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5 Steps to Create a Country Living Room

The flashing and fleeting city life is loved for all its pomp and show. However, there are days when the humdrum of tedious city life just gets on our nerves. At that time, nothing seems to be the cure other than just getting lost in the country woods. However, this is not often a practical option. So, if you can’t get lost in the country, how about we bring the country to you? It can be done through different means, like bringing rural furniture inside your living room. This will help you enjoy the tranquil, magnificent and calming nature of the countryside within your home.

This blog post will help you to design a rustic, themed country living room.

Cosy Sofas

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Country living rooms are usually characterised by their grand-looking cosy and plush sofas. These sofas give a feeling of warmth and comfort. The first thing anyone notices when entering a living room is the sofa; it like the Living Room centrepiece. So, from the catalogues of oak living room furniture, choose the cosiest sofa. Simple enough. Once you have selected the sofa, it’s time to stuff it with pillows. You can play with fabrics and textures when selecting pillows: you could choose more smooth and soft pillows or rustic and rough, fabric-lines ones.

Oak Tables and Chests

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The next step to your country living room is selecting the tables and chairs. Rural furniture has a lot of designs and material available. Even though you can go as eclectic as you like, for the best experience it’s advisable to stick with traditional items. The best option to explore for tables and chairs is oak country living room furniture. In a country setting, the rustic feel of oak furniture is the most homely and welcoming. Try choosing different designs of tables, chairs and chests in your living room to make it look as rustic as possible.

Light Hues

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While selecting a colour scheme for your living room, make sure you choose one that accentuates your oak living room furniture. Most of the time oak furniture is varnished with a lighter shade. The rural landscape gives a lot of natural light, giving a very fresh look to your home. In order to get the most of the bright light in your country living room, make sure to use lighter tones all around. If your living room has a large window, then luck is in your favour. Try light coloured curtains to let the natural light come in as much as possible. You can go with whites, beiges, light blues, and baby-yellows for the best experience.

Floral Patterns

One thing that can bring life to any dead setting is floral patterns. Floral motifs and rural furniture go hand-in-hand. Floral designs can be added in your country living room in many different ways. For instance, you can use floral patterns on your sofa pillows. You can also go a step further and hang floral curtains in your living room. You can also hang floral paintings on the walls to add a little colour to them. To create a harmonised display, you can match the frames of paintings with your oak living room furniture too.

Classical Highlights

Rural furniture looks more appealing when it is paired with different classical and traditional accessories. Adding vintage elements to your setting will give it a refined look. You can place classic lamps, traditional centre-pieces or a vintage clock in the room. This will make your display look more organised and effective. Carefully selected details are the secret to better décor.