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10 Novel Toy Storage Solutions for Living Room

When was the last time that you tripped over a stray lego piece in the living room? Or when you slept on the sofa and in the middle of the night when you turned you almost shrieked? Why? Because, Ken – the teddy was staring at you with his bright eyes. Almost all parents have experienced such mini-heart attacks.

Kids and clutter go hand in hand. The most annoying task is to tidy up the living room after the kids have graced it with their presence. Toy storage solutions for the living room must have been invented by one such exhausted parent. The parent who was tired of getting his ankle twisted every time he stepped down from the sofa.

Toy Storage Solutions for Living Room

Here are a few ideas about living room storage for your kids’ toys:

Cubic Shelves

toy storage solutions

The classic way to clear the kid clutter is by installing cubic shelves in the living room. This low storage cabinet can be with doors or without doors. You can put storage boxes inside to tuck away the huge heaps of toys. Storage boxes are available in several colours. Create a white heaven by using white-coloured boxes. Or bring a little colour to the room with colourful storage boxes. The bigger and more attractive toys can be used to decorate the top.

Wooden Staircase Unit

Kids furniture and living room furniture can be infused perfectly with a wooden storage unit. A living room storage unit with oak or pine finish makes an excellent addition to a living room. A wooden storage unit, like the Corona Staircase Side Modular, provides ample storage space for your kids’ toys. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on the overall theme of your living room. It has enough drawers to store your kids’ toys separately.

Large Baskets

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Assign a corner for your kids’ craft to polish his inner Picasso. Bring in a tiny table and chair. Place his favourite crafting accessories there. One of the best toy storage solutions for the living room is to place large metal baskets in the corner beside the table. The large baskets can be used to store all of your kids’ stuff toys. Moreover, it serves as a storage solution as well as a corner full of colour.

Coffee Table with Drawer

One of the plain and simple toy storage solutions for the living room is to have high gloss coffee tables with built-in drawers. It is best for a contemporary style living room with no space for an additional storage item. Keeping minimalism intact, utilise the drawer to hide all the stray toys of kids. A black or white high gloss coffee table with drawer can store quite a lot of toys while looking as stunning as always.

Superhero Storage

toy storage solutions

For a superhero fanatic kid, a superhero storage box would do the trick. Either buy one such storage box from stores selling kids’ furniture. Or gear up for a little DIY. Buy a simple and cheap living room storage unit and paint it over with superhero colours and designs. It can instantly become the focal point of your living room.

DIY Storage Box

toy storage solutions

Another interesting toy storage solution for the living room is to carry out a DIY project. Take an old, used wooden crate and paint it in a colour that accents your living room décor. Install wheels for easy transportation. Write your kid’s name, initials, or any other message using paint. A personalised touch to such accessories is always a nice addition.

Reading Bench Storage

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Dedicate a corner of the living room to your kid’s reading routine. Bring in a reading bench that includes storage space. This living room storage item is a double duty as you and your kid can enjoy your story time while all their toys remain tucked away neatly. Use separate storage boxes to store different accessories, like stuff toys, craft supplies, and even unused clothing items.

Cartoon Storage Boxes

toy storage solutions

Kids love cartoons and animals. Use this as inspiration and bring a few cartoon-themed boxes in your living room to clear the clutter. This type of toy storage solutions for the living room can be quite interesting as they can be extremely economical and fun. Make it a painting project with your kid and transform some old, used boxes lying around the house.

Toys Display Cabinet

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 Having a secluded corner in your living room can be a blessing. You can install a living room storage unit there solely for your kids’ toy storage. Make it serve double purposes by having doors one side while leaving the other one empty. This way you can store the ragged and worn-out toys in the doored side to keep them away from guests’ sight. While, on the other side, display your kids’ prized possessions or bright coloured items.

Sideboard Storage

sideboard storage

Instead of bringing in new items, you can also use the ones that are already there. Bring in a sideboard in the living room and use it as the toy storage solution for the living room. Place a cute looking chair or stool beside to tie the theme of kid toy storage. A sideboard with doors is a great option to hide the clutter away. But if the sideboard doesn’t have doors, use storage boxes of different shapes, sizes, and colours. This will add a pop of colour to the living room.

Be Flexible in Your Choices

 Do not be rigid when it comes to buying or creating a piece of furniture for living room storage to store your kids’ toys. As kids grow older, they grow out of their toys, too. So, make sure to invest in such articles that either stay with you for a longer period of time. Or they can be transformed into some other useful item. It can be a toy box that can be modified to become a blanket box later.

No matter, how many creative toy storage ideas you come across or execute, nothing will be effective if you don’t use them. So, make sure to train your kid to be organised from a very early stage. It will have its benefits in the long run, too.

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