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A Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential for a productive life. A sound sleep is especially helpful in boosting productivity. Several factors are there to affect a good night’s sleep. These factors keep changing during the course of the day. At one point it could be the noise coming from outside while at others it could just be the comfort of an oak bed.

Different factors have different impacts on everyone. To each his own! Some people may be bugged by light more than others. For others, it might be the noise or the inability to put down their electronic gadgets. Whatever the cause, these things will affects the sleep cycle of the average person.

Sleep is crucial for appearing and feeling fresh. For an average adult, 7-8 hours of sleep are advised. Getting the said amount of sleep results in improved memory, better immunity and a healthy appetite.

There must be some way to avoid falling a prey to becoming a night owl and instead becoming an early bird. Worry not as we have just the right solution for it.

Top Tips For Sleeping Early And Peacefully

If sleeping early is not your forte, then you could use some help. We have come up with a brief guide that illustrates some causes of not being able to sleep early. If you follow even a few of these tips then you might be able to get a good night’s sleep.

1.    Evening Meals

It is scientifically proven that eating heavier meals in the evening can cause sleeplessness, among other things. There is an old saying that goes like; ‘eat like a king in the morning and like a beggar in the evening’. Make this your mantra.

Try not to eat a full meal right before you go off to sleep. This affects digestion as well as leads to several stomach problems.

Take the food that is richer in melatonin boosters, for instance, milk and chamomile tea. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed can induce a better sleep.

2.    Cut Down Caffeine

guide to goodnight sleep

Caffeine and evenings are just not meant to go together. Make caffeine your partner in the mornings and not the evenings. Make sure that you don’t take any products rich in caffeine before going to bed. Otherwise, you might be up all night counting the stars.

Caffeine influences our brain by blocking the sleep-inducing molecules, which results in waking us up. So yes, keep the caffeine for the mornings.

3.    Sleeping Posture

guide to good night sleep

The right sleeping posture has more impact on our sleep than we think. It is scientifically proven that lying on your stomach can result in neck and backache. Sleep experts advise sleeping on our side as it alleviates insomnia.

Apart from the physical posture, proper placement of pillows and a comfortable mattress also aid in a peaceful sleep.

4.    A Tech-Free Zone

A tried and tested method is to wipe your bedroom of all techno gadgets. Too much screen time messes with our brains and the sleep hormone – melatonin. This hormone activates only in the dark and while we are online on screen this doesn’t activate. As a result, we don’t feel sleepy.

If you need a little recreation before bed, swap your gadgets with books or soothing music. However, make sure to not spend a lot of time in those pursuits either.

5.    Time To Meditate

guide to goodnight sleep

Meditation can have a soothing effect on the brain. It relaxes the muscles and mind which also aid in a peaceful sleep.

You can go for the ‘one-sheep-two-sheep’ formula, as well. It works for many people in inducing sleep. The 4-7-8 sleep breathing process is also an effective one, in which you breathe in for four seconds, hold it in for seven and breathe out for eight seconds.

6.    Take A Bath

goodnight sleep

A warm –not HOT – bath before climbing in your bed and under your sheets can also help to sleep. Bathing relaxes the muscles and decreases tiresomeness. When your muscles are relaxed you are sure to a good night’s sleep.

7.    Dim The Lights

Melatonin gets boosted in the dark. Dim the bedroom lights at least half an hour before going to bed. This will notify the brain to stimulate melatonin which in turn induces sleep. As a result, you will start feeling sleepy in a while and sleep early.

8.    Stay Hydrated

guide to goodnight sleep

A hydrated body is a happy body. If you’re dehydrated it will influence how you sleep. Experts say that the average person needs to drink at least two liters of water daily.

This way the quality and length of your sleep will be improved. However, don’t drink a lot of fluids right before going to bed, otherwise you’ll have to wake up for bathroom visits frequently.

9.    A Regular Sleep Cycle

Keep a set time for waking up and going to bed. This will help in setting up your internal body clock. Use your phone or a nightstand clock to set the alarm for waking up. This will help in maintaining a regular sleep cycle.

10. Exercise And Swimming

goodnight sleep

Some experts have argued the importance of exercise to improve their sleep pattern. Moreover, swimming has also been said to enhance sleep quality.

This is so because when we exercise, we get tired and as a result sleep more soundly. However, exercising right before bedtime isn’t recommended.

11. The Right Pillow

 The perfect pillow can make all the difference. According to experts, pillows should be replaced regularly after six months or a year. Overused pillows can cause neck pain and mess with our sleeping posture.

12. A Comfortable Mattress

guide to goodnight sleep

 A comfortable mattress is a key to a good night’s sleep. You can find a cheap mattress online from so many different online stores. Many people don’t buy mattresses online for trust reasons, but there are many online stores that sell quality products.

If you have a back condition, then you may want to use a specialised mattress like the Windsor Ortho.

13. A Quality Bed

oak bed

Investing in a quality bed is a smart move. Nobody is going to throw out an oak bed that they bought just a year ago. So, make sure you have a bed that doesn’t disrupt your sleep. If you cannot sleep peacefully, then maybe it’s time to buy a new bed.

14. A Clean Bedroom

A clean and uncluttered bedroom is a sleep sanctuary. Clutter and chaos can only create an irritated and agitated behaviour. However, a clean bedroom can induce and ensure better night’s sleep.

15. Turn Your Mind Off

oak bedroom furniture

Think happy thoughts and sleep like a baby. To achieve sleep like that of a baby, you have to turn your mind off. Don’t think about unnecessary stuff and just focus on sleeping. You’ll be off to snooze land in no time.

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