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Rock the Rustic Decor with Traditional Dining Room Ideas

Rustic décor is the new cool. Traditionally decorated houses can be seen swarming the Internet and interior decoration catalogues. Of all the rooms in a house, the rustic theme seems to agree the best with a dining room. A rustic traditional dining room style, also called the classic home-style, suits those who love deep wood tones. Deeply influenced by the eighteenth-century European décor, the rustic traditional décor has a timeless elegance. It can be seen in different regions of the world, where traditions may be different, but this style remains somewhat similar.

When it comes to furnishing a dining room, the safest style to opt for is the rustic traditional. It is safe, it is homey, and it is elegance personified. Featuring dark and light wood tones, it is perfect for integration with contemporary styles, as well.

Traditional Dining Room Ideas

We have brought suggestions for dining sets, dining room chairs, and dining room storage. Here are our top picked ideas for a traditional dining room:

An Antique Abode

Traditional dining room

Create an antique ambience in the dining room with an antique style dining set. A Jaipur Deco Dining Set would be perfect for the job. The rustic antique finish keeps the traditional touch alive. While the cast iron detailing on the chairs and table edges and its reddish-brown tones keep it global. This kind of dining sets not only work best within a traditional dining room, but they also complement an eclectic style. Keep the wooden dining chairs as they are or add soft cushions for added comfort.

A Sleek Sanctuary

traditional dining room

Rustic décor and oak wood go hand in hand. The natural oak finish brings an air of elegance in the traditionalism. Place a rectangular oak dining table with four leather-padded chairs in the middle of the dining room. Wooden sideboards can add an element of luxury to the décor. They can serve as a display unit for your trinkets and knick-knacks. The cabinets or drawers can serve as an excellent storage solution. Keeping the details to a minimum and using muted colour tones can create a polished outlook. Use weathered dining table and sideboard for a more rustic picture.

A Warm Hearth

traditional dining room

A traditional dining room is characterised by its hominess and warmth. While the colour and design of the furniture itself breed a homey feeling, it isn’t the only source. Other details within the room also contribute to that. Choose the room with the most natural light for a dining room. Use mirrors to create an illusion of the room being more spacious and brighter. Make warm light tones more frequent for a rustic feel.

A Cordial Retreat

traditional dining room furniture

Bright and natural tones in a brightly lit dining room are like a cherry on top. A spacious room can be transformed into an ideal rustic traditional dining room. Cover the large dining table with a brightly coloured tablecloth. Subtly hint the colour in other parts of the room, too. For instance, incorporate the colour within the knick-knacks or drapes. The spindle-back and leg chairs are the perfect items to tie the traditional aura of the dining room. Use traditional furniture items, like an old oak hutch or a grandfather’s clock for an even more rustic appeal.

A Weathered Habitat

traditional dining room

The weathered farm-house style is the most recreated one in recent years. Well, what more rustic than plain, weathered wooden planks? Use earthy tones with this décor style for a muted texture. A large farmhouse dining table with a weathered finish works well with this style. Pair it up with a Large Bench to complete the look.

A Bricked Wall

traditional dining furniture

Disrupt the monotonous nature of a traditional dining room by installing a brick wall at the focal point. Use a lighter shade on other walls, like eggshell white, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Although bare and naked walls are characteristic of industrial décor, they team well with a rustic style, too. Using fabric or velvet upholstered chairs in a plain and light colour can tie the décor together. They also ooze comfort. Darker wood tones in the furniture create a polished look.

A Botanical Base

traditional dining room

Never underestimate the power of greenery. Make the dining room serene in green by either using botanical prints or real plants. Buy oak furniture online in lighter finishes and combine it with white shades and leafy prints. It gives an impression of dining at a natural site. Moreover, floral and botanical prints have a calming effect that calms the brain while dining.

A Space Saver

traditional dining room

Most people think that space is the biggest hurdle between them and a traditional dining room. This is because of a stereotypical image of traditional dining tables. This may have been the case in the past, however, nowadays traditional rustic tables can be found in compact sizes.

The Madison Drop Leaf Dining Set With 2 Chairs is the ideal solution for all your space-related problems. The compact design is more than enough for two people. It doesn’t take up enough space while offering the essential rustic appeal.

A Classic-Contemporary Mix

traditional dining room furniture

What’s better than a fusion of the modern with the classic? Bring the Leicester White Dining Set and witness the fusion yourself. The natural oak finish is seamlessly integrated with the contemporary white varnish. The clean and sleek appearance of such dining sets is unmatchable. The slatted high-back dining chairs are the epitome of comfort and provide back support while you dine.

A Redwood Condo

oak traditional dining

An oval pedestal dining table with the redwood finish – the definition of a traditional dining room. Use chairs with arms on the head and foot while on the sides place armless chairs like the Moscow Dining Set. It creates a royal display overall. Placing other royal-looking accessories, like a candelabrum, can also contribute to executing a traditional style.

A Modern Alternative

traditional dining room

A modern take on the traditional dining room style is to use alternative items with traditional elements. Using solid oak bar stools with spindle back and leg design with a kitchen island can be one way of doing it. Another way is to use modern dining chairs with an antique and weathered dining table.

Dining Room Storage Solutions

The rustic traditional décor is an ideal way to decorate a dining room. Not just that, it brings new opportunities in terms of storage, as well. Several storage solutions, like dining room storage cabinets and sideboards, complement the rustic traditional dining room style.


oak sideboard

A stylish and practical solution for storing different items in the dining room is a solid wood sideboard. A 2 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard is the perfect item for keeping several items in separate compartments. The rustic lacquer finish blends instantly with the traditional décor of the dining room.

Display Cabinets

traditional cabinet

A practical solution for efficiently displaying your fancy china is a Corner Display cabinet. Bring out the expensive cutlery and fancy vases to display in a corner display unit. It saves double space because it is designed to be placed in a corner. So, it doesn’t occupy any room rather it furnishes an isolated corner within the dining room.


oak hutch

An oak hutch is an ultimate solution for all your space-related issue in a traditional dining room. Place your treasure troves inside or fill it up with different books. Keep vases or any other knick-knacks that don’t have any other space to be placed.

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