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Create A Living Room Fit For Fall – From Paint To Pillows

Mid-September marked the official start of Autumn and so you’re quite late to get the home Fall-ready now. It’s always better late than never to get the house submerged in Autumnal hues, however. From oak living room furniture to the hallway sideboards, all things should announce that Fall has arrived in your home. With that established, what does Fall mean? For us, it means warm tones, dried leaves, pleasant sunlight, snuggly sofas and throws.

Upgrading The Living Room For Fall

Autumn is a fleeting season, so making huge changes in décor isn’t really recommended. Little upgrade in style, incorporating shades of Autumn and small updates in the oak living room furniture sets would do perfectly. We have a few suggestions to make your home Fall fit. Let’s dive in.

A Comfy Couch

oak living room furniture

The basic component for a Fall-ready living room is to have a sinfully comfortable sofa. Autumn is a lazy season and having comfortable oak living room furniture sets is essential. If you already have a comfortable sofa then you’re in luck. Simply upgrade it with Fall hues. Use throws and pillows to bring the Autumnal colours inside the living room. A rug can also help in that respect. Buy a rug with a brownish or mustard shade to create an Autumnal ambience.

If you cannot buy the entire set, bring in an accent chair alone. A big, bulky grandfatherly chair is perfect for the lazy hours of Fall. Place the couch in a corner where direct sunlight can reach in order to enjoy the perfectly crisp Autumn mornings.

A Reading Corner

oak living room decor

With Fall comes the time to finish that long awaiting the to-be-read list of books. The pile of books you have on the bookcase needs some attention this Fall. If you have a reading corner in some other part of the house, then apply these upgrades to that part. However, if your living room is the ultimate reading stop then make sure to integrate the Fall hues there. Buy a comfortable armchair or loveseat from oak furniture online if you don’t own one already.

Placing the armchair near the window will make the whole experience more worthwhile. Lazing about in sunshine with your favourite book on an Autumn day is all the therapy one needs. Snuggled up in a comfy chair by the window on an Autumn eve, what else does one need?

A Place For The Hot Chocolate


Fall and hot chocolate go hand in hand, which means that you need a place to keep the beverage safe. An oak coffee table would solve the problem perfectly. The oak coffee tables with storage are another great option as they are double-duty. You can keep any extra magazines or books inside the drawers. While every living room tends to have a coffee table, knowing how to get it ready for Fall; that’s the real question.

You can get the old table Fall-ready by varnishing it with a darker shade of furniture varnish. If your oak coffee table is in a natural tone, it’s better to get it in a darker tone like that of a walnut. Our Martello Coffee Table is the ideal choice. The colour would complement your leather sofa or armchair. Moreover, the darker shade of varnish creates a more intense ambience and provides more texture to the room.

The Perfect Lighting


The warm and glowing lights are a trademark aesthetic of Fall. Warm yellow lights create a homier feel in the living room. To make the place more welcoming, try using different light sources like lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and bulbs. The oak lamp tables for the living room would be the ideal item to place your favourite table lamps. Make sure to have darker varnished lamp tables like our Martello Lamp Table.

Moreover, using lights with dimmer switches are recommended. They will provide guests with different lighting intensity option for different moods. Overhead lights must have the dimmer switches because nobody likes their light to be too bright or too dim.

The Leafy Décor

leafy decor in oak living room

Nothing says ‘Autumn’ more than dried branches, maple leaves, orange colour and pumpkin spice. So, make sure to integrate one, or all, of them into the décor. These things don’t even cost that much. Bring the orange colour in by just changing a few pillow covers to shades of orange. For dried branches and maple leaves, pay a visit to the backyard or a park and you will have some. Zero bucks spent.

Orange colour marries well with oak living room furniture. Especially if the furniture is in a lighter or natural varnish, then it will appear rather chic and stylish. However, don’t use just one shade of orange or it will be like a pumpkin vomited in your living room. Use a mixture of lighter and darker shades to create a sense of balance and a tied together décor. If the sofa is in a darker shade, use the rug in a lighter shade. Mix and match shades and patterns of pillows. Play with texture and finish, this creates a rich display.

The Colours Of Fall

fall living room decor

Finally, make sure to integrate Fall hues in all the oak living room furniture sets. In a large living room, try to make several sitting areas with different sorts of living room furniture. For instance, dedicate a corner for your reading pursuits. Turn the other corner into a conversational area by placing furniture at such a position that encourages conversation.

Moreover, don’t keep all the furniture in one colour. If you have a brown leather sofa, then use a complementary colour in armchairs. The same goes for other items, like curtains, pillows, rugs, and throws. Don’t make it look monotonous by using one colour, but rather define a palette and stick to it.

Oak Living Room Furniture

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