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20 Bed Design Ideas For Luxury Master Bedrooms

When it comes to luxury home design, the idea of it is very subjective. For some, luxury master bedrooms are all about going grand with heavy-duty, rustic furniture. While for others, it may be a simple and minimalistic pure white abode. Different people have different opinions. However, when it comes to selecting a bed frame for a luxurious bedroom, I think we can all agree upon Oak bed frames.

We can have Oak upholstered beds or metal mixed with Oakwood frames, but the bottom line is Oak. No matter what kind of bedroom décor we have, Oak bed frames complement almost all décor styles. However, if someone is more inclined towards an elegant interior than a rustic interior, they can always get a bed that still has an Oak frame but is instead upholstered.

We have compiled a list of 20 luxury master bedrooms that feature Oak bed frames, be that under upholstery or with a combination of metal. Take a look! 

A Solid Oak Bed

oak bed frames

Modest in design and natural in the finish, a solid oak bed can give many luxury master bedrooms the character and personality that they have long been waiting for. The classic bed frame is sure to bring a rustic and natural appeal to your bedroom. The traditional bedframe build ensures both durability and strength. For a rustic-themed bedroom, this Solid oak Bed can be paired with nightstands, a dresser and blanket box. All of these items are available in the same range.

A Dark Oak Bed

oak bed frames

A Dark Oak Double Bed can provide a luxurious modern bedroom with a warm and traditional element. If an all-Oak design in too much for you, there are other designs that still combine modern with rustic. The metal rods infused within the dark Oak bed frames can add a contemporary touch to the rustic design. Buy the entire bedroom set to bring harmony in the bedroom design.

A DIY Boho Style Bed

oak bed frames

Boho Chic. That is what comes to mind when we see this picture. Even though it doesn’t fit the standard image of luxury master bedrooms, this bedroom still oozes a luxurious charm with its artistic elements. The bed lacks a conventional headboard and in place of it, there is an interesting piece of DIY. The large headboard is simply an Oak wood frame with ropes tied to it. The headboard also features dreamcatchers and a wind chime above the head. The colourful tribal printed pillows complete the look. This shows that Oakwood doesn’t just have to be to create a traditional style but can also create a more relaxed, warm feeling.

A Wood and Metal Bed

luxury master bedrooms

It might be a little unnatural to think of wood and metal beds to be used in luxury master bedrooms. However, this isn’t totally out of this world. This modern and modestly designed Double Bed in Silver & Beech Colour can perfectly design a luxurious master bedroom. When not contrasting so much, wood and metal can create a very elegant style. This bed can be ideal for a girl’s bedroom with the added pleated fabric design.

A Flat Wood Panel Bed

oak bed frames

The flat wood panel headboards are all the rage these days in Oak bed frames. Several luxury master bedrooms feature a natural, solid Oak bed frame and a flat wood headboard. This design has a warm and welcoming feel that can make the bedroom your favourite place to hang out. A minimalist design in part, there is still a lot of cool, relaxed design here.

A High Gloss Bed

luxury master bedrooms

One of the most foolproof and exhaustively tested bed designs in modern luxury master bedrooms is the White High Gloss Bed. This is one of the most popular Oak bed frames with a white high gloss finish. It can instantly brighten up a room with its flawless finish and white colour. Simplistic and stylish, this bed design doesn’t need to show itself off to get noticed.

A White PU Leather Bed

luxury master bedrooms

Leather doesn’t go out of style, it only transforms into something better. Faux or PU leather upholstered beds are the epitome of elegance and durability combined. A white PU Double Bed can be an instant pick-me-up for a bland and lifeless room. Leather has a subdued beauty which makes it stand out in luxury master bedrooms.

A Matching Bedroom Set

oak luxury bedroom

An easy and hassle-free method of designing luxury master bedrooms, and one that interior decorators swear by, is to buy matching bedroom sets. White bedrooms are blowing up the Internet these days, and this white 5 PC Bedroom Set is perfect for designing one for yourself. The bed set should have some essential elements i.e. a bed, nightstand(s), chest of drawers, and dresser (with or without the mirror). After that, it’s up to you. This particular set has all that is needed to bring a splash of white into your bedroom.

A High Gloss Slatted Bed

oak luxury bedroom

Of all the Oak bed frames used in luxury master bedrooms, the slatted style is one of the most popular. White high gloss furniture opens up a portal of options in terms of styles and colours that can be used. The white bed can be enhanced with a colourful accent chair or uniquely textured fabrics, such as with rugs and pillows. The slatted headboard has a minimalistic design which provides the whole room with a sophisticated appeal.

