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Cheap Oak Furniture - How To Maintain And Care For Wood Furniture

Caring and maintaining your wood furniture is an immensely important job to keep your tables, chairs and cupboards always looking their best.

Not only will great maintenance schedules keep your wood-furniture looking great and extending their lifespan, but will also help keep the resale prices high for down the line if when you move home and want a fresh start. Imagine, in your old age, you want to downsize to a smaller home and so you decide to sell on some of your old, Solid Oak furniture, certain that it will have retained or even grown in value over the years. Then imagine your sadness to find that no-one is interested in your old Dining Table because of its clear wear-and-tear issues and terrible look.

Regardless of whether you have children and pets around your home or if you keep wood furniture outside and need it to be shielded from the elements, here are some tips for keeping your cheap oak wood furniture looking fantastic, extending its lifespan and retaining its practicality for many years.

Read Maintenance Instructions

A large amount of the wooden furniture pieces that we offer here at FurnitureVilla are accompanied with easy-to-read guidelines that contain data about how to treat the specific sort of oak wood your seat or table is made from.

Always be sure to read these guidelines first, before heading off to internet forums to ask for advice.

Clean Your Oak Wood Furniture

A basic, weekly clean of your wooden furniture shouldn’t need to be tedious or strenuous! If it is, then you may be putting too much effort in, and this can even be damaging to the wood. Only use a wash cloth, damp with warm water and washing up liquid or delicate wood oil, ensuring to wipe with the grain, not against. Be sure, however, to steer clear of strong chemical cleaners, as these can wear away the wood finish and expose it to the elements, meaning it will wear faster.

After cleaning the wood, use a clean, dry cloth to dry it off, to ensure the wood doesn’t absorb too much moisture, as this can lead to rot.

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Love Waxing Your Wood Furniture

wood furniture

To ensure a long life-span of your wooden tables, chests, cupboard, headboards etc. wax and polish will quickly turn into your closest companion but should always be used sparingly.

Once or twice a year, at most, you can apply some polish or wax to your clean wooden furniture to give it a fantastic shine and sparkle. Using a small amount, wipe the wood with the grain and leave to settle for a few minutes, then go over the wood again with a cleans, dry cloth to add a beautiful shine whilst protecting the wood from scrapes, scratches and bumps to lengthen the lifespan.

Be careful, however, as too much wax or used too frequently can have some damaging effects; leaving the furniture looking dull and removing colour and certain waxes are flammable and can be a fire hazard.

The Most Effective Method To Treat And Take Care Of Outdoor Wood Furniture

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As a general rule, you should keep your wood furniture inside and far from direct daylight, since this can stain the furniture and dry the wood out. If you leave the wood outside then you have the opposite problems: rain and snow will absorb into the wood, eventually warping and twisting it into an unusable mess, so be sure to protect outdoor pieces as much as possible.

Now, this is not to say that keeping wooden furniture outdoors is a terrible plan. Wooden furniture can spruce up a deck or patio, whilst keeping a rustic feel that will flow with the garden design. There are some ways to deal with weather-worn furniture too; a good varnish application can help to protect they wood from the climate, and if there are serious water spots, they can be sanded out if needed.

We hope we have encouraged you to care for and make the most out of your wood furniture. If you have any queries about living room oak furniture or taking care of oak wood furniture, then don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re always happy to help.

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