Blogs 02 Jul,2018

Is Oak Wood Furniture Worth The Money?

As I’m sure most people know, oak wood is rather expensive. However, it is also the second most popular material to make furniture from, the first being Pine wood. So clearly there is something to this Oak Furniture malarkey, but what is it? Many people just write Oak wood off as a needlessly expensive material to use. So, is it?

The question is: Is Oak Wood worth the investment or is it simply a stylistic choice, and an over-priced one at that?

Let’s begin to answer this question by naming the most prominent properties of Oak Wood, these would be: Strength, Grain, Tannin, Longevity and Price.


Without getting too technical, oak wood is a hardwood and has a density of 0.75 g/cm³ and this is what gives it its strength and durability. Comparing this to the most popular furniture material, Pine wood has a density of roughly only 0.51 g/cm³, so its easy to see the benefits of Oak here. This means it resists compression and weight very well.

This strength also means that the wood is very heavy and is the reason that Oak Wood furniture is often so thick and chunky, because it has to hold its own weight up.


The grain markings in Oak Wood are very prominent and have a wonderful visual appeal and is often therefore stolen and used in non-solid wood furniture. Again, comparing it to Pine wood, Oak has a very thick grain that is noticeable from a distance, whereas Pine wood is subtler and has thinner grain.

This grain is part of what makes Oak Wood make such great Rural furniture, as it has this overtly countryside style and a constant visual reminder that it came from a tree.


Tannin is an organic substance that is found in many woods and foods. It is very bitter and produces a dark orange hue. This is why many alcohol casks are build on oak Wood, as it is used to flavour and darken the appearance of Whisky and Red Wine. Why is this important in Oak Furniture? Well Tannin is also very good as resisting bugs and mould; one of the reasons that Oak Wood can last so long is due to this defence it has against natural issues.


This isn’t something that people often consider when purchasing furniture, but the durability should be the first thing you consider. What will happen if I spill a drink on this table? Will it stain, or can I clean it off? What happens if I knock into the table left? Will it dent, splinter, scratch? Oak wood is very durable, though is also rather porous, meaning spillages may be absorbed wacky into it. This is the same for many woods, however and there are remedies around to reverse this. A strong varnish to protect the Oak Wood however is a very good extra defence.

Longevity and Price

One big drawback to Oak Furniture is the cost, which is a sensible issue to have. Oak Furniture can have a very high initial cost and it makes sense for that to put someone off and go for a traditionally cheaper wood, like Pine or Rubberwood.

However, if you change your way of thinking, you can see this initial investment in a better light. Many modern furniture pieces are made from cheaper wood. This means for a lower initial cost but can also mean a piece of furniture that doesn’t last even two years. However, proper oak furniture can last for many, many years. Oak Tables and chairs are often handed down through generations. If you consider that the table you may buy this year, your grandchildren may be using, then that inositol higher cost becomes less of an issue.

The cost-per-year drops down with every year of use, and so seeing oak wood furniture as a long-term investment rather than a one-off cost and oak becomes a much more enticing furniture material, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Oak Wood has many positives on its side and only one negative: the cost. The cost of Oak Furniture is a trade off for the high-quality and long life-span of the material, but can still be very high and off-putting, this is true. However, if you could find cheap oak furniture online, then you can have the best of both world. You can buy Oak Furniture online here at FurnitureVilla. We offer high-quality discount Oak Furniture for low costs, so that you can have the absolute best furniture at the absolute best price.