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A fantastic and stylish piece, the large Odessa Cheval Mirror is the perfect addition to your bedroom. The full-sized (1570mm X 480mm) mirror gives you a full view of yourself and visually opens up your room. Upholstered in a softy and stylish PU Leather that adds a modern class to the piece. The Cheval Mirror means it has a stand that allows you to adjust the mirror to your own preference. Available in chic Black or stylish Brown with white and brown stitching respectively. The stitching adds an element of depth to the mirror, giving it more of a 3D style.

Odessa Mirror Cheval PU

Product Information

  • Assembled PU Mirror Wood PU Leather PU Mirror Odessa Between Mon 8th Nov - Mon 15th Nov In stock

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Dimension: 480W x 1570Hmm