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Some of the most Amazing Secret Storage Ideas

How cool does the idea of hiding your valuable items in plain sight sound? Definitely, much better than stacking, stuffing and squeezing your valuables into random spaces. The very idea of having a concealed storage in your home can make you feel safer, plus installing and using it can also be a fun thing to do. Some of the storage items can include hidden stairway storage, bathroom mirror storage case and many more. Such items can be easily purchased at B& Q and other local hardware stores and most of them can be created with a bit of an effort and with the help of some tools. Let us take a look at some of the most amazing secret home storage ideas for your home.

Coffee Table with Storage

Wouldn’t everybody agree that a coffee table with storage is much better than any normal coffee table? I mean, that having extra space for good books, cosy blankets or even the remote control wouldn’t hurt, plus a coffee table with storage is an innovative and exciting way to express your creativity via decoration. It does not matter if the things that you are looking to store are small or large in size. This coffee table will not fail you. If you’re an artisan then all you need are base cap moulding, furniture feet, drawer pulls, drawer slides, screws, plywood sheets and some construction tools.

Wooden Trash Can Cabinet

secret storage

the ugly trash can in your kitchen eclipsing the beauty of your kitchen décor? Well, you will be glad to know that this unsightliness is now avoidable. The wooden trash can cabinet will blend in with your kitchen décor. Furthermore, it comes with a luxury of secret storage space. This idea can come to life with a little effort and with the use of some hinges and few pieces of wood; you can also paint it afterwards to match it with your kitchen décor and then slip the garbage can inside it.

Stairs With Secret Storage Drawers

secret storage ideas

Who would have thought that the stairs would one day be used as a concealed storage space in many households? This idea is probably a step ahead of all others primarily because the space underneath the stairs is mainly underutilized in our homes. Almost everyone in our households has a fondness or a hobby of collecting things, those things could be most desirous or precious to them but literally worthless for others. Such stairs can provide them with a great deal of security and peace and the perfectly designed handles will also provide the ultimate concealment. Furthermore, there is plenty of storage space in the drawers for books, shoes and other mudroom materials.

Secret Closet Drawer

Another wonderful way to create secret storage is to utilize the home closet and add an additional drawer at the bottom, in a space, which is normally left empty. It can be sort of a toe kick drawer and prove to be quite useful, particularly in the kitchen. You may use it as a secret cupboard to keep a folding stool, store bags and all other kinds of little things. Furthermore, with such concealed drawers, it would become very difficult for anyone to find out where you fancy keeping your secret items.

Secret Book Depot

At home, most of us like to showcase our most favourite novels, however, has the idea of using them in order to cloak the most valuable personal items ever came to your mind? You can even alter a relatively simple box into a versatile secret or concealed storage space that can fit right into your personal library’s shelf. All you have to do is collect broken and old novels and textbooks; remove their spines and glue them to the side of a box and “voila” your secret book depot is ready for use.

3D Tiles For Bathrooms

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3D tiles are certainly a staggering creation because they can allow you to transform even the smallest spaces of your bathroom into a spacious, purposeful and highly functional section of the house, which would also have some significant hidden uses, innovative gadgets and concealed storages. The best thing about these tiles is that you can personally select them according to the module and design of your bathroom.

Storage Under The Bed

storage bed

Are you looking to put the space under your bed to good use? Well, this idea may blow your mind. You will be happy to know that with just an ounce of creativity you can even transform an antique laminate bookshelf into a storage space right under your bed. The secret is to screw some casters into the back of the shelf, amplify the appeal of the secret drawer with some primers and paints and slide it under the bed.

Concealed Wall Space Outlet

secret storage

Sometimes, small things can hold tremendous value to us; it can be of great value in terms of preciousness or the cost. This secret storage space, which looks just like an electrical outlet would prove to be of great value. This feature works like a safe without the need of resorting to secret combinations or codes. This wall space outlet is perfect for hiding small precious things such as cards, money, keys or jewellery.

Mirror Storage Case

If your preference is to install a large mirror to get a good view of exactly how good you are looking then you have a chance to add a little more functionality to it. You can do this by building a concealed storage behind the mirror. All you need is a painter’s tape, stainable wood filler, full-length bevelled mirror, whitewood boards, hardwood plywood, decorative hinges, sanding paper, safety classes and magnet closures.

Hidden Storage For Kitchen

Do you enjoy cooking and like to collect recipe books; however, don’t have enough space in your kitchen to gracefully house those cookbooks? The idea is to use the column corner as storage by transforming it into a cabinet.

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