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7 Mind- Blowing Garden Seating Ideas To Create Your Very Own Oasis

Summers always call for outdoor cocktail parties, sun lounging, weekend dinners, tea parties and garden picnics. Sitting in your garden, reading your favourite book and enjoying fresh air is the most pleasurable experience. But for this purpose, you need to have comfortable and charming garden seating that turn heads. I am sure with the help of our astonishing garden seating ideas you will easily convert your garden into a personal outdoor space.

It’s all about making your garden an attractive place to sit and enjoy meaningful conversations with loved ones. You need to make clever use of available space and create an inviting display which is a conversation starter.

That’s where we enter the picture! We have listed some inspiring ideas that will help you in the process of establishing the perfect seating space in your garden.

Amazing Garden Seating Ideas

It's not hard to create a peaceful seating area if you follow our recommendations. Take note and your patio area could be the new favourite lounge spot.

We have made sure that our patios ideas are equally captivating and practical.

1.    A Comfortable Sofa On a Raised Deck

garden seating area ideas

How about a romantic setting in your beautiful garden?

A perfect place to spend time with your loved ones.

If you have a raised wooden deck in your garden then utilise it in the best possible manner. It is one of the easiest and most practical garden seating area ideas.

Set up a comfortable and stylish sofa on the deck with soft cushions and a centre table. It will look adorable and eye-catching if set up at a corner. For enhanced aesthetic appeal you can use some greenery. Plants in a pot or flowers in a vase never hurt.

2.    Rattan Furniture: The Centre Of Attention

rattan garden furniture

Make your garden the centre of attention for guests by choosing rattan garden furniture for seating. A beautifully woven rattan sofa set in the centre of the garden looks extremely beautiful and charismatic. 4-6 seater sofa set with a glass table can give you enough seating space in the garden where you will love to have dinner or breakfast.

You can either keep the sofa set in the middle of the garden or at the side on wooden on brick floors.

3.    Relax On A Sun Lounger

If you think that sun lounger looks good only near a pool then you are mistaken.  You can enhance the outdoor ambience of your garden by placing rattan sun lounger with a side table.

These ultra-luxurious loungers have shifted the attention of people from sofas and divan beds. It can be placed outside in the garden for the whole year even in winters.

Enjoy your cocktail parties and chill in summers. Its adjustable back and wheels will help you in resting comfortably in sun.

4.    Jump On The Bandwagon With Hanging Chairs

garden corner seating ideas 

You will find a hanging chair in every modern garden nowadays. It is a favourite among all age groups whether kids or adults.

It is an incredible combination of comfort and style. Passionate readers would love to have a hanging chair or a swing in their garden which provides comfortable seating space.

It is one of the most artistic and convenient garden corner seating ideas. Hanging chairs in a corner of your garden, under shadows of the tree, look very beautiful.

You can make a personal outdoor space in your garden by employing this idea.

5.    Suite Vs. Sofa

   sun lounger Buy Now   

One of the most contemporary garden seating ideas includes the use of suites instead of sofas. It is the most versatile furniture product and has a lot to offer. It functions as a dining set, sofa set and daybed at the same time providing enough seating space.

The elegant design of rattan suites makes them the must-have furniture product in the summertime. They have the ability to bring luminous quality in the outdoor environment.

Again you can complement the beauty of suites with cushions in colour contrast. We stress on having cushions with every seating furniture because they amplify the overall look of the furniture.

6.    A Windy Garden Lounge

You can set up a breezy lounge in your garden by using brown rattan garden furniture and white flowing curtains. It is trending nowadays and looks gorgeous. The dark brown colour of rattan oozes sophistication and ultimate class. White curtains enhance the beauty and provide shadow in sunny mornings.

Apart from its exceptional beauty, it is extremely comfortable as well.

You can also have a dining set, in the same way, to enjoy your meals outside. We suggest to set up this lounge under the trees for shadow.

7.    Ironwork Bistro Set

garden seating ideas

Another amazing garden seating idea includes setting up a dining area using an ironwork bistro set. It looks super pretty and elegant.

You can enjoy a candlelight dinner with your partner in the garden by sitting on this intricate bistro set. Since it’s made up of iron, it can last longer without breaking. You can decorate the table with beautiful vase and flowers as well.

However, it can eventually rust if exposed to rainy weather for a longer period of time.

Mentioned above are some really practical and stunning garden seating ideas that can help you in creating more seating space in the garden. You just need to find the most suitable furniture. If you are looking for contemporary designs in garden furniture then Furniture Villa is the best option for you. They have all the modern designs that can make the garden your most favourite place to sit. Don’t waste time and visit our online garden furniture collection to pick your desired product at a reasonable price.

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