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Garden Room Extensions | 10 Key Tactics You Need To Know

Getting a garden room extension is now the trendiest and chicest way to add value to your home. Garden rooms bring the outdoors, indoors and give your home the ultimate WOW factor. Garden room extensions help you in incorporating the outdoors and massively increase the liveable space in your house. A garden room is a great way of feeling like you're outdoors. This is because you can keep warm and cosy while enjoying nature from the comfort of your home.

Now, let’s picture the ideal garden room.

Think of a beautiful semi-glazed room with tiled or wooden floor and large vertical panes of glass emphasising the vaulted ceiling. A large timber door that opens to the garden providing ventilation and a full view of your garden. That’s how an ideal garden room should look. This space should merge the garden and house.

You can now set up a garden room easily by following some easy-peasy tips mentioned below:

Garden Room Extensions: What You Need To Know

Today we will share some useful tips that will help you create and plan the perfect garden room in your house. However, before you get started, keep one golden rule in mind.

Garden rooms bring the outdoors, indoors.

Now let's begin!

Tip#1: Think Of Creative Garden Room Extension Ideas

Garden Room Extension Ideas

First and foremost, you should be thinking of creative and unique design ideas. And it is only possible if you are clear in your mind how you are going to use your garden room.

For example, you can use your garden room for relaxing by converting it into a living room.

Alternatively, you can convert it into a kitchen.

You can also convert it into a dining area to enjoy food while enjoying the garden view.

Tip#2: Learn How To Mark The Boundaries

garden sofa

It is very important to mark the boundaries and divide the spaces. Your garden room should look like an extension of the house incorporating the garden. However, it should offer enough space for people to move around. It should be differentiated from the other sections of the house.

For example, you can use a garden sofa or a countertop to separate the rest of your house from the extension.

Tip#3: Select A Compatible Design

When you are selecting the design for your garden room extensions, look for the one that is most compatible with your doors and available space. In this way, you can increase accessibility. This is an important aspect that people forget to take note of. If you pick a design that compliments the architecture you already have, it may save you a lot of money and time when the building starts.

Tip#4: Set A Budget

Once you have selected the design, proceed to set a budget. Get an estimate of the garden room extension cost and set your budget accordingly.

If you can afford to transform your empty space into a stunning garden room, then don’t waste time. Go for it and get a seamless extension that can blend your home with the outdoors.

Make a list of all the supplies you are going to need. Note down their prices and get an estimate of total expenditure.

Search for stores and shops that are selling the best quality but affordable furniture and other necessary things. Always stick to the budget and avoid spending money on expensive and fancy things.

Tip#5: Focus On The Construction And Design Features

It is quite easy to build a garden room. However, building it in a way that it is sympathetic to your house architecture requires in-depth understanding.

Set up a garden room in a way that it looks like the heart of your home. For this purpose, you can:

  • Add a central lighting panel.
  • You can use spotlights.
  • You can use Pinoleum roof blinds to filter sunlight.
  • Add Velux windows for enhanced lighting and ventilation.
  • Try to have the same colours for the garden room tiles and garden’s paving. It creates a link between the exterior and the interior of the house.
  • Use a similar approach when painting the room. Match the existing colour schemes.

For more ways to improve your garden read: Omg! The 7 Best Front Garden Ideas To Step Up Your Garden Game

Tip#6 Buy Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Undoubtedly, a garden room is nothing without a piece of elegant and attractive furniture. Again, you will have to select furniture depending upon the purpose of the room. You can use furniture like garden dining sets, sofas, pods or swing seats for the room if it is a kind of living or dining room.

Additionally, you can also use storage/display cabinets or small planters to beautify the room.

However, if you are setting up a kitchen in the garden room then your furniture requirements will change.

You can choose between wooden or rattan furniture, classic or contemporary designs.

Tip#7: Choose Hardwood Furniture Over Aluminium

garden room extension ideas

Garden room extensions have become a popular choice in many homes. Same is the case with hardwood furniture for these rooms. Practically, hardwood furniture or materials have more benefits as compared to aluminium.

The biggest advantage is that hardwood is long lasting and does not require continuous maintenance. Therefore, we recommend hardwood over aluminium. Additionally, rattan can also be a good choice.

Tip#8: Consider Installing Opening Roof Lights

One of the most beneficial garden room extension ideas is installing roof lights, which allow the airflow without opening the doors. Ventilation is a fundamental requirement while setting up a garden room because you must keep the room cool during summers. Therefore, glass roofs, glass windows and double doors are preferred worldwide.

Tip#9: Create A Focal Point

Another way of making the most out of the garden room is adding a captivating focal point. It can be anything like wooden flooring, unique planters, dining/sofa set and television. Think of accessories that can make your garden room a perfect sanctuary.

Tip#10: Use Super Insulated Columns

Your priority while building a garden room should be making it suitable for use in all seasons. While glass windows and doors can help you in ventilation during summer, super insulated columns will make your garden room suitable for use in winters. They keep the room warm and insulated. Therefore, you should consider adding them to your checklist.


I have walked you through some key tactics that enable you to utilise the empty space of your garden room smartly. You can use these tips and set up an amazing garden room for yourself and the family. However, when it comes to furniture, we would recommend Furniture Villa because they are selling top quality garden furniture at discounted rates.

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