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Rustic Decor Is Coming Back In Fashion

If you look around many homes at the moment, you’ll probably see a lot of the same things: Gadgets, metal furniture and bright pastel or chrome colour schemes. This is known as Modern Room Design and is by far the most popular style and has been for several years.

Rustic Design has fallen out of favour over the last few decades in favour of modern styles. People often see rustic or classical design as being old-fashioned, dull or ugly. However, I am here to tell you that rustic is coming back in fashion in a big way. Rustic décor can give your home a fantastic visual style that will stun your guests and give your home a wonderful serene aesthetic.

As the modern world becomes more stressful, people are looking for homes that have a pleasant and calming effect on them, more than something that has a clean and efficient look.

Let’s look at some of the big positives about Rustic Home Design and Rural Furniture:

Rustic Is Calm

rural furniture

In the past, pastel colours and off-whites have been the go-to colours for calm and serene rooms. This has worked perfectly well in the past but can have the issue of looking medical and barren rather than warm and welcoming.

The rustic, countryside style can look so beautiful; with earthy browns, dark greens and pale blues, your room can be both tranquil and stylish at the same time. Colour doesn’t need to be making a statement and can retain a neutral style, but by adding some warm colours it can have a much more inviting design than simple, black whites or greys would.

Solid, Beautiful Furniture

rural furniture

Solid Oak Furniture has several benefits; it is sturdy, robust, great value for money in the long run and has a visual presence that is unparalleled. The best part is that it fits perfectly in with a rustic room design, and Rural Furniture has a great aesthetic.

Oak Furniture has some wonderful positives and its striking visuals means that people will take notice of any Solid Oak piece you have as they become part of the room design, rather than trying to blend in top the background and not be seen. Solid oak bookshelves or cupboards will still look incredible, as opposed to wanting to hide away. There are so many avenues to explore with Oak Living Room Ideas that you can really make a unique and stunning design.

Now, oak furniture can of course be very expensive and that can be very off-putting for this type of room design, particularly if you aren’t sure about this style of room design in the long-run. However, by starting with just one piece, you refrain from a huge starting cost and even just one great oak piece can transform a room design into something quite stunning. If you like the look, then you can purchase another piece further down the line and slowly build up your set in this manner.

If, however, you can find Cheap Oak Furniture though, then this changes everything, and your initial investment will shoot down, allowing you to get a great furniture set for far less than you may imagine.

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Warm Theme

The issue with a modern design theme is that it often comes across as cold and mechanical. What a home needs is a warm, inviting room design, to make you or your guests feel at home and relaxed. This can come from the warmth of oranges and reds in the colour theme, from natural materials such as wood and stone rather than metal or plastic or simply by utilising warm lighting to fill the room with an orange can have a fantastic effect



When a room design is done badly, it just feels like multiple objects put into a room that are all a similar colour. A room design should feel like so much more than this; it should be an overall theme that is more than just the sum of its parts. One way to help this is to have a centrepiece to the room; something that every other part of the room is working from and building up. Room Décor is more difficult than just finding artwork that matches the furniture.

In your bedroom, investing in a stunning, heavy Oak Bed to give it a beautiful visual appeal. In the Dining room, imagine a huge, 8-person dining table that pulls focus. Oak Living Room Ideas include a long, chunky coffee table or lamp table. The study; large bookshelves to show your collection and also fill an entire wall with beautiful thick oak wood. A large, imposing piece will really give your home a fantastic visual appeal and you can find Cheap Oak Furniture online on a variety of great websites.

Hopefully this has inspired you to give the rustic, countryside feel a go, and maybe even given you some ideas on how to decorate your home.