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A Hutch In The Living Room - The Perfect Furniture Item

More often than not, we find ourselves struggling to find the perfect furniture for our house. With the ever-changing interior designs, currently its oak living room furniture that is in high demand. At other times it may be walnut furniture or even glass and gloss. Apart from the furniture material, the items themselves keep changing as well. One day designers are pushing plush and velvet sofas, the next day it could be a sideboard and hutch.

With that being said, let us pass the word that hutch are back in fashion. This time however, they have come out with a twist. They have called for double dibs, meaning they can be used as an antique piece complementing the room décor. Or, they can be upgraded with a little paint job. Moreover, they look equally gorgeous and remain functional in any living or dining room. In a nutshell, sideboards and hutches can be the perfect furniture item that your home is missing out on.

Before buying one, to be the crown of oak living room furniture it’s advisable to know the difference between two.

Sideboard and hutch

A sideboard is characterised by its sleek appearance and short legs. It usually sits low and the hutch may even touch the floor in some designs. There is a whole batch of designs available to choose from with Sideboards. A vintage sideboard can be an exquisite addition to the living room furniture. Its vintage finish will emphasise the oak living room furniture and make it visually stunning.

By contrast, a modern sideboard is sleeker, smoother and with somewhat longer legs than a classic one. It can give a more contemporary feel to the living room.

On the other hand, a hutch is like a set of shelves. However, they can be open or closed and fixed atop a sideboard. A low hutch usually has open shelves while taller ones have closed hutch. Placing a hutch at the focal point of the living room can create a dramatic display for all your accessories. A hutch is the perfect furniture solution to all those extra items that still need storage space.

Perfect Furniture Display

Now that we’ve established the different between the two items, its time to get creative. Styling a sideboard or hutch can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. Coordination of each item and every little detail is surprisingly complex. Designing and decorating the living room certainly has more to it than meets the eye.

Styling a Living Room Hutch

sideboard and hutch

The conventional function of a hutch is to make a graceful spectacle and to serve china and glassware. However, this doesn’t have to be the only function of a hutch t. It can be a storage space and a décor display simultaneously. Style the hutch t in a way that it becomes the focal point of your oak living room furniture. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to flaunt a hutch;

 One Theme or Colour Scheme

Even the perfect furniture piece can look awful if it doesn’t match the colour style of the room. A colour scheme that flows between furniture and certain elements in the room, however, can create a stunning visual style. Having a theme is helpful in creating a harmonised flow in the room. For instance, oak living room furniture can mesh well with whites and beiges. Select vases or plates to place in the hutch. Choose a colour palette and then incorporate different items within the hutch that keep the room coordinated. Also, keep a shiny item, like a copper tray, inside the hutch to add a tint of texture and sparkle.

Mirror, Mirror, NOT on the Wall

The hutch could be the perfect furniture item for living room just as it is, but you could always be adventurous. Most people ignore the fact that the back row of the hutch can always be used for layering. While bowls and baskets can be placed in front big and shiny, lean-able trays can be used in the back. Another trick to style the hutch is to install mirrors in the back. This will fill the room with bright natural light as well as make it seem more spacious.

Mixed and Matched Item Heights

When filling the hutch in, keep an eye out for items of varied heights. This helps preventing the hutch from looking cramped. Choose some items that complement the oak living room furniture, like an oak tray with some candles in it. A taller vase placed next to a deep bowl will add depth and interest in the hutch too.

Flora and Fauna

An instant way to brighten up any sideboard or hutch is to bring the nature in. Adding fresh or faux plants to the hutch décor can add life to it. Some animal miniatures or prints will balance the natural appearance of the piece.

Styling a Living Room Sideboard


A sideboard is the perfect furniture article for the living room, hallway or even living room. They can serve as the perfect entertainment centre. In the hallway, they create a focal point for entrance. While in the living room they can complement the oak living room furniture with carefully chosen details. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while styling your sideboard;

Stack Them Books Up

The easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate the sideboard is with books. I’m sure you have plenty of books lying around the house, so there is no need to buy new ones for this purpose. Select hardbacked ones, or just any random books that reflect your interest. Or you could literally judge the books by their covers and choose the ones that match your living room’s colour scheme.

Make Three the Magic Number

An array of three can never be a wrong decision. Choose wall arts that come in a set of three to hang above the sideboard. However, keep in mind the oak living room furniture and everything placed on the sideboard should complement it. Use softer colour tones to heighten the homely feeling of the room.

Lay It Down in a Tray

While styling a sideboard and hutch, make trays your best friend. Trays can make everything belong to the place and a part of your perfect furniture. Be diverse in selecting the textures and include glass, marble, metal, and concrete. A small succulent plant, like baby cactus, can also be used. Mixing different heights and shapes in the tray gives it a diversified appearance.

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