A Colourful Bed

luxury master bedroom

What’s better than adding a dash of colour to a lifeless room? While luxury master bedrooms may have set our standards as something extremely formal or ceremonial, this doesn’t have to be this way. Bring a little colour in your life. That can be through painting the Oak bed frames a bright colour or simply adding a vibrant rug or artwork.

Without Headboard Bed

luxury master bedrooms

Headboards are overrated and are starting to lose their appeal. Adding an accent wall behind the bed, hanging a fabric tapestry, or huge wall painting works just fine. Buy the desired wooden bed frame from the Oak bed frames or simply create a floor-bedding. Choosing the right colour for the accent wall, tapestry, or paintings can easily get your room that luxury master bedrooms style that you are after.

A Linen Upholstered Bed

luxury master bedrooms

Upholstered beds have been around for quite some time now. Several upholstery materials are available, and each has its own qualities. A Linen Fabric Double Bed retains the casual appearance of the bedroom whilst looking as luxurious as any other bed. Although upholstered, these beds also use Oak bed frames which ensure durability and strength.

A Crushed Velvet Upholstered Bed

bed frames

If luxury master bedrooms have a favourite item, it’s velvet. The velvet fabric has an air of luxury and elegance around it. A Crushed Velvet Double Bed has a unique quilted effect on the headboard that can transform an ordinary bed into a piece of art. The curved head and footboard in unequal proportion can bring a touch of grandeur to the bedroom.

An Oak Wood Slatted Bed

master luxury bedroom

A natural Oak finish wood slatted bed is what a contemporary room needs for a natural feel. The slatted headboard is extremely lightweight and is easy to take in. It doesn’t fill the bedroom with an unnecessary regal style like some other Oak bed frames. It has a smooth and sleek appearance that maintains the warm ambience of the bedroom.

A Plush Upholstered Bed

oak luxury bedroom

Combine the softness of plush mink fabric with a high, tufted and padded headboard. Indulge in a good night’s sleep, every night. A Mink Fabric Double Bed is featured in most luxury master bedrooms as it has a lavish touch. This plush upholstered bed will be the focal point of any modern bedroom.

A Velvet Tufted & Padded Bed

Double Bed Silver

Not like a regular tufted bed with a fabric button design, this Double Bed Silver velvet has a unique design. This bed, with its box-shaped tufted and padded headboard, can become a centrepiece in several luxury master bedrooms. The tufted design is large and imposing, demanding attention, rather than the subdued beauty that is more common with this style.

A Velvet-Padded Headboard Bed

Velvet Double Bed

A fabric that oozes luxury is velvet, and a platform style bed with a velvet headboard is what’s missing from your bedroom. A velvet double bed looks stunning in a big room with white or natural Oak finish furniture. If a bed upholstered entirely in velvet is too much, then consider getting a Velvet Double Bed with only its headboard velvet-padded.

An Accent Wall Headboard Bed

luxury master bedroom

Go bold with colours. Colours like black and red usually intimidate people when it comes to painting a room. However, luxury master bedrooms don’t have any rules that you have to adhere to. After all, it's your room, so it should reflect you. If you want to paint the wall behind your bed then opt for either black or red and see the magic for yourself.

A Storage Bed

storage beds

Most people have the belief that a storage bed doesn’t look as attractive in a bedroom as other beds. Any 4 Drawer Linen Fabric Double Bed has enough potential to transform your bedroom into a luxurious chamber. Their solid pine or Oak bed frames ensure durability and strength. Also, the storage compartments are the ideal solution for keeping your room clutter-free.

A Classic French Style Bed

luxury master bedroom

Bring the French aura with a classic Parisian style tufted headboard. A lot of luxury master bedrooms feature a French style bed with their signature curves and flairs. Match the bed with a French style vanity mirror and the room will be filled with a French ambience. Add an overhead canopy of baby pink net fabric and literally live a “la vie en rose”.

The Ideal Luxury Master Bedroom

Bring your dream luxury bedroom to life with the solid oak bedroom furniture sets found at Furniture Villa. We deal in the best quality wood furniture that has durability and class combined. Bring the comfort and style that you need to create the ideal luxury master bedroom from one of the best online furniture stores UK.

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