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Wood Furniture Essentials For Making Your Guest Room Cosy

Room decor makes a room look different and makes it appealing for staying in; you can add colours and oak wood furniture to the guest room as per your liking.

It is a room that can be explored with a different type of room décor as long as the overall feel is comfortable and welcoming. Nonetheless, there are few critical and perfect furniture pieces to have in the guest room.

A Comfortable Bed

A guest room is a room for guests, and nobody wants their guest to be uncomfortable. So what makes a guest room ideal for your visitors, it’s a bed. A bed should be comfortable, with a firm mattress and a robust bed structure is a must. You need to think of every aspect your guests can be a couple or single individuals, so you need to set a queen size bed ideally. It is large enough for two people and is also not too big for individuals. Look for oak furniture online, you will find sturdy bed frames there that are not too overpowering for room décor.

A Bedside Table

A nightstand is also another essential aspect of a guest room, consider keeping a medium sized bedside table. Best of all is a bedside table with shelves, where your guests can hold their stuff. But don’t leave the shelves empty add a small plant or some decent books to read.

Create A Tech Station

So your guests are not from the stone age, when they arrive they will be coming with their tablets, laptops and smartphones in tow – make sure they can log in with comfort by printing a notecard showing the WiFi password information and place it on the nightstand along with a universal charger.

Spare Blankets And Pillows

Add in a few extra blankets and a couple of extra pillows in the guest room closet, so that your guests don’t have to do the hunting for extra linens in the closet during the middle of the night when they get cold and need some extra cushioning.

Amenity Basket

A basket filled with travel size toiletries, disposable toothbrushes, and fresh towels and over the counter medications means that your guest won’t need to ask you for any medicine or the basic toiletries which they forgot at home.

Make The Room Pet-Friendly

Even if you don’t own a pet, think about your guests they could have one or two, and if that’s the case, chances are they will travel with their pets. People are susceptible to pet competitive environments, and they consider such unfriendliness as an act of offending. To start with, hang a photo of a cute cat or dog and then add a big cushion next to a bed suitable for a cat or dog.

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