Blogs 18 Jul,2018

6 Great tips for creating a rustic home décor

Rustic home décor ideas are having a resurgence in popularity at the moment; modern and stylish designs will always be popular but rustic designs offer something that modern designs can’t: respite. With so much technology around, invading every aspect of our lives and modern life stresses everywhere, your home should be a respite from it all; A place to relax in a warm and inviting space; this is something that rustic décor offers in spades.

So, if you want some home décor ideas, then this is the post for you, as we go through six great tips for creating a rustic home design: from rural furniture and earthy tones to using reclaimed materials.

Let’s begin creating the rural home aesthetic you want.

Oak Furniture Has An Inherent Rustic Style

rural furniture

Oak furniture is solid, strong and often large and imposing, making for great centrepieces and has an inherently rustic style. Imagine a large farmhouse Oak dining table. It’s a stunning piece; filling the dining room but equally, it isn’t garish or showy; just a beautiful piece with a lot of style. Finding Oak Furniture online is easy and so much more time-saving than going out to so many different stores to find just the right piece for your home.

Rustic Tone Is More Than Just Furniture

rural furniture

Creating a rustic and rural aesthetic doesn’t always have to be about furniture and expensive Oak furniture; it can be as simple as the colour scheme you choose. Pastel colours, such as egg-shell or pale yellow are classic rustic choices as they have a very calming and inviting feel to them. Try complimenting this with objects with some darker, earthy colours: browns, oranges and greens and you can get the feel of the outdoors, indoors.

Reclaimed Materials 

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If you’re a DIY expert, you can create some weird and wonderful pieces from things you find in a forest: Take home a wooden branch, cut a few lengths of twigs off and fit them into a frame to make an interesting coat-rack. Try taking some planks of wood and staining them a dark brown to create picture frames. On the other hand, if you’re less handy, just look around and you’ll find plenty of people who are. There are some stunning pieces made from reclaimed materials, if you just know what to search for. Tree Stump coffee tables or stools are in abundance from online sellers, it’s just a case of finding them.

Rural Furniture

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Now, when I say rural furniture, I mean chunky, large sections of wood with an aged style. This style of furniture can be bought from most furniture stores or maybe cheaper from charity furniture shops or even from car boot sales. Farmhouses or closed down pubs have furniture too and that all ends up somewhere. Classic pubs and rural furniture go hand in hand and can be found from many places (A certain online auction website has a lot of relevant listings…)

Upcycle Where Possible

Upcycling is the practice of reusing or upgrading an old piece of furniture to give it new life. Oftentimes this will mean revamping it and a lot of times, creating a rustic style is the best (read: easiest) way to do this. Your home can have a great rural vibe by just varnishing and staining old wooden furniture, and that’s surely better than just throwing it out.

Go Online For Inspiration

The internet can be great for more than just buying new pieces. Pinterest is perfectly designed for creating this sort of mood board and giving inspiration, and with plenty of websites dedicated to people selling home-made things (Etsy, Folksy, Facebook etc), you can find some unique and stunning things. However, the internet is ALSO great for buying things, assuming you find the right piece. For unique crafts or large pieces, the internet many be the right place to buy. Buying oak furniture online is always going to be easier than traveling to collect it, even if it is small piece.

Hopefully these home décor ideas have given you some inspiration and enthusiasm for your own home. So, go out there and make a stunning home design that you can be proud of.