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A modern and practical Bedroom Trio, this set by Badalona is perfect for any new home. The full-hanging Wardrobe, four-drawer Chest and single-drawer Bedside Table is a simple and practical set for a Bedroom. Each piece has a light wood finish to appear unobtrusive and the curved handles on doors and drawers give a unique style to them. Wardrobe is also available separately if you only require the one piece.

Badalona Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside Beech

Product Information

  • CreamWhite Colour Wood Beech Wardrobe, Chest Drawers & Bedside Table Badalona

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Wardrobe Dimension: Width: 80cm Depth: 40cm Height: 68.5 Chest Drawer Dimension: Width: 63.5 Depth: 40cm Height: 68.5 Bedside Dimension: Width: 40cm Depth: 35cm Height: 50cm