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Beat The Winter Blues With 10 Amazing Winter Decorations

Winter is coming… Or rather it has come. Is your home, particularly the living room, winter ready? Does your oak living room furniture set feel Christmassy? If the answer is no, then keep reading.

It may seem a little early, as Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, but you’ll see the purpose in a moment. It is only a matter of time before Christmas comes and goes, and we will be left with its remnants. Decorating for Christmas can be a hectic task, and then planning for winter décor doubles the stress. Today you’re decorating your high gloss coffee tables with plaids and chequered prints in red and white. The next day, as Christmas passes, you’ve got a whole house to de-Christmasise.

Winter Décor Ideas For The Living Room

Problematic, right? But worry not, as we are here with 10 amazingly easy winter decorations for the living room. We’ll show you how easy it is to decorate the living room for Christmas and then transition into winter décor.

So, ready, set, decorate!

Don’t Ditch The Wreath

winter decorations

Drop the colours, keep the concept.

Who says wreaths are only for Christmas? Don’t throw the wreath away after Christmas is over. You can modify the one you already have. Or you can DIY a new one that complements your oak living room furniture set.

Go for a rustic-looking twig wreath. To add a bit of liveliness in it you can add some flowers of baby’s breaths.

winter decorations

Or you can swap the big green and red wreath with a modern and minimal-looking metal hoop wreath. Add flowers and greenery of your choice and decorate it in whatever ways you like.

Winter decorations

Hang it above the sideboard or mantel and enjoy the creativity you have spilt.

Polish The High Gloss Coffee Tables

high gloss coffee table

Drop the tablecloth, keep the table.

The most used furniture item in a living room is the coffee table. To embrace the winter spirit one thing works well and that is if you have high gloss coffee tables. See Bernard High Gloss White Coffee Table to get an idea. So, remove the plaid tablecloth that you spread for Christmas and let the whiteness takeover.

If you don’t have a high gloss one, you can always get cheap coffee tables and paint them white. Nothing says ‘wintry’ more than the colour white. It embraces the coldness of winter with open arms. In contrast, an oak living room furniture set warms up the house for winter.

Prep Up The Mantel

oak living room furniture set

Ditch the stockings, keep the candles.

With Christmas come candles, but that doesn’t mean they should leave with it, too. Candles look quite romantic in a living room. Place them on your high gloss coffee tables, mantel or sideboard, they look stunning everywhere.

White candles not only look good in a living room set in white hues, but they also complement an oak living room furniture set. They are versatile and mesh well with any style. So, stock up on candles and use them strategically across the living room.

DIY A Chandelier

winter decorations

Ditch the ready-made, keep the DIY.

Most people indulge in the DIYing spirit during the holidays. So, why don’t you take some time and prep for the winter season? It’ll help you spend some time with the kids and in turn, you’ll have a pretty outcome, too.

How about a chandelier to hang above your cheap coffee tables? Get some snowflake ornaments, or rather A LOT of them. Paste them on thin strands of thread or a soft fabric. Tie the strands with a hoop leaving enough loose ends that can be tied together above. This will help in hanging the chandelier. The theme should be snowy to complement the wintry winds.

Cosy Up Against Some Pillows

winter decorations

Ditch the sweaters, keep the pillows.

Got some spare woollen sweaters? Or can spare a few bucks to get some from them? If yes, then we have another interesting DIY project to complement your oak living room furniture set.

Sweater pillows are something that has been trending on the Internet for a while now. So why don’t you make some for your cosy sofa?

Don’t throw your old sweaters, rather recycle them into something that’ll be a cute addition to a cosy chair. Take the sweater, cut it the size of your pillow and sew the seams. You can even hot glue the corners if you want. Add any embellishments like pom poms or buttons and voila! Could it get any cuter?

Pour In Some Pinecones

winter decorations

Ditch the jingle bells, keep the pinecones.

Pinecones are back! Although they have been adorning our living rooms and dining rooms yet this time they’ve come with a twist. No more old and plain pinecones blandly sitting on your high gloss coffee tables.

Imagine this: pinecones painted in gold, pinecones finished in gold leaf. Amazing, right? Now make it happen and watch them glitter in your living room.

Keep The Twinkly Lights

living room furniture sets

Ditch the table lamps, keep the twinkly lights.

Did we tell you how much we love fairy lights? Well, if you didn’t leave after seeing them on the list, then we may not be alone in this affair.

Make the cute sparkling fireflies a trademark of your living room. Though they look great with every furniture type, with an oak living room furniture set they look breathtakingly beautiful.

Hang them above the mantel. Put them in mason jars and place them on the coffee table. Use them in your DIY chandelier. The possibilities are just too many.

DIY Wall-Art

winter decoration

Ditch the plain walls, keep the wall-art.

Winter wall art, because, why not? An empty mantel or sideboard is doing you no good. Cute artwork items can even brighten up cheap coffee tables.

Set a theme like white and gold, or blue and white or simply go with white. Then DIY some artwork and display some trinkets and knick-knacks along.

Let Nature Prevail

living room furniture set

Ditch the modern, keep the rustic.

Winter can get a little COLD, right? To lessen the crudeness of the season, try creating a warm haven inside the living room. Bring the natural and rustic elements inside. We’re thinking pinecones and fresh greenery.

Don’t keep your cheap coffee tables looking plain and lifeless. Bring some life to them in the form of greenery and nature. If you can’t arrange fresh leaves and branches, you can always take help from artificial ones. They’ll help create the illusion of a warm abode, at least.

Stay Neutral, Stay Warm

winter decoration

Ditch the bold, keep the neutral.

Finally, keep one thing to remember while decorating your oak living room furniture set, stay neutral. Winter décor doesn’t really call for bold and flashy colours. Rather it needs to be toned down and mellowed out.

Create a warm and rustic ambience within your living room by working with colours that are pleasing to the eyes.

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