Blogs 10 Oct,2019

Can You Leave Your Garden Furniture Outside?

As the autumnal season approaches, we tend to slowly draw ourselves away from using our garden furniture to dine and prepare for the chillier nights to come. 

Depending on what type of garden furniture you are using, however, you may not have to haul your garden furniture in and out of your property. 

Here at Furniture Villa, we thought it would be a great opportunity to advise our customers about keeping our outdoor furniture sets outside, the risks and our recommendations on the days up to Winter. 

Our garden dining sets are here to play 

Many of our garden furniture sets are made with rich Rattan material, made to be durable and lightweight for your convenience. 

Looking for luxury and elegant style? Our Victoria Corner Bench set is ideal for those quiet, sophisticated nights lounging in your tranquil garden, for endless bliss and peace. With extra seating for your guests, this set is the ultimate focal point to any garden experience. 

We are proud to supply all our customers with high-quality, chic and exquisitely designed furniture pieces, no matter what your taste and personal style. Keeping your garden furniture outside has never been easier!

Garden sofas available here and now 

Want to make a real impact to your garden and create a relaxing and contemporary place to relax and recuperate? Then why not think about adding a garden sofa to your outdoor area. 

These gorgeous and eye-catching pieces provide luxury and richness to your evening, but also save you time due to their low maintenance and robust properties. In addition to this, these classic pieces are lightweight, versatile and are fully weatherproof, including proven resistance to UV light. 

Sun loungers and Daybeds 

Don’t let the changing weather steer you away from spending time in the garden - especially in this rich style! 

Our sunloungers and daybeds provide a dignified and eye-catching statement, made to make an ideal feature of any size of the garden. 

Want to have that extra piece of protection and privacy? Why not take a look at our Casbah daybed - providing you with your own comfortable secret hideaway whenever you need some peace and quiet. 

We prepare because we care 

Here at Furniture Villa, we believe that all of our customers deserve high-quality products at affordable prices, which is why we supply a whole spectrum of products with you in mind. 

Our products have been carefully chosen, suiting both classic and contemporary interior palettes and available from your bedroom to the living room, dining room to garden - we can provide you with furniture that is durable and stylish, no matter what you are looking for. 

With a variety of properties, that also includes waterproof and weather-resistant features - making sure that your garden furniture can stay outside for your convenience. Bear in mind that garden accessories such as cushions may experience damage. 

Need a helping hand? Then contact our team today who would be glad to help you find the perfect product for you and your home.