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Contemporary Bedroom Colour Schemes With Oak Furniture - The Best Of 2018 (Part-1)

A classic and timeless option in furniture is Oak furniture. The rustic natural appeal makes it a versatile choice. Interestingly, it superbly meshes with almost every décor style – from classic to contemporary. When it comes to buying new furniture or having furniture overhaul, always look out for Oak furniture online or in-stores. While our knickknacks and bric-a-brac may be our valued possessions, it’s the colour palette that actually makes a room stand out.

However, the colours don’t always have to be on the walls. Bedding and Rugs can be an interesting way for colour incorporation. So, for creating a boudoir worthy of our stay, it's crucial to decide on the right colour scheme. Most people tend to stick with neutral and white colours, but in reality, the options for bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture are endless. Oak bedroom furniture has great potential to work with several colour palettes – from pastels to rich and dark tones.

The Best of Bedroom Colour Schemes with Oak Furniture

Here are our picks for bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture:

Gorgeous in Greys

Oak bedroom furniture

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is the grey colour. It is not just a colour, but rather a mood. It can create a dark and monotonous feel with a slate grey shade. For a toned-down and unobtrusive ambience, go for Pantone’s ‘Quiet Grey’ from their Autumn/Winter 2018 Classic Color Palette.

An Oak bed with a plain wood headboard and a rustic finish creates a dramatic display when paired with a darker grey colour scheme. The darker wood finish seamlessly blends with the darker shades of grey. Keep things simple with plain white walls and drapes if you’re looking for something unimposing. However, if darkness complements you, then go all grey.

Another way to flaunt the grey colour is to paint the walls grey whilst keeping the furniture finished in white colour, like Widney White High Gloss Double Bed. Grey colour combined with white Oak furniture creates an ultra-modern look. Oak furniture comes in a variety of varnishes and among them, white polished furniture reigns supreme. Pay a visit to any solid Oak furniture store and choose the right shade of varnish for your Oak bedroom furniture. Bind the colour scheme together by throwing in a rug of the same shade of grey.

bedroom colour schemes with oak furniture

One of the most gorgeous bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture is the colour “greige”. It is a mixture of grey and beige and looks extremely homey within Oak bedroom furniture. For a more pastel looking bedroom, team it up with a pastel shade of grey bedding. Have a fabric upholstered chair or ottoman in the room with a similar shade of grey. This creates a unified and combined bedroom decor.

Humble in Earthy Neutrals

No matter how many colours we, try there are no better-looking bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture than simple, earthy neutrals. The highlights of this tone include stone, browns, rust, and beiges. With natural finish bedroom furniture, these shades look like a natural match. Their mild tones seem to be welcoming and homely and don’t visually suffocate the residents.

What’s more natural than a solid wood bed with a natural finish? A solid wood bed with a natural finish in a neutral colour painted room. The earthy shades seem to completely agree with an Oak bed. If you want to see Oak bedroom furniture in its natural habitat, look at it in a beige or baby camel-hued room. Team it up with crème coloured or off-white bedding and you’re all set. Throw in a jute rug and a weaved or knitted burlap pillow for a more natural appearance.

bedroom colour schemes with oak furniture

While a natural Oak finish may look extremely neutral, a rustic finish can also create an equally relaxed appearance. DIY-ing a weathered or rustic headboard is the easiest thing on the Internet. Okay, we’re exaggerating a little, but it’s really not rocket science. Explore the items that some cheap online furniture stores UK have; buy a reasonable headboard and create the perfect headboard for the bed.

oak bedroom furniure

Nothing feels as earthy as good old stone colour. It is one of the most popular bedroom colour schemes with Oak

Bright in Whites

Bring in the crispiness of the mornings and warmth of sunlight in the bedroom with white colour. Seeming a basic and ordinary colour, white has an elegance like no other hue in the entire colour wheel. Separately looking all white, but no two shades of white are alike. Freshen up a dull and dingy bedroom with a splash of white all-over. Or bring in something of the clear colour, like only bedding or walls.

bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture

If you get weak in the knees at the sight of an all-white bedroom, then Oak bedroom furniture is the right option. A white finish agrees with Oak furniture and an upholstered headboard is just what you’ve been missing from an elegant abode. Look for a French style vanity table from cheap online furniture stores UK. Paint it white and you’re all set for a trip to Paris while you slumber.

A darker shade of varnish on rustic oak bedroom furniture feels rather rich in front of a white wall. One of the most popular bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture in the past year, and still, is white. A teak or walnut varnish with white bedding creates a hotel-like setting.

oak bedroom furniture

If having an all-white bedroom isn’t something you think you can pull off, then instead choose a palette. Integrate the colours from the palette creatively with white. Choose light Oak bedroom furniture and harmonise it with washed out and desaturated colours. Colours like mauve, baby blue, and pink work well in this kind of setting.

Coastal in Blues

The colour blue has a soothing and peaceful effect and that is a psychologically proven fact. Some researchers have even found out that it slows down heart rate and helps with even breathing. That’s not all though, as it is also one of the complementing bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture. Given the research findings, it can be a great inducer of sleep.

bedroom colour schemes with oak furniture

One way to bind the Oak bedroom furniture with the bedroom décor is by using several shades of blue. To keep things unobtrusive, don’t paint the walls a bold colour. Go with a neutral shade on the walls and integrate the different shades of blue in the furniture and other items, like bedding and trinkets. You can also get one or two other items in a complementary colour, like a grey accent chair or a “greige” two-seater sofa.

Another way to bring in the blue is to work with contrasting colours. Choose one shade of blue to work with and then introduce a contrasting colour, like yellow or orange. The right way to do this is to combine the two colours that are on opposite sides in the colour wheel.

oak bedroom furniture

Don’t be afraid to be a little bold when it comes to painting your walls. Nothing looks as soothing as the right shade of coastal blue on the accent wall. While a blue colour appears quite vibrant against white furniture, it also complements natural Oak bedroom furniture.

Pretty in Pinks

Come over to the feminine side and embrace one of the chicest bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture. The natural finish Oak bedroom furniture sets look extremely elegant with the right shades of pink. A muted and mellow combo can bestow an entirely gender-neutral identity to pink.

oak bedroom furniture

The ‘Millennial Pink’ or ‘Blush Pink’ are quite a grown-up shades of pink that can bring the right airs of charm to your bedroom. A plain headboard looks quite elegant with pink shades. Introduce gold accents in the trinkets and knickknacks to create a dramatic ambience.

Combine more than one type of bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture for a more enhanced feel. The pink colour teams up well with peachy hues. Utilise the two complementary shades with the help of pillows and bedding. You can also mix and match different vases and décor items to provide a more sophisticated setting.

Pink colour has a tendency to provoke feelings of glamour and drama. Mixing jewel colours with pastel pinks can be an interesting approach to liven up a dead room. The bright and rich tones of the jewel colours, like, emerald, ruby, and amethyst, instantly lift-up any room’s ambience.

oak furniture online

After taking a look at our suggestions, now you must have an idea about the most popular bedroom colour schemes with Oak furniture. However, this is not the final word as you can always experiment with the new styles and shades. So, it’s high time you visit online furniture stores UK  and bring in the Oak bedroom furniture.

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