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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy | Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love spending time in the back garden in the company of nature along with their loved ones? But the fear of maintaining a garden does not let us do it. The time that we should be spending in the yard unwinding and enjoying the outdoors, we instead spend worrying. The constant agitation of destroying the weeds and tending the hedges can only vanish with easy maintenance garden. And for that very purpose, we have come up with low maintenance garden design ideas.

Try these amazing and easy maintenance garden ideas in your backyard and thank us later.

Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas

Our low maintenance garden ideas can completely transform an ordinary garden. They are easy, effective and pocket-friendly. Moreover, carrying out these projects is always fun whether you do it with the kids or your partner.

So, let’s see where to begin the process of low maintenance garden design.

A Long-Term Commitment

low maintenance garden design ideas

A garden is a long-term commitment, therefore, think about ways to keep it all under control. The idea of an all-grass lawn is great but at the same time needs extremely high maintenance. So, if you're someone who is always working, then maybe this kind of design won't work for you.

Among the low maintenance garden design ideas, the one that works well for almost everyone is outdoor living space. This means, instead of having just a garden,  expand the space and place some garden furniture. You can have separate sections like a patio, a grilling station, a dining area, and a fire pit. This is an ideal easy maintenance garden because it leaves lesser grassy areas to worry about.

The Right Stone Choice

low maintenance garden design ideas

Among the best low maintenance back garden ideas lies the choice of the right stone. Stones are important (otherwise, why would Thanos wage a war for the sake of six silly Infinity Stones, right?) So, yeah you get our point.

Investing in the right stones for the garden can save us from a lot of high-maintenance. There are several good choices. If you have the budget, always go for Bluestone, you’ll never regret it. It comes in a variety of hues so you can choose the one that you desire. However, if you want a pocket-friendly solution, then consider pulverized stone, for example, pea stone or white stone.

Focus On The Foundation

This one is a no-brainer. A strong base for the stones is crucial. Why? Because it prevents the weeds from springing in between the lines every now and then. Utilising one of our easy maintenance garden ideas, spread a six-to-eight-inch layer of compacted pea stones before anything else.

In order to keep the patio and pathways level, this practice is extremely effective. It is one of our best low maintenance garden design ideas because it saves us from weeding, pulling up, and re-levelling.

Lavender Reigns Supreme

low maintenance garden design ideas

While other flowers may have perks of their own, nothing beats lavender in a garden. It is not just a pretty flower but also a bug repellent. And let’s face it we all need to have a bug-free garden.

An easy maintenance garden has to have lavender planted in it. They need to be watered once a week on the off chance that you don't live in an atmosphere with standard rain.

An Alternative To Mulch

If you don’t have mulch available or you don’t want to use it, then the stone is an amazing alternative. It is the most low-upkeep material available.

Several people utilise pounded stones in beds as they reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Also, unlike several other options, stone never needs to be replaced. Talk about low-maintenance now!

A Strategic Choice Of Flora

low maintenance garden design ideas

One of the most interesting and easy low maintenance garden design ideas is to choose flowers wisely. We all want a colourful garden. But let’s face it, several seasonal flowers may look pretty but are extremely high-maintenance. So, add energetic hues to the yard without sweating in the garden with smart choices.

Flowers like sunflowers, daisies, perennials, and Black-eyed Susans are great choices. This is because they keep continually sprouting in the garden and add a sense of liveliness.

Don’t Underestimate Potted Plants

easy maintenance garden

Another way of keeping an easy maintenance garden is to utilise pruned and potted plants. The addition of pots and planters in the garden makes it more versatile. Moreover, they are easier to transfer from one part of the garden to another.

Playing with colours and seasonal hues becomes more fun with the help of potted plants. We can plant different shades of flowers and use the ones that match the seasonal colours for décor. The potted plants come under the easy maintenance garden ideas because they make up-keeping relatively easy.

Get Rid Of Fallen Leaves

Before winter comes, always make sure to clear out the garden of any and all leaves and branches. The reason to do this is to save the grass. Once the snowfall starts, any sort of trash that gets under it will only spoil the grass. So, to save the grass from rotting, it’s important to clean the garden before the snowfall season.

Artificial Isn’t Always Bad

One of the most effective low maintenance back garden ideas is going for the artificial. We understand that the thought of garden brings images of fresh flowers and lush green grass. But the conventional garden isn’t for everyone, especially for those with kids and pets. So, what should they do?

For people with such circumstances, a turf is an amazing option. It is just like grass only artificial. With zero upkeep and unlimited fun for the kids, it is an ideal investment.

Select Atmosphere-Friendly Grass

low maintenance garden ideas

One of the most popular low maintenance garden ideas is to go for the grass that agrees with your local climate. Growing grass can be a time consuming and exhausting task. However, opting for the kinds that agree with your environment can make it less exhaustive. The grass that naturally develops in your locale will always be low maintenance.

You can investigate which grass develops best in your general vicinity, and thus get a good deal on watering, preparing, and other upkeep.

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