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Decorate In Style With The Best Storage Beds

When it comes to the bedroom, we can never have enough space. This is doubly true in smaller homes, like in London apartments. Even with a wardrobe and dresser, there is still never any space for extra bedding and bed linen. The answer comes in the form of oak bedroom furniture and in the shape of storage beds. They are plentiful and available easily in the markets. For some reason though, many people remain dubious when it comes to investing in them. The general idea is that storage beds are not trendy enough compared to other contemporary beds. However, this isn’t always the case. Nowadays, we can easily find the best storage beds that are literally swoon-worthy. Double-duty furniture in the bedroom always comes in handy when you start thinking about decluttering.

Best Storage Beds

Thinking about doing a Spring (Autumn) Clean? Take inspiration from 15 of the best storage beds here and combine decluttering with decorating;

Linen Upholstered: Side Opener Storage Bed

best storage bed

One of the best storage beds for a condensed and confined bedroom is one that has a side opening. It provides easy access to the storage space without compromising on that space. All we have to do is to lift the bed frame from one side to reveal all that wonderful storage space underneath. Some beds even have the option to select the side from which the frame can be lifted, so you are not restricted to one specific bedroom layout. A storage linen upholstered bed provides sufficient storage space for bedding with the soft feel of the linen fabric

Leather Upholstered: Side OpenerStorage Bed

best storage bed

Side-Opening storage beds with leather upholstery are an ideal piece of furniture for a small-scale room. Leather can bring a luxurious texture to the bedroom, making these beds one of the best storage beds around. Storage PU upholstered beds have a rich finish that can elevate the ambience of any bedroom.  

Linen Upholstered: 4 Drawer Storage Bed

best storage bed

Another fuss-free storage solution installed in the best storage beds is drawers. Any 4-Drawer Linen Fabric Double Bed has the potential to transform your bedroom into a luxurious, tidy chamber. A pastel coloured linen upholstered bed can be paired with white high gloss or oak bedroom furniture to create a chic and refined style.

Chesterfield Style: 4 Drawer Storage Bed

best storage beds

A 4-drawer storage bed looks quite elegant just by itself, but pair it up with a Chesterfield-inspired style, tufted and curved headboard, and let elegance prevail. The tufted headboard particularly has a very glamorous and beautiful look and makes this design amongst the best storage beds.

Tufted Wingback Headboard: 4 Drawer Storage Bed

best storage bed

A 4-drawer storage bed with a tufted wingback headboard has an air of modernity around it, with the new and unusual shape. It can be upholstered with the fabric of your choice, like velvet, linen, cotton, or leather. It has a soft feel that encourages a snooze in style.

Cotton Upholstered: Large Drawer Storage Bed

best storage bed

Nothing is more stylish that minimalism. A simple upholstered bed with one large pull-out drawer is a highly minimal design, removing the unattractive square shapes in the bed frame. The one large drawer design can also be found in single storage beds UK, providing enough storage space in all rooms, and not just the master bedroom.

High Gloss Finished:4 Drawer Storage Bed

best storage bed

What makes a room appear luxurious and elegant? A White High Gloss Bed. What makes a room ideal in terms of space-saving? A white high gloss bed with 4 drawers. With this design, you can store extra bedding or any other items that have no place in the bedroom. White beds are the most popular these days among storage beds.

Leather Upholstered: 4 Drawer Storage Bed

best storage bed

If a lavish looking, leather upholstered bed is what you need, then this 4-Drawer PVC Double Bed is the perfect option. This combines style with utility, whilst remaining a simple and unimposing design. The soft black leather brings a decadent shine to the bedroom, and the ample storage that can only be achieved by the best storage beds.

Oak Wood: Ottoman Storage Beds

best storage beds

Complement oak bedroom furniture with a rubberwood oak storage bed. The natural oak finish of these beds is perfect to tie the rustic bedroom décor together. Strength, sturdiness, and sufficient storage space are the most essential features of the best storage beds. The wooden frame guarantees sturdiness and strength. On the other hand, an ottoman style bed would provide enough storage space underneath. 

Oak Single Storage Beds UK

oak bedroom furniture

Having a small-scale house with limited space could be a hurdle that you need to overcome when attempting to decorate lavishly. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. All you have to do is to think of double duty furniture, like a single bed for kids’ room that serves as a storage & sleeper unit. Many single storage beds UK have a large pull-out drawer that can serve as a storage space. Or can be turned into a separate bed by adding a mattress to it if two kids are sharing the room.

Leather Upholstered: Ottoman Storage Bed

best storage beds

A storage PU upholstered bed with ottoman style is one of the most popular storage beds, due to its subdued beauty and class. Leather provides a personality to the bland and lifeless bedroom while the ottoman style provides enough storage space.

Chenille Upholstered: Ottoman Storage Bed

best storage beds

Achieve a flawless finish in the bedroom with a Chenille Double Bed that also offers storage options. Characterised as one of the best storage beds; a plush mink fabric upholstered bed combines comfort with class. The soft plush upholstery guarantees a good nights slumber. At the same time, as with several other storage beds, it also offers plenty of space under the mattress to store extra items.

Crushed Velvet Upholstered: Ottoman Storage Bed

best storage beds

Another highly appreciated storage bed is the crushed velvet upholstered bed. What makes this one of the best storage beds is the rich fabric used in the upholstery. Velvet has way with luxury as it can transform an ordinary piece into a treasure trove. The shiny silver colour of this Crushed Velvet Double Bed makes this bed the highlight of the bedroom.

High Gloss Finished: Ottoman w/ Compartments Storage Bed

best storage bed

A High Gloss Storage Bed is the modern solution for all your sleep and storage related issues. Say goodbye to sleepless nights with a clean and sleek bed design. With the storage space you can get rid of those extra bed linens lying around your bedroom. The minimalistic design of this high gloss bed makes it stand out among other storage beds.

Storage Chaise Sofa Bed

best storage bed

An unconventional style of storage beds is the Chaise Sofa Bed. These sofas are multifunctional. They can be used as conventional corner sofas. Have guests over for a sleepover? Go on converting the sofa into a sofa bed. More storage space needed? Lift up the seat and reveal a storage space.

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