combination? Whatever it is, it must be taken care of once-and-for-all or get ready for daily fits of ‘I don’t wanna do homework’.

Kids, be them teens or younger, need a dedicated space where they can study or indulge in a hobby. Colours have a great impact on our psychology. And kids take colours very seriously. Colours can help them concentrate and thus be more productive. So, having a study room that is colourful, quiet and clutter-free is a must.

Study Room Colour Combination And Other Details

Study Room Colour Combination

If you’re thinking about setting up a study room for your kid, make sure to keep the following aspects in mind:

Colour – an interesting choice of study room colour combination goes a long way. It can impact a kid’s productivity and boost creativity. Moreover, according to colour psychology, some colours can help improve memory.

Furniture – A solid oak desk with storage space, a built-in bookcase, and a comfy chair need to be inside a study room. If your kid’s study space is within their bedroom then go for a Porto Midi Sleeper With Desk, Chest & Bookcase.

Light – Studies have shown that a brightly lit room can influence anyone’s productivity. Also, make sure to have several light sources. This includes; natural light (windows), overhead lighting, table lamps etc. In order for the kids to be comfortable, different light intensities are essential.

Organisation – Study spaces need to have lots and lots of storage options because who knows when the homework piles up? So, keeping a low storage cabinet to store extra notebooks and colour markers wouldn’t hurt.

Customisation – Well, a study space doesn’t have to be boring. Try to make it more personal by including details that your kid relates to. This could be anything like a favourite cartoon character, a handmade painting, or a portrait.

Colour Schemes For Study Room

Study Room Colour Combination

The study room colour combination is the most important aspect of its entire décor. If you think your kid doesn’t take interest in studies as much as they should, it may be because they don’t want to sit in the study room. A solid wood table could start looking hideous in front of boring paint colour with the passage of time.

We have rounded up a list of some of the most promising colour combinations in the study room. So, take a look at what colours are trending in the study room décor:

a.    Blue Babe (Blue-ish)

This colour is quite à la mode these days. The tranquil colour has a way of creating a serene ambience within the study room. As a result, the kid stays focused which is essential for being productive

Imagine a solid oak desk placed against a calm and soothingly coloured wall. Doesn’t that make you wanna work? Also, keep in mind that using paler hues of blue is suggested otherwise it will become dark.

b.    Goose Down (Grey-ish)

What’s quieter than grey? We believe nothing. This peaceful colour can do no harm to your kids’ creative instincts, if not heighten them.

Use white high gloss furniture in the study room for an open and spacious feel. This will relax your kids’ minds and help them concentrate on the task at hand.

c.    Copper Blush (Brown-ish)

Such an earthy tone to have within the study space! Nothing drags us to work more than nature. This rustic shade is ideal for a study room as it will create the perfect backdrop behind the solid wood table.

Moreover, these types of hues don’t interfere with the thought process of kids rather polish it. Instead, these colours are soothing to the eyes and therefore relaxing for the brain.

d.    Cream Tea (Yellow-ish)

The yellow colour is a pretty popular colour and can be found in one or the other study room colour combination. However, it isn’t everyone’s piece of cake to have a room painted in a bold colour. So, if you need the warmth and energy of yellow colour while keeping it subtle, go for a buttery shade.

It creates a kid-friendly zone within the house. Moreover, it can uplift your kid’s mood on a gloomy day. So, why remain glum chum? Paint it yellow-ish and stay happy.

e.    Fresh Sage (Green-ish)

Any low wavelength colour has the tendency to make us feel relaxed at once. And there is no colour more serene than green. A fresh sage or moss green colour in the study space can create a lively atmosphere.

Choose the right shade of green and as a result, your kid will experience a boost in efficiency and concentration.

f.     Pretty Pink (Pink-ish)

Specifically perfect for your baby girl! A pink shade can instantly boost your kid’s creativity. Similarly, it can make the kid feel pampered and thus relaxed. Choose a shade that is a mix of pink and purple for a more sophisticated look.

Now that we have seen a few shades that will look great in any study room colour combination, take a look at these Dulux Paint’s shades for inspiration:

study room colour combination

Best Colour Combinations For Study Room

Nothing affects your kid’s learning more than colours in the place they sit for studying. In order to spice up the old study corner, it’s better to know the correct colour combinations.

Here’s a roundup of the best colour combinations for study room:

Blue and White

Study Room Colour Combination

Create a serene sanctuary for your kid in their bedroom with blue and white. Blue colour has a special place in colour psychology when it comes to boosting creativity. However, the colour becomes perfect when combined with white. If you don’t want to buy a new desk you can always paint the old solid wood table in white.

Grey and Black

study room colour combination

We all know a kid who is old for his/her age. You might even be a parent to one. So, create a sophisticated abode for them by choosing hues like grey and black. Grey colour has a way of improving productivity. Similarly, black colour can be of special importance to several kids. It can help them concentrate.

Light and Dark Green

We have already established the serenity of green colour. Use it in your kid’s study room as the backdrop for with their solid oak desk and chair. On the other hand, the green colour looks pretty neat against the high gloss furniture, too. So, if you don’t have a separate study room you can create a nook within the living room for your kids. White study desks can complement high gloss living room furniture sets.

Brown and Cream

study room colour combination

The most fuss-free study room colour combination is brown and cream colours. It has a rustic feel that induces creativity and productivity. It creates a spacious view and makes space seem organised. As a result, your kid gets to work in a relaxing atmosphere. So, paint your kid’s study space in this combo for improving their performance.

Yellow/Off-white and White

study room colour combination

Yellow is a happy colour. Combine it with white or other ice-cream colours like mint and pastel pink. This will make the room seem as if it just came out of an interior design catalogue. Also, when the kid will stay in the company of bright and happy colours he will be more efficient in work.

Pink and Gold

study room colour combination

Make your little princess feel like an actual one by using a little gold with pink. Pink colour has cuteness attached to it. So, use it to design the entire room with a cute theme. Use items that your kid loves within the room in order to pique their interest.

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