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From Skimpy to Smooth - Styling A Cheap Bookcase

If you’re a book-fanatic and want to own a library as grand and lofty as Belle’s from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, you’re certainly not alone. We understand the urge to display your great taste in grand mahogany wooden shelves. However, while we may not judge you, your bank balance might. With all those utility bills that are past their due date lying on the coffee table, you might have to settle on a lower-cost bookcase. Why is this? Simply, it is because it does the same job without costing you a fortune. However, a cheap bookcase doesn’t have to be boring and dull. There is so much you can do to style up your bookshelves.

Towards Styling A Cheap Bookcase

Before we get into the styling process, first you need to ask yourself the following questions about the bookcase:

  1. Where will it be placed?
  2. What style should it follow?
  3. Should it be open or with doors and drawers?

So, first let’s address these concerns before styling a budget-friendly bookcase.

  1. Where will it be placed?

Well, we can’t jump straight to decorating before even assessing the location where the bookshelf will be placed. Every room has a different vibe which will affect the styling of the bookcase as well.

If the bookshelf will be placed in the living room, you will have to be quite careful with the style and design. You will also have to pay special attention to the items you display. From books to artwork, there are a lot of options for items to placed in the living room bookcase. A simple style may better suit, so that it doesn’t become visually overwhelming.

However, in the kids room the items will be slightly different. There could be storage baskets filled with toys slid in the lower shelf. Toy figurines could be displayed alongside bed time story books.

So, before you start styling, make sure you know the room where it will be placed and then work within the theme of the room.

  1. What style should it follow?

Once the room is decided, you can move towards considering the style. Every room in a home has a specific style that it follows.

From rustic to modern, from contemporary to traditional – the number of décor styles available is quite a handful. If you have a themed home, then its always better to stick with the existing theme than trying to shoehorn a new theme in too.

For instance, if you happen to have a rustic living room décor, then bring in the Doral Oak High Bookcase.

cheap bookcase

Just like it complements the rustic décor, there are other designs that mesh well with other décor styles.

  1. Should it be open or with doors and drawers?

This is entirely up to your needs. Depending on the types of items you’ll be storing or displaying in a bookcase, you need to choose a style which is functional.

If you’re looking to use the bookshelf for books only, then an open shelved bookcase would be right for you. However, if you need it to clear some visual clutter from the room, like remote controls, toys, etc. then go for the one with drawers.

If space-saving is your concern and you’d very much like to utilise an isolated corner within the living room (or any other room), then a Scotia High Corner Bookcase would do the trick.

cheap bookcase

Now that these questions have been pretty much answered, let’s move forward to styling.

Tips for Styling A Cheap Bookcase

There are certain tricks for styling a cheap bookcase that can make it appear no less than an expensive one. If you follow these easy tips and tricks, your bookcase will go from meagre to stunning in no time.

So, let’s learn how to do it like a pro:

Don’t Be Restricted

Don’t be fooled by the title of BOOK-case. It isn’t restricted to just the item that is its namesake. There are a lot of items that can be displayed in a bookcase along with books.

So, instead of piling it up with big, bulky books, take a chance with other knick-knacks. From vases to plants to globes to candle, the options are endless.

Any cheap bookcase can be turned into a designer bookcase with some careful detailing. Incorporate items like pretty candles and sweets beside the books to add a touch of style.

Don’t Stash It

Never think of a bookcase as the ultimate book dumpster which should be shoved with books. However, neither should it be thought of as the trinket stash. This will make it look like nothing else but tchotchke vomit.

Nothing looks as uncivilised as an overly crowded bookcase, especially if it’s a cheap bookcase. It increases the drabness of the item and will make it appear dull and tasteless.

The golden rule to style a bookcase is to leave enough breathing space between items whilst not leaving a lot of negative space. This means to place items at a safe distance from each other that they appear harmonised. While on the other hand not placing them far away from each as it will give quite a haphazard and barren look.

You can mix the style of displaying books, i.e., display some in the conventional vertical manner with a few stacks of horizontally placed books. Place a decorative item or a candle above the book stack. This will give an illusion of more space.

Be Coordinated

When we style a person for an event, we take care that the makeup and attire look coordinated. The same goes for a bookshelf.

When styling a bookcase, ensure that there is a coordination between colours and shapes. Nothing breaks the harmony of a décor style like a sparsely decorated furniture item.

Whatever décor style you have in your room, come up with a colour palette and then stick to it. It doesn’t matter if its rustic, contemporary, industrial, or coastal. Each décor style comes with a set of colours to go with.

So, for a cohesive coastal look of a High Shine White bookcase, go with beachy hues like sea salt blues and olive garden greens.

cheap bookcase

The Rule of Three

While styling any display cabinet or cheap bookcase, make sure that you follow the golden rule of three.

Work with odd numbers; preferably three, to create a balanced look. Mix and match the items’ length, width, and height.

For instance, if you are placing three vases of the same colour, then make sure that one of them is small, the other is tall, and the third one is wide and low. This will tie the décor together while accentuating the other items on the bookshelf.

On the other hand, exactly similar items also look symmetrical and sleek. Three plant pots or candles can provide a clean look.

Always Layer Up

Layering is a trick that can make even the cheapest items appear luxe. Place taller items in the back and surround them with smaller pieces.

Keep an artwork in the back, or a flower vase, or a trinket tray against the bookcase back. Pair them up with coordinating items in the front. Use bookends, flower pots, candles, or tiny jewellery boxes for display.

A cheap bookcase can become your treasure trove if styled properly. So, keep layering in mind while you style the bookcase and you’ll be surprised what you get.

Decorating a bookcase is not a one-time process. It evolves with time and the seasons. It should exhibit the owner’s taste and knowledge of the contemporary trends. Learn from trial and error: edit, delete and update whatever doesn’t fit and reach the ideal setting style.

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