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Add Timeless Appeal To Lounge With Modern Wall Units For Living Room

As you all know, a living room is the central part of any house and the entertainment section can be its major focal point. Many people use living rooms as a TV lounge to watch their favourite programs with family and spend time together. Therefore, it is imperative to decorate this section of the house in the most impressive manner. For this purpose, modern wall units for the living room are the must-haves. They can be an eye-catching and modern solution that transforms your lounge into something extraordinary.

However, wall units are not just restricted to the entertainment section. They offer the most stylish way to way to organise and store things in the living room.

The Benefits Of Modern Wall Units For Living Room

A Wall unit is a versatile piece of furniture that offers a lot more than just decoration. Wall units are the best solution for living room storage problems. They offer the following benefits:

  • They prove to be an essential way of increasing floor space.
  • They give you multiple arrangements in the form of segmented storage.
  • They are great for showing off collections. You can use them to line up books or display your movie collection or funky ornaments.

In today’s blog, we will share some interesting ideas to enhance the visual appeal of your living room through wall-mounted units.

Avant-Garde Box Wall Unit

modern tv unit

Box wall units are one of the sleekest living room furniture sets that offers amazing storage space. Its contemporary design and looks blend well in a modern living room.

It consists of a TV cabinet, two hanging cabinets and shelves. This minimalist design will send your living room right into the future.

The box-shaped cabinets and sleek shelves can store essential household items. For the first time, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to storage space.

Black & Bold Wall Unit

TV unit ideas

Turn your living room into a piece of artwork by selecting bold and powerful colours. However, you must consider the existing colour scheme before buying modern TV wall units for the living room.

If your lounge area has dark shades like grey or black, then these wall units will look exquisite. These units have been designed for homeowners that love the minimalist aesthetics.

The wall mounted black and white cabinets with a small and sleek TV stand is pure sophistication. You can set your speakers and sound system on the stand and store your movies and in the hanging cabinets.

Symmetrical Geometric Wall Unit

modern TV wall units for living room,

You can revolutionise your living room with this intriguing mixture of various geometric shaped wall units.

This set of wall unit consists of numerous wooden square and rectangle shaped shelves. You can mount them on the wall, or you can piece them together like a jigsaw. Also, there is a TV cabinet with three sections too.

Using this wall unit is one of the most stylish living room storage ideas where you can store your books or movies.

Apart from the shelves, you can store things in the TV cabinet as well. Another great advantage of this wall unit is that it can blend with any colour scheme.

A Rhythmic Staircase Unit

modern wall units for living room

Another unique way to introduce a focal point using modern wall units for the living room is by using a staircase shaped wall unit. It makes your entertainment section look vibrant and captivating.

The eyes of your guests will certainly be glued to your wall unit.

This elegant wall unit has five levels of different lengths and heights. You can keep the LED or television in the central step considering the dimensions of your television.

The rest of the sections can be used for storage or displaying ornaments. Your living room will look chic and super stylish with this unit.

To learn more about decorating a living room read this article: How To Make Your Dream Living Room Look Like The Bee’s Knees?

A Hint of Colour

modern wall units for the living room,

If you love bright colours and want to reflect them in your modern wall units for the living room, then you must introduce a coloured wall unit.

For example, a unit with a combination of red, grey and black colour can be quite a bold addition to your living room.

However, it can become the new feature wall in your living room. The modern design and the colour scheme can blend in any living room.

You can fix the TV to the wall and use cabinets for storage. In addition to this, you can also place the collectables and keepsakes on the hanging cabinets.

A DIY Wall Unit

You can create a Wall unit on your own too. For this purpose, you are going to need a wall panel, TV unit, a bookcase (both horizontal and vertical). You can build a wall panel and fix it on the wall. In the centre of the wall panel, you can keep the TV units or cabinets.

However, on the wall panel, you can fix the vertical and horizontal bookcases. The position of the bookcases depends upon your choice and you can use them as shelves too. Apart from books, you can store other valuable belongings on the shelves too.

In simple words, this wall unit incorporates a TV unit, display unit and a bookcase making it the most functional piece of living room furniture.


Mentioned above are only a few creative ideas to amplify your TV lounge and living room. There are many unique wall units available but if you are in search of best oak furniture online then visit Furniture Villa.

You will find top quality bookcases, TV units and display cabinets in their online store to pair them up with your wall units. From wooden to glass TV stands, you will find a wide variety of products for your living room.

Always remember that the way you decorate your entertainment section says a lot about who you are. Represent yourself the right way and shop with Furniture Villa.

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