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Creative Ideas of Styling Your Oak Living Room Furniture: Sideboards

An empty sideboard, not properly decorated gives a very blank look to your living room. Using creative styling, can add glamour and hence the required touch of perfection to you oak living room furniture.

Furthermore, based on your own preferences, various impressive styling ideas can be used to decorate the oak living room furniture. Because many times people buy oak furniture online but do not know how to make them perfectly fit with their room interior. We have compiled some creative ideas to help you out.  

If you are not sure about how to decorate the oak sideboards, here are 7 best suggestions on styling that you can make use of:

Table Lamps

table lamp

Probably, one of the easiest and quickest ways of decorating the sideboard is to add few hanging lamps to it. In addition to that, table lamps can be added to the sideboards. Either line up traditional table lamps to add the antic touch to your living room or select some bold contemporary lamps to give your oak living room furniture the required chic look.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Adding some wall art such as creative paintings, pictures, or even mirrors is a great way to enhance the look. Because selecting the trends and artist for a painting can be a time taking a procedure, it is advised to go with a mirror. However, when selecting a mirror make sure you select a mirror with bold and creative frame.

Photo Frames

photo frame

Another great way of adding more beauty to your sideboard is the addition of photo frames. Either hanged on the wall above or placed neatly on the table. Small multiple frames in bold, lively colors are the perfect pick to hold your memorable family photos and add more fun to your sideboard.  


Flowers are just the perfect fit for adding value to any furniture piece. It not just adds a touch of elegance to your interior but also gives it a more natural feel. The biggest benefit of adding flowers to your piece is the authority to change your flowers every week and experiment with new colors that go best with your living room interior.

Live Plants

Another great option is to add live plants to the wall of your sideboard. Or alternatively, you can also place them neatly on the sideboard to give an old fashioned look to your room.

Trinkets and Souvenirs

Adding your selected souvenir or your collection of trinkets on the sideboard is a great way to add more fun to your piece. Because they are more fun to discuss, they can be a great way of displaying your collection and experiences.

Bright Colors

Artistic wall sketches in selected colors that goes well with your furniture is another good way of adding more creativity. Adding bright colors to the wall behind your sideboard will give your room a more lively and spacious look. Furthermore, all of the previous given suggestions goes along well with bright colored walls.

Finally, it must be kept in mind that styling your furniture is a creative task. Creating an effective and balanced layout is the key to enhancing the patina and beauty of your oak furniture.  

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