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Make Your Dining Room Mellow In Yellow This Summer

The shade oozing with hope, positivity, and bliss, yellow is a colour cherished by many. Even though it is such a happy colour, it is considered to be a bold choice by many. However, this is not the case entirely. Selecting the right shade of yellow is the only obstacle that needs to be tackled to get a bright and happy dining room. A few shades are solid and brilliant, while others have only the slightest feel of yellow. But when coordinated with solid oak wood’s dark shading, it can acquire the smoothness of beaten butter. Not only summer, yellow colour has the ability to stay happy and blissful all around the year. But especially in summer, it reaches its prime with all that sunshine around.

Creative Furniture Ideas

This post is aimed at helping those who need creative and contemporary ideas to utilise yellow in their dining rooms. There are countless ways in which yellow colour can be incorporated into the dining room. Some of these ideas are shared below:

Paint the Tabletop

One of the easiest and pocket-friendly methods of sprucing up a dining room is to paint the tabletop a happy yellow colour. The old dining table bought from a store selling oak furniture online can be instantly renewed with a dab of paint. Solid oak wood chairs will look extremely elegant with a bright yellow dining table. If the paint job is just too much of a commitment, there’s a more temporary but equally vibrant solution. Bedeck and bedazzle the farmhouse style dining table with a yellow checkered table cover. It will look equally pleasant yet even more sophisticated; opening up many possibilities of prints and fabrics.

Pair Up Yellow Chairs

creative furniture ideas

Another fun way to bring the amber in the dining room is through dining chairs. The sight of four or six dining chairs all covered in shades of yellow is a cheerful one. Several lifestyle bloggers have many creative furniture ideas on how different types of chairs can be paired up together. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to dining chairs. Mixing and matching of all sorts of styles and materials are allowed. Several oak furniture online stores provide the option to buy a single chair of one style. This is ideal for those who want to pair up different styles. Two bright-yellow upholstered chairs, on both ends of the table, paired with simple solid oak wood chairs is an excellent setting.

Add an Accent Chair

dining chair

Take a bold step with an accent chair, or maybe two, placed by the window and bask in the sunlight. As a highlighter, the colour yellow is truly outstanding, be that an intense mustard or a subtle ice-cream yellow. A yellow fabric accent chair acts as the focal point in a dining room emphasising other solid oak wood furniture. It will serve as the perfect reading nook on a bright and sunny day. Also, it can be an ideal place to sit and enjoy a rainy evening from inside the house. In winters, an accent chair by the window can be a splendid space to laze about.

Tinge a Display Cabinet

creative furniture ideas

Be bold when it comes to painting and tinting. One of the creative furniture ideas for brightening up a dining space is to paint a display cabinet. A butter or banana-coloured cabinet placed next to an accent wall is what a dining room needs to shine brightly. Buy a worn-out display cabinet or sideboard from an oak furniture online store and give it a paint job. It will revive its lost vibrancy and make a swoon-worthy addition to the dining room.

Throw a Vibrant Rug

Sometimes no creative furniture ideas seem to work or are a huge blow to the budget. So, if nothing else is making sense simply thrown in a bright and sunny rug. Addition of a rug can give an elated ambiance to the dining room. A rug in a lighter shade of yellow that doesn’t look gaudy or overwhelming is a perfect article. The milder tone of yellow is quite underestimated but it has the potential for a show-stopper.