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Renovate Your First Apartment With Oak Furniture

Moving out of a dorm room or fraternity house and into a new and decent house is a big step. Especially if you’re a girl. A new house brings new décor possibilities and the modern bedroom furniture you have been longing for. Finally, you would be able to have the cute and chic bedroom furniture sets that your favourite lifestyle bloggers have. However, while you might have the ideal home in your mind, getting it isn’t always pocket-friendly. Moreover, décor has to be designed according to the place. If it’s a small-scale apartment, then crowding it with huge and bulky furniture items isn’t suitable. Similarly, darker tones aren’t recommended as they will emphasise the small space.

So, explore options before moving in, to be a step ahead in the décor process. Designing your new apartment could be a handful, and if you are confused about where to start, then this guide is for you.

Oak Furniture Online

oak furniture online

The most important thing to have in the apartment is furniture. Nobody wants to sleep on the floor once they have completed the moving in process. So, start look for furniture online before moving. Oak furniture online will provide several options to consider, especially when it comes to modern bedroom furniture. Oak furniture in lighter varnish looks extremely classy in a small apartment. It creates a cosy and relaxed display for the eyes. Online stores that sell oak furniture have plenty of options to choose from. They often even have cheaper deals than the walk-in stores. Or, people are selling their old furniture online as well. So, make sure you explore all the options, as sometimes gold could be hidden in what you consider old rags.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

modern bedroom sets

While the designer spirit in you would want to shower the new place with all designer pieces, it’s better to stick with one style. Oak furniture looks elegant in almost every room, however, in bedroom it stands out the most. If the bedroom has a neutral palette and a window, it’s the perfect setting. Hang some flowy white curtains on the window to not block the light completely out. Curtains have the tendency to instantly give a polished look to a place. Especially white curtains with oak bedroom furniture sets give a fresh and homely feeling. Get inspired from bedroom ideas given by different lifestyle bloggers. Along with all the furniture, one thing that requires investment is the mattress. All that cosy and homely feeling will go away if the mattress is uncomfortable. Accentuate your modern bedroom furniture with colourful throws and fluffy pillows.

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Modern Lounge Furniture

living room furniture

After the bedroom, the most important part of a house is the lounge or living room. If you’re renting the apartment, then make sure you don’t spend a lot on bigger furniture items. Oak furniture online is one way to get the right item in reasonable price. Yard sales are also a great way to get your hands on great-looking furniture that is sturdy as well. Sometimes bedroom furniture sets can be found, but it’s rare to find a whole set. However, lounge furniture can be mixed and matched. So, you can get a cosy lounging sofa or a coffee table at a great rate. After finding the right items for your lounge, go on to adding accessories. Make a sconce or a chandelier your lighting source and “let there be light”. Just like the bedroom furniture set, highlight the lounge furniture with pillows and throws. A wall-art display just above the sofa could be a colourful focal point for your tiny heaven