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8 DIY Ideas To Decorate A Modern White Living Room

Nothing is as soothing and calming to the eyes as a pure white or egg-shell white interior. A modern white living room can be quite a fun décor project as white provides endless opportunities. Go all white, mix-and-match with vibrant colours or create a two-toned abode; the sky is the limit when it comes to white colour. A white living room has great potential for carrying out and displaying DIY projects. Living room furniture, as well as the overall room, can be brought to life with bright and colourful DIY projects. Moreover, DIYs are an ideal way to add a personal touch to the living room.

Here are a few DIY projects that have the potential of becoming the centrepiece of a modern white living room:

DIY Wall Arts


Wall arts are an ideal way to spice up a bland and plain room. For a modern white living room, the DIY ideas are endless. If you want a bright and colourful living room, then you can draw or print out colourful images from Pinterest etc., frame and hang them over the sofa or place them on a sideboard or TV unit. However, if you would like to keep a linear black and white theme throughout the room then create monochrome wall arts. They can be like the ones hanging over our white chaise sofa or anything else that you want hanging over your head.

DIY Photo Frames


Everyone with the slightest interest in the DIY project knows photo frames are the easiest and most economical of the DIY projects. Old frames lying around the house can be easily recycled or upcycled with a little bit of creativity. Apply some gold glitter on an old photo frame for an instant upgrade. It can instantly brighten up our high shine white bookcase and make it look glamorous. There are wooden alphabets available in the market in white colour, as well. Buy the ones that are your initials and transform them into bookends for securing the books on your bookcase in a personalised way.

DIY Paintings

white luxury bedroom

Get creative and bring out the real you on a canvas. One of the most common DIY projects is to have a statement painting in your living room that you painted. It doesn’t have to be a work of art or a Picasso’s masterpiece. It just has to be something that makes you happy. Having an all-white interior is a bonus when it comes to painting. Play around with different colours or try mix medium. Paint with passion and have a piece that is worth hanging over a 2 seater sofa or on the feature wall in the living room. However, while you can paint one large painting, there is no specific rule about it. You could create a gallery wall with differently sized and dimensioned canvases. Small paintings on paper can also be framed in small frames and placed on console tables or lamp tables, so your art can be everywhere.

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Honeycomb shelves are all the rage these days. Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr are bursting with DIY tutorials for these beauties. There are several ways to create them for your modern white living room. Use popsicle sticks, cardboard or wood and bring the latest trend into your living room. Print out a hexagon shape template and then stack popsicle sticks on it till you get the desired size. Glue all the sticks together and there you have it. With cardboard, the process is exactly the same. However, with wood, you might have to take some help from your local wood shop for getting the wooden pieces. Afterwards, they can easily be glued together with wood glue. Attach hooks behind to hang them easily in your living room.

DIY Candles

coffee table

Candles can instantly provide an air of luxury to any room. White high gloss furniture and candles have a bond that can make a simple living room appear grand. However, candles these days can be ridiculously expensive. However, there is no need to think that you cannot afford this luxury. Just get creative and make your own. All you need is simple candle wax and a wick. Melt the candle wax in a glass container, if you’d like to form it as it is, and adhere the wick to the container. Add a drop of vanilla essence if you’d like a subtle fragrance in your modern white living room. You can go on and keep decorating the container or you can place them simply on a glass console table or a coffee table.

DIY Pillows

modern white living room

Pillows are an interesting way to bring the brightness and vibrancy to an all-white living room décor. Elevate a white corner sofa with vibrantly coloured pillows. Play with fabrics and textures, mix and match, and get creative. Go divergent with designs, fabrics, and colours. However, if you want to keep your modern white living room plain and simple, you can also utilise the same colour as the upholstery material.

DIY Knitted Throws

Make your corner sofa bed in the living room cosier with a hand-knitted throw. A knitted throw can add a homely warmth in the cold white interior of a modern white living room. Moreover, the hand-knitted throw has a more personal value for the owner. Again this is a way to add a personalised touch to a modern room that may otherwise be in danger of appearing impersonal.

DIY Coffee Table

high gloss coffee table

A minimalistic and simplistic white high gloss coffee table can make your living room the perfect definition of serenity. However, a DIY coffee table created with used crates is an interesting addition to a modern white living room. All you need to create a crate coffee table are four crates and a piece of plywood. To make it easily movable, wheels can also be attached to its four feet. Its fun, shabby chic and entirely practical.

The Perfect Modern White Living Room

